MJ's orgy heads to her show

by 2sleepy
Storyline The Manipulator
Characters Black Cat Crystal Mary Jane Watson Spider-Man Absolutely Everyone
Category Incest M/F Marvel Mind Control Pregnancy
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“Baby I got your milk right here” the cell phone sang out waiting to be answered.  “MMmm Uh I, Mmm AAhhhIEE I-I need to answer that PETEY.”  MJ wailed as her brother furiously pounded into her lithe little body.  The couch they were on started to moan and squeak in distress.  MJ sat there bouncing up and down as Peter’s rigid tool buried itself deep inside her.  Each time Petey thrust into her sent blinding waves of pleasure tingling through her tummy and up her spine.  She reveled in the added delight of her bouncing belly and breasts rubbing against Peter’s chiseled chest.  “Baby Baby” the distraction continued to sing out frustrating Red.  She was so-SO close to another mind blowing orgasm.  MJ’s addled mind did recognize this ring tone as one of her numbers that she better be dead if she didn’t answer.  MJ tried to disentangle herself when Peter suddenly hugged her close and stood up.  This of course drove his hard cock even deeper into her wanting snatch.

“Nu-Uh sis I finally got your teasing pussy, You’re not getting away that easily.” With his Spidey strength Peter effortlessly held MJ’s ass tight to his crotch with one arm while he hugged her steady to his chest with the other.  She wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck to get a better grip.  Each step Petey took rocked MJ up and down on his steel cock.  Every lunge forward propelled her mere inches in the air away from his body, only to have her full weight come slamming down on his steel rod when he planted his foot.  They made it halfway across the room and just as they were passing May and Franklin on the recliner, MJ tightened her grip around Petey’s neck.  She let out one of the most sudden, well pleased, mid orgasm screams anyone had ever heard.  She was seeing stars from her mind blowing orgasm literally walking right into her.  Finally reaching the stairs Peter pined his sister to the wall freeing an arm to answer the phone.

“Umm Hello…  Oh Hi Felicia this is her brother Peter….  I think she accidently left her phone down stairs here….  I think she is taking a nap….” MJ’s head rolled off Peter’s shoulder.  She had nearly fainted from the walk.  A big grin crossed Petey’s face as a wicked idea came to mind.  “No sorry I just stepped in would you like me to go upstairs to check on her?...” He let go of MJ’s ass and started to stomp his feet. With each stomp hammering at her womb, her mind was slowly clearing.  “Hey Sis, Sis you awake?”  He prod into her in time as he spoke.  Finally regaining enough of her senses she lightly smacked him on his head as she took the phone away.

“Hello?  Hi-Hi Felicia yea sorry I-I was a little out of it.  No, NOOO, I-I’ll be fi-IINNE for the Sh-SHOW.  Hmmmm UhhUHH Yea Ah I-I’LL BEE THHERRE EARLLLY.”  Slamming the phone down MJ faintly glared at her little brother.  “OOHH you Little Devil.”

“Hey I just figured I would get you back after teasing me all these years.”  He said grinning from ear to ear.  Petey quickened his pace since the phone distraction was gone.  He was just about ready to cum.

“I guess I’ll have to tease and reward you more often from now on.”  MJ whispered in his ear.  She clung around his neck trying desperately to rest.  Oh my gosh this is one of the best fucks of my life and he’s still not done.  I have to slow him down or I really will pass out.

“Then here’s your reward.”  Petey thrust forward once more getting deeper and deeper until he was planted against her womb.  He tensed up pulling her closer as he finally cam.  The torrent of cum flooding her over stimulated sex had her vision blurring.  With a satisfied moan weakly escaping her lips MJ went limp against Peter’s body as everything went black.  Petey carried Red back over to the couch still clutching her to his chest.  Gently placing her on the couch he smiled seeing her joyful post fuck face as he pulled his now limp cock out of her oozing pussy.  Softly Petey swept her bangs out of her eyes to tenderly kiss his sleeping sister.  “Get some rest sis you’re going to need your strength for your show and after party.” He whispered.

Crystal had been resting after giving birth.  Her adorable little babies were fast asleep after they had about guzzled her teats dry.  She was still somewhat sore but she was way to horny to care.  And now that her babies were satisfied and Petey was free it was time for her to have some more fun.

May made a mental note to have Petey do that with her one of these days as she had been glancing over her shoulder catching glimpses of the scene.  The passion and strength he showed carrying MJ across the room had May extremely aroused.  Just then seeing Peter’s tender affections, had May’s heart all a flutter.  Why hasn’t she found such a tender and passionate love?
Franklin and May had been making out when they were distracted by MJ’s screaming orgasm.  Franklin liked what he saw but he knew he didn’t have the super strength to try anything like that.  He started to renew his making out by groping May’s sizable tits.  They continued to make out but May was just too distracted.  After May witnessed Petey’s tender kiss she lost the heart for making out releasing a gentle sigh.  Franklin was baffled May had indicated that she wanted to have sex with him before, so what was wrong now.  He quickly scanned her mind.  May wanted someone to share not just an out of the blue crazy romp.  She wanted someone that she could share a compassionate love with and not just in the bedroom.  With all honesty May didn’t figure Franklin as someone that would be a lifelong partner for her.  He was touched, well not being her type was something he would have to change.  However reading her mind he realized that he did need to balance his passion with a little more tenderness.  He did make it so he was her type of guy but she was still depressed.  Franklin figured he could be a more considerate and tender lover by reading her mind.  He started by asking her the questions she wanted asked how her day was, how the new dance routine was working out, so on and so forth.  Franklin read her mind seeing how she liked to be groped kissed and teased.  He worked carefully to do the things she was thinking, kissing the right places, using the right pressure and speed.  Franky soon had her all worked up and ready for some good hard sex.

“I bet you would make a great mom.  I mean just look at how well you raised Petey and MJ.”  That was one of the thing she had desperately been wanting to hear.  She stood up sexily to give him a little strip tease as she enticingly took off her skirt followed by her tube top.  May turned around.  Ever so slowly teasingly she started shaking her ass as she pulled her panties down.  Franklin reading her mind quickly reached out and pulled her down onto his lap.  Their passionate love making just beginning.


“Excuse me Ms Hardy, your 4:30 is here.”  Felicia was waiting in one of the skyboxes that her company had rented out as her office at the arena while they were on tour.

“Yes bring her in.” Felicia had to talk with MJ.  She had originally agreed to sponsor this tour to help spread a little more feminine arts but she didn’t believe that the show would be this lewd.  Something had to change or she would stop the tour now.

“MJ who are all these people?”  Felicia watched the quintet walking in with four of them pushing a baby stroller.  Felicia couldn’t help but notice that all the girls were sport nice round baby bumps.  “And since when were you pregnant?”

“Well that’s what this tour was for to announce my happy news to the world.” MJ said smiling happily at Franklin as she rubbed her tummy.  “These gals are relatives and new dancers for the show.  I think we need one more dancer to make it complete though.”  She gave a knowing smile to Franklin as he started walking toward Felicia pulling her into their reality.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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