Emma-Lou Frugg tries to shut-up Emma Spring

by burke_rakers
Storyline Name Changer
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Scott, Lola (snuggling against Scott), Kitty and Professor X all inspected the two strange females, both of whom had identical DNA, finger prints...well, let's just say that they were both obviously transformed versions of Emma Frost...though each was very different.

One was a bloated, sagging, piggish middleaged woman, who seemed to want to say her name was Emma Frost...but Emma-Lou Frugg kept comming out instead. She was dressed in the cheap, skanky clothes that had appeared in her closet, and smoked a rather fat cigar. The other was tiny, curvacious and sexy - a blond, mincing little minx who dressed like a young fashion model and was equally insistant that SHE was the REAL Emma Frost...though once again, she felt more comfortable saying Emma Spring.

"Facinating." mused Charles Xavier as he inspected the two again.

"it's, like...not facinatin', Chuckie...I mean Charles. It's, like...totally sucks! That lil' bitch has my man, an' all of you guys keep tellin' me that this fat bitch is..."

Emma-Lou Frugg shot to her feet, roaring "Bullshit he's your man, cunt! That's my man!" as she pointed at Scott Summers. Lola trembled in a mix of fear and panic at the thought of either of these two thinking they were Scotts beloved. After all...that was her job. Thank goodness that Scott obviously didn't consider either of these two - the big slob or the spoiled brat - to be in her class.

"Both of you calm down!" shouted Scott, and Lola trilled at his commanding voice. Such power and strength! He was such a wonderful provider. She made a mental note to fuck him extra well tonight after she made his dinner. "Now, whatever changed Logan obviously changed you as well, Emma...but the Professor says that the change is of a different nature. It's produced two of you, and that's why your minds are still seperate from your forms. Lola adapted to her physical changes easily, but both of you - though influenced by your changes - are still basicly Emma Frost. This is a chance to study the changes closely, and perhaps get you both back to normal."

Emma-Lou and Emma Spring both calmed down, but were obviously not happy with this situation. Emma-Lou snarled "If'n I ever gets my hands on that sum'bitch what changed me, I'm gonna break'im in half! Ain't a man ever done Emma-Lou wrong an' gets away with it!"

A strange...flexing thrilled through the room. Everyone felt it, and the Professor said "Whoever is behind these transformations...is gazing upon us right now. He's here...but only in spirit. I can sense him."

"Oh, someone protect me!" cried Emma Spring, and (sensing that her Scotty wasn't going to do it) she scampered over to the Professor, begging "Keep me safe, an' I'll totally be your girlfriend. You're rich, aint'cha? Wont'cha be my sugerdaddy?"

Kitty blushed at this, and Lola giggled, but Emma-Lou clenched her fat fists and roared "Come down an' fight like a man, asshole! Dickless lil' piece o' shit! Emma-Lou'd fuck you up if you fought fair! Mind t' mind, if you'd like! I'll show you who's th' strongest!"

A sort of...optical flexing formed about Emma-Lou, and she was obviously caught up in some sort of mental battle. She snarled and raged, this time prepared for the assult...but her form warped and shifted dispite her best efforts. When it was done, all of them - Scott, Lola, Kitty, Professor X and Emma Spring - gaped at what was left behind.

She was huge. Just as fat as before but bigger in both the shelf-like butt and massive bosom, and her skin had gone from pale white to deep, dark chocolet. Her hair was still blond, but that was an obvious dye job. Her face was boldly negroid - full lips and wide nose - but her clothes had changed again, becoming very much as they had been in her White Queen days...though now her skinpy panties, hip-high leather boots, opera gloves and such were all in gleaming black leather. She shook her head, then grinned with teeth that flashed white and perfect...save for the glittering gold grill she now wore.

"Shee-it..." she drawled with a smile and a lot of sass "...did's yo' sees de way I kick dat punks ass! Ah fuck'd him up!"

"Uh...Emma?" squeaked Kitty, as the obese black woman waddled and strutted about, singing her own praises as she felt herself up. Her nails were two-inches long, jet black and gleaming.

"Was' wrong wit' yo, Kitty? Don' yo knows who I is? I be's Emalu Coal...'cept in costume, when I's de Big Black Queen."

Everyone looked at each other. The being (the Professor called it the 'Name Changer' from his limited psychic contact) had just changed Emma Frost again...right in front of them...and had done so as an example to them all. It could have changed any of them without much trouble, but it had done so to Emma-Lou. It was trying to intimidate them...and doing a pretty good job of it. Most facinating was the mindset of the transformed Emalu Coal. She was convinved that she was - and always had been - the 'Big Black Queen', and thought the Name Changer had created the White Princess from her. She didn't seem to have any interest in Scott anymore, but Emma Spring kept begging Professor Xavier to protect her...all the while Lola giggled and snoggled against Scott, finally feeling safe in his love. Kitty took Emalu Coal back to her rooms, and the Big Black Queen boasted about how she'd beaten the Name Changer.

"Ain' no white boy eva' fucks wit' de Big Black Queen." she boasted, and Kitty winced. If the Name Changer could do this...than none of them was safe.


Lashay and Danni were both a little frightened at just how good they were both getting at this...and just how much they were enjoying it. Sex was the best feeling ever, and every time they did it with another man, it got better and better. But now...they were having sex with a man who seemed to know who they had been...and obviously didn't care.

"Tony..." moaned Lashay, her hands cupping her massive breasts. "Yo gotta gets me an' Danni outta hea', so's I kin gets back t' my wife an' baby. Danni's got shit he needs t' do too."

Tony Stark - who had never liked the rebellious Power Man in the first place - chuckled and stood before them. "As far as I can tell, you're both stuck just as you are...forever. I can't reverse your changes. I don't think anyone can. But...you have your own minds. You could resist the urges that dominate you...with a little help. The being who did this to you - let's not worry about how I know of it - has left you your own minds for the most part. With some help and a little hypnotic programming from a device I have with me, I can give you normal lives at least. You could see your wife and child, Lashay. Wouldn't you like that? Wouldn't that be better?"

They were confused...but both woman begged him for help...and Tony did his best...his very best.


Lashay Lucas - the curvacious fashion model and secratery - lay in bed beside her boss. Tony was such a good provider. She loved him so much, and would do ANYTHING to make her boss happy. Mincing about the house was sweet, cute little Danni dressed in her sexy french maids uniform and just as happy. Tony had found that an old device of the Fixer seemed to lock easily into the minds of anyone who'd been changed by the Name Changer, and casual suggestions were accepted as law. Lashay sauntered up to her husband, and slid down to his cock, which she licked and stroked into erection. Tony asked "And you really want to do this? To be my loyal secretary and to never leave me or refuse my commands?"

Lashay smiled, moaning "You are my whole world, Tony. I always wanted to be your secretary, but I was trapped inside Luke Cages body. Now...I can serve you forever as Lashay Lucas. Thanks so much for letting me be yours. I'll do anything you want."

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