Lola enters the room to hear Emma screeching like a harpy at HER man

by burke_rakers
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Lola heard what was going on in her and Scotts room, and a strange change came over her. She tensed in place, her hackles rising and the teeth setting in a still quite cute look of fury. A snarl crept into her throut, and ( still holding the tray with her husbands breakfast) she leapt through the doorway, somersaulted over the bed (where she set the tray without spilling a drop) and pinned Emma to the floor...claws extended and held at her neck.

"Don't you ever..." she snarled "...talk to my man like that!" before leaping off the stunned White Queen and standing protectivly in front of Scott. She pressed her hot, young body against him, grinding her firm, full buttocks against his rising erection and moaning. "He's mine...an' I'm his. He's my man an' I'm his woman. I'll ALWATS be like this, Emma...you gotta understan' that. I'm his wife...an' I love him...an' I'm gonna give him lots an' lots of babies...an' he's gonna keep Lola safe from th' big, scary world. I like bein' Lola..." Scotts erection was turgid and full now, and with a swift scampering, Lola nudged him into bed and leapt to the tray. She set it before him, like a supplicant presenting an offering to her god, and looked up at him with such loving devotion that Scott felt a lump growing in his throat. It had always been love on other peoples terms. All of his girlfroends - even Jean - had come with so much emotional baggage that it kept him powerless and needed. But Lola...genuinly loved him, on his terms and in whatever way he wanted. She smiled, and her tiny hands freed his swollen cock, and she purred like a kitten as she licked the head.

The sex had been great, but somehow disconnected from the idea of actual Love. Scott had been engaging in sex with Lola as a way to punish Logan...but now...he saw in Lolas such devotion and love...such honest and simple love...that he couldn't help but return that love. He took a forkfull of scrambled eggs - light, fluffy and prepared just the wat he liked them - and said "It's perfect, Lola. Tou're perfect. You're just so...perfect."

Lola burst into smiles of honest joy, and she giggled...then began to fellate him as he ate. She made cute little moans and burbles of contentment as she bobbed her head, not a shred of conflict in her body language as she did the thing she wanted to do. She was in her element now - a domestic little princess serving her man - and she cast a coquettish glance Emmas way.

"Would you mind leaving, Emma. My wife and I want to be alone." he said, and Lola trembled and her loins weapt juices as Lola weapt genuine tears of joy. To hear Scott say she was his wife...was bliss beyond bliss. If only she could make the world understand that she wasn't that mean ol' Wolverine anymore. Not in the slightest bit. There was no tough old nugget of his soul left - fighting back and raging - rather, she was Lola to the core now. She wanted safety and security and love and SCOTT and there was nothing else.

Emma felt this. Knew that. And knew that the old Wolverine was gone forever. She was Lola Summers now...the Fawn...and there was no use arguing with Scott that he shouldn't be doing this, or with Lola that she wasn't this creature. Instead...she turned and left the room, as Lola pleasured her man and Scott moaned "Oh, I love you Lola...I love you so much..."

Later, Lola was dressed in sexy cut-off jeans decorated with sequens and embroidery, a pink cute pink t-shirt with Minnie Mouse on the front (tied off benieth her substantial bosom), ankle socks and pink "My Little Pony" tennis shoes. Her hair was bound into braids and she scampered and laughed as she spoke with the rest of the team, spending most of her time with her oldest friends Nightcrawler, Kitty Pryde and Jubilee. She told them that she was happy as Lola, and that she and Scott were going to be married legaly. She was so open and honest about her feelings, and she and Scott were such a loving couple. She talkied about how lonely she'd been, and that Scott and she were so happy. It took a bit of convincing, but soon Kurt had kissed her cheek and said with a tear "I'm glad you're happy." which caused her to burst into tears herself, hugging him and saying "I really am, Kurt. An' it's real 'mportant that you understan' how happy I am...an' that I want us t' always be friends. You an' me used t' be best buds, an' that's what I want us t' be always."

Kitty and Jubilee were still a little taken aback, but soon Lola and they were shopping together. Jubilee and Kitty watched her for any signs of inner struggle, but Lola was just the sweetest, nicest and most loving person...and always talking about how they'd grown up so much since Logan had first taken them under his wing. Lola would joke about how now she needed them to take care of her, as she couldn't do the fighting anymore, and now it was up to them to teach her how to be a real girl. This was a joke, as Lola was easliy the girliest of the three. Still, they watched and waited, contacting Reed Richards and informing him of what had happened and seeing if he'd had any expierence with similar cases. Untill then, they were honored when Lola asked them (along with Ororo, Rogue and Logans old girlfriend Mariko) to be Bridesmaids at her wedding.

The only person who didn't seem to at least pretend to accept Lola...was Emma Frost. She'd had a man stollen from her...and by Wolverine of all people! She probed the tiny Lola constantly, often driving her to tears as she questioned her, and finally Scott snarled "Leave my wife alone, Emma! It's over between us! Keep it up, and you won't be invited to the wedding!"

Lola hugged her man (soon to be husband) and Scott glared at Emma. If only something would happen to her...

And wouldn't you know it...the next day, Emma Frosts name was changed (getting weird here) to...

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