Aunt May enters the apartment

by 2sleepy
Storyline The Manipulator
Characters Fantastic Four Crystal Invisible Woman Jubilee Mary Jane Watson Spider-Man
Category Growth M/F Marvel Pregnancy
Previous Chapter Sue is experiencing the effects of being fertilized

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“MJ you better be ready to go. You’re already late for sound check, and for the love of god I hope you remembered your dance routine this time.”  A gorgeous strawberry blonde with a figure that rivaled MJ’s old lingerie photos just walked in.  She had to be in her mid 20s.  She was wearing a sexy crimson tube top with Mommy Jane Rock Star printed over her bust, and a seductive black micro mini skirt showing off her sculpted ass.  She had a leather jacket slung over her shoulder, and thigh high black stilettos to finish off her outfit.

The strawberry blonde was greeted by the sight of MJ standing part way down the stairs.  Mary Jane had one of her blouses on unbuttoned with her baby belly and swollen breasts exposed for all to see.  And she was was dragging her cutie of a boyfriend Franky behind her.

“AAAUUGGHHHH” the weakened groan caught the blondes attention.  She quickly strut her way into the living room surprised by what she saw next.  Crystal was reclined against the sofa slick with sweat.  Three babies were already lying between her bent and spread apart legs as another baby was being pushed out.
“OH MY GOD, DID ANYONE CALL AN AMBULENCE?”  The blonde shouted to the surprised MJ and Franky.  Franklin quickly read everyone’s mind, to discover that this hot blonde was Peter’s old Aunt May after being fit into this new reality.  May was now their older sister who had been an exotic dancer until MJ was able to get signed by Disney.  Now May helps with MJ’s dance routines.

“OH May you know Crystal wanted a home delivery.  Although I thought she had a couple more weeks still and that it would be at her place.”  MJ told her bewildered sister. 
“Well with Crystal needing a cock in her cunt all the time I’m not too surprised she’s early.”  May told them.  “Did anyone bother to get the towels and hot water for her?” The doting sister asked.  “Petey go get the towels instead of staring at your handy work.  I’ll get the water boiling.” May said walking to the kitchen.

Franklin couldn’t stand seeing his Aunt Crystal in so much pain.  If all my girls are going to be giving birth so fast and to so many they might as well have fun while they do it.  He quickly warped reality again he made the birthing process nothing but pure pleasure and slowed down the growth rate.  Franky didn’t want MJ giving birth before she even got onto the stage, now giving birth on stage might have a possibility he thought.  Heck if he made being pregnant and giving birth just as gratifying as having sex all women would want to be pregnant.  The groaning sounds of pain Crystal was giving off quickly turned to moans and gasps of pure bliss.

May came back with the water just as Peter got there with the towels.  “What took you so long?” May said as she smacked her brother on the back of his head.  She took a pair of scissors she brought from the kitchen and cut the umbilical cords.  “Oh they are Sooo cute” May cooed as she gently started washing the newborns then wrapped them in the clean towels.
“So Red when are you going to let me take your hunky boyfriend for a ride?  I would rather have a real baby belly then that stupid prosthetic prop for the dance routines.” May said as she gently kissed one of the babies.  Her nipples got hard wondering just how big Franky is down there.  The thought of dancing across the nation with his baby in her belly had her weak in the knees.

“HHHMmmmm OOOHhh” Crystal started to moan in ecstasy as two of her babies latched on to her breasts.  Their sucking quickly let out the pressure that had been building in her tits.  Crystal felt an overflowing love for her kids, along with a rising need to have some more.  Crystal grinned “Hmm I thought someone wanted a wild love making orgy earlier?” 

“Well I guess I could share the bestest boyfriend in the world” MJ said.  The thought of all of them having some crazy wicked sex, and then to see May and Crystal get big beautiful pregnant bellies.  Red stood there rubbing her belly in a daze, oh she wanted to have more sex now.  “Oh but I have sound check, and what about Felicia?” Mj stuck out her bottom lip pouting.

The wheels started turning in Franklin’s head, what should he do?  I really do want to see May and Crystal heavy with my kids, but I do need to get MJ to her sound check so she can put on her show.  Not to mention that Red wants me to get Felicia to be her groupie, man if there was only more time.  Wait time I’ll just give us some more time.  Franklin warped reality the light rapidly shifted so that it was now earlier in the day with all of them free till it was time for MJ’s show. 
“Well what are we waiting for?  Let’s get this party started” Franklin said to all of them.

“OOOHHHH WWWHHATT’S HAPPENINIG?”  Sue watched in surprise as her body started to swell before her very eyes.  Seams started to pop as her tits bloated full of milk.  “OOHH TOO TIGHHTT” Sue tried to untie the corset but her new growth had tightened the knot.  “HHEELLPP MMEEE” She clawed frantically trying to get the corset off.  “HA UH UH AH” gasping for air, Sue felt like Ben had her pressed in a bear hug.  With one more wave of growth her breasts shot free from their cups spraying milk as her belly quickly tore through the tight little corset.  “I’M PREGNANT!?” She gingerly cupped her boobs feeling a tingle run down her spine as her milk sprayed everywhere.  Sue started rubbing her belly as a satisfying smile crossed her lips, she realized she wanted to be pregnant.

Looking around Sue could see Reed standing there.  He had been watching the whole thing his jaw a gap with his cock fully erect.  Reed had always had a thing for women with an expectant belly.

On the other side of the room Johnny was eating out Jubilee when she started to thrash about.  “OOHHH I FEEL STRANGE” an odd pressure started to build in Jubilee as her tits started to tingle with a weird bloated feeling.  “MMMmmm” she could feel Johnny’s expert tongue working his magic.  It was strange though she could feel his head pressing into her at an odd angle.  Grabbing the back of his head she pushed him down deeper but that felt stranger still, like she had more belly then she remembered.  Jubilee looked down surprised she couldn’t see Johnny.  All she saw was her quivering tits and a punched out belly.  Jubilee started to sit up to see just all that had changed.  That’s when she noticed Sue with her own gravid belly. 

Sue had been in the process of changing Ben when she had started to expand.  The growth seems to have helped influence the change she unconsciously made to Ben.

Unbeknownst to the group in the Baxter Building they had a silent guest.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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