Ben gets use to his new changes

by 2sleepy
Storyline The Manipulator
Characters Fantastic Four Psylocke Jubilee
Category M/F Marvel Pregnancy Transformation
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Just before the initial wave of growth Sue had planned on turn Ben into her willing and personal fuck Thing.  However with her belly rapidly swelling and her breasts quickly inflating with milk the thought of having another female to share in this pleasure quickly came to mind.  So as Sue started to change Ben those warring thoughts were transmitted.

The warring thoughts practically took on a life of their own.  They could sense Ben’s own thoughts in conflict.  Part of him wanting to be to be human again, another part wanting to fuck Sue silly and accept his form.  The thoughts could only see one acceptable outcome.
Ben watched as Suzie’s body expanded.  He couldn’t take his eyes off of her.  Watching as she burst out of her corset Ben felt a strong stirring in his pants.  That stirring soon started to spread throughout his whole body numbing him.  With Suzie distracted by her growth the force fields holding Ben faltered.  However Ben was unable to take opportunity of it.  He laid on the floor as the numbing became unbearable pain and pressure.  He struggled rising up to his hands and knees.  Kneeling there trembling Ben felt like he was about to hurl.  Ripples started to appear distorting his body.  The rippling intensified making a deep crevice along his spine, it almost looked like someone was trying to pull him apart!

“AAHHUGHH” Ben’s scream distorted and split as his body was pulled in two.  Still kneeling there his two halves began molding themselves into bodies of their own.  The right half slowly took the form of a world class body builder ripped with muscle. It almost looked like someone had chiseled him out of smooth orange marble.  His left half started to slim down becoming well muscled yet with soft feminine curves.  Lustrous auburn hair flowing down her tanned back to a juicy tender ass.  Kneeling down on all fours with her full round breasts hanging down past her elbows she looked like a wet dream come to life.  They both collapsed to the ground paralyzed by the pain.  Their bodies burned as subtle changes were still being made.  Slowly the disorientation and pain started to wear off.  Their new minds racing trying to understand what had just happened as the paralysis gradually faded away.  Hearing each other’s labored breathing they wondered who was suddenly so close beside them.  Slowly they opened their eyes a residual tingling running throughout their bodies.  Their eyes met staring at each other, it was almost like Adam and Eve seeing each other for the first time.  Were they made for each other?

“Ben?” Sue’s shadow fell across the two prone bodies.  She didn’t quite have this in mind when she initially started to change him, but who could argue with the results.  She eyed this trim orange hunk, a pleased grin crossing her face.  Was his cock that big before?  And this Amazon she would make an excellent addition to Franky’s harem.  What with her flaring hips and overflowing bosom she would have no problem bearing children.

“What happened Suzie?” Both Ben’s asked.  Both of them knew what was going on or at least what had happened to them.  They both had Benjamin Jacob Grimm’s memories but with subtle differences.  The stud was still Ben Grimm but now he accepted his change.  Sure he was orange but he still looked human.  No he looked better, he’s now a walking statue who else on earth had a better sculpted figure.
The Amazon is now Jaclyn Grimm she is Ben’s wife!?  Yes his wife, the warring thoughts had solved all the problems by making a new Adam and Eve.  Jaclyn looked at her stud husband remembering how much she loved him when they served together as test pilots in the Air Force.  After the incident that created the Fantastic Four and gave Ben his stunning new features Jacky wasn’t about to let that man get away.  Soon after Jacky had a ring on her finger monopolizing her mans new improvements especially in the bedroom.  Lately they have been enjoying a prosperous time and agreed it was way past time for them to start a family.  So they have been trying like rabbits for the longest time now.  In fact as Ben and Jacky stared into each other’s eyes lying there they were both getting explicitly horny.

Ben reached his hand over to his wife.  He was a little confused why was he and his love lying naked on the floor in Reed’s lab?  He tried to remember, the last thing that came to mind was Jacky and I were checking over the Fantasticar.  Jacky wasn’t too happy that they were going to be going out on a mission soon.  She needed her Benny to have her lying on her back plowing into her tight little pussy making babies.  Jacky was teasing Benny the whole time they ran through the checklist.  She was intentionally bumping into him rubbing her tits and ass against him.  Jacky was dropping her tools so he would stare at her as she slowly seductively shook her ass while she picked it up.  Ben noticed that throughout the whole event Jacky’s zipper was further and further down each time showing him more cleavage.  As she was getting into the cockpit her boobs were trying with all their might to get free from the completely unzipped jumpsuit while her trimmed pubs were available for all to see.  Frustrated that Benny hadn’t gotten the hint, she called him over to the cockpit for help.  As she was waiting for him to get closer she shucked her jumpsuit.  Finally when Ben was in range she pounced knocking him to the floor.

“OOHH YOU BIG MEANIE.  I CANT BELIEVE I MARRIED SUCH A HEARTLESS STATUE!” she wailed as she straddled him pounding his chest and head.

“AHH come on Honey didn’t ya see me trying to get done faster.  I was trying to be quick so I could take ya back to our room.” Ben said trying to calm her down.


“Ahh Honey, come on… come on don’t cry.  I know that with us trying to make a baby sex was becoming like work, but ya know what?”  Grabbing her chin he looked deeply into her teary eyes. “I love You.  You still make me harder than last time I saw ya.  See ya got me about to burst out of these pants.  And I didn’t think you would really want to romp about down here in this grease and grim.”
“Y-You’re sweet b-but you’re really slow.” A slight tremble still left in her voice, as she slid down his abs to press her pussy against his ragging tent.  “Did you really think I didn’t want to have sex here if I was striping here?” She whispered in his ear before hugging him tight.

“I’m sorry baby,  I’m sorry.” Returning the hug even stronger, he began to nuzzle her neck.   “Here… help me… get these… clothes off.”  He said gently between kisses as he trailed up her neck, across her cheek until he finally reached her mouth.  He held her in that kissing embrace for several minutes, even after she started to reach down grabbing the bottom of his shirt.  He waited to release the kiss until she had the shirt up to his arms ready to go over his head.  He sat up with her as she pulled the shirt off.  Just as they were starting to stand up to take his pants off they were both knocked out.
That was it, that was what they both last remembered.  They squeezed each other’s hand smiling at each other knowing that they had some really good makeup sex coming once they found out what was going on.

“What happened?” Reed asked as he stretched his head over to his wife’s shoulder while one hand stretched to her plump pregnant ass, and the other hand started rubbing her big belly.  His body quickly retracted to stand behind his wife as he started to cuddle her.

“I thought I was too old for you.” Sue said almost giving him a cold shoulder as she looked over to Jubilee and Johnny.  Johnny pulled Jubilee’s ass to the edge of the chair her belly was already as big as Sue’s and forcing her legs apart.  Sue watched the new mom to be.  Jubilee’s initial reaction was typical she couldn’t believe what was happening wondering why she was so bloated and fat.  However as Johnny started to caress her newly inflated boobs and belly Jubilee really started to enjoy the new found pleasure.  She truly loved the feeling of her new tits and big belly bouncing as she rode up and down on Johnny’s dick.

“You know I have always been so fascinated by pregnancy maybe it’s the natural glow that the women seem to exude or how such a trimmed women can blow up so big from pregnancy…” Reed squeezed Suzie tighter actually wrapping his arms around her as he started to ramble on trying to scientifically explain his infatuation with pregnancy.

“Hey smart guy would you mind getting this thing off me before it squeezes me in half?” Sue gestured to the ruined corset.  As Reed started rummaging through his equipment looking for something to cut the ruined garment off with, Sue stood there still eyeing Jubilee.  Feeling the flutter from her new babies moving around Sue’s mind began to wander back to when she was pregnant with Franklin and Valeria.  Wait a minute Valeria how could she be such a stupid mother.  Valeria was over with the Avengers working up more plans for the Future Foundation.

The lights flashed as the computer chimed at them letting them know they were receiving a call. “Hello Mom, Dad, anyone there?” Franklin called out.

“Franky? You have been gone so long, where are you?”  Sue asked relieved.  Her motherly instincts had grown along with her expanding belly.  “Franky I can’t believe we both forgot there is one more person that can mess everything up.  Valeria she was over with the Avengers remember, if she comes home or discovers something is off she could let them know and everything is kaput.  Oh and what did you do YOUNG MAN!  JUBILEE AND I HAVE BLOWN UP LIKE BALLOONS!”

“OOHHh”  He figured his mom would get pregnant too after seeing Aunt Crystal blow up and give birth but Jubilee?  I guess reality was warped so that whoever got changed became more fertile.  “UUUMM I think I can explain when you get here.  Is there any way that you can bring the group to the downtown arena before five?”

“Did you even look at the time it’s 4:55 now, I don’t even think I would make it that fast in the Fantasticar.” Sue informed him.

“I think I can help with that, besides I have been looking for Franklin and if that’s where he is that’s where I’m going.” Psylock said appearing out of the shadows in front of Sue and everyone.

“All right I guess I’ll see you all here then.” Franklin hung up, now he just needed to get his sister to come here without raising any suspicions.  “Hey Val, you have any plans for tonight?  I got some tickets for the show at the downtown arena tonight…”

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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