The End of One Adventure, the Beginning of the Next.

by Shendude
Storyline The Fantastic Four's New Mission
Characters Fantastic Four
Category Marvel M/F Incest Change of clothes Gender Switch
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All was quiet in Reed Richards' laboratory, left fallow while the FF adventured elsewhere. And then, for the first time in months, there was activity, as a hole in space opened, and the First Family of Superheroes returned home.

Had another person been present, however, they would have seen that things had...changed. Sue was clad in tiny, tiny booty-shorts, a halter top with a "4"-shaped cutout over her cleavage, and thigh-high boots with spike-heels. Johnny and Reed both wore open vests and bike shorts, while Ben's usual trunks had been replaced by a speedo that struggled to contain his enormous bulge. Finally, three more figures emerged from the portal; a pubescent blond boy and a slightly younger girl dressed quite normally; Sue and Reed's kids Frankling and Val. They were holding hands with a nubile blonde who looked like a younger version of Sue, wearing a barely-there microkini, "4" insignias barely covering her nipples and pussy.

The portal vanished, and everyone released breaths they hadn't realized they'd been holding. Over the years, the FF had had many adventures. Many had been more action-packed or bizarre than their most recent, but few were quite as life-changing. It had all begun with Franklin, who's tendency to sneak into his father's lab and mess around had only gotten worse in recent years, as he sought to sublimate the precocious stirrings of sexual desire that society forbade anyone to acknowledge, much less indulge.

It was therefore somewhat karmic that his latest such escapade had transported himself and his younger sister to Earth-3069, an alternate world where sexual pleasure was considered of paramount importance, and where everyone was encouraged to pursue it as often as possible with any partner they wished as soon as they were physically capable, unencumbered by even the concept of sexual taboos. Understandably, when Reed came to retrieve his wayward offspring, he was appalled.

However, he was immediately distracted by the discovery that his counterpart was female, a symptom of a gender ratio heavily skewed towards a female majority. This in turn led him to be fascinated by the other oddities that made the hypersexuality of this neighboring universe possible: the complete absence of unwanted pregnancies, STDs, and sexual jealousy; universal attractiveness and pansexuality; and perpetual horniness and male virility. These investigations were, in turn, interrupted by an attack upon the alternate FF that had placed Val and Franklin in danger, forcing Reed to call-in the rest of the team as reinforcements.

The various injuries thus received forced a somewhat lengthy convalescence, by the end of which, everyone had adapted to the ways of Earth-3069. More than that, the FF had come to prefer said ways to the mores of their native world, adopting them in every respect. It was only with the greatest reluctance that they had returned...and they had done so with a plan. In the last week of their stay, Reed and his counterpart had created a machine that could alter any person from Earth-616, giving them characteristics akin to that of Earth-3069. Having returned home, the Fantastic Four intended to construct such a machine, and use it to remake their world one person at a time.

In order to facilitate this, they had returned with a guest; Jonni Storm, the Whore Torch, counterpart to their own Johnny Storm. Using her as a baseline model, Reed would be able to perfect the calibrations necessary to ensure optimum function of the machine. Not wasting any time, he dragged her aside to begin working.

Meanwhile, Franklin was pouting. He tugged at his pants.

"Why do I have to wear all this stuff?" he demanded. His mother sighed and squatted down so her breasts were level with his eyes.

"Oh, sweetie," Sue said. "I know how difficult it is keeping your beautiful cock hidden away again." She began stroking said cock through his pants. "But you have to be patient. Until we've helped enough people understand what we've learned, we have to keep up appearances."

Franklin gave little whimper of pleasure from his mother's work, but continued pouting. "But you and dad, and Uncle Johnny and Ben are wearing less than you used to. Why can't I?"

His sister, younger but smarter, took the opportunity to interject. "Because, stupid, they're adults, so they're allowed to be sexy. Kid's aren't."

Franklin looked panicked. "Wait, you mean I can't have sex!?"

Sue giggled. "Of course you can, sweetie. Just not where anyone else can see."

Franklin still looked dubious. Val punched him in the arm.

"C'mon you big dummy, I'm going to rewire the big viewscreen to show porn for you to jack off to."

Franklin smiled at that. "Okay!"

The pair ran off.

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