Susan enjoys being the alpha of her pack

by 2sleepy
Storyline Breeding Factories
Characters Crystal Fantastic Four Franklin Richards Mary Jane Watson Spider-Man
Category Pregnancy Marvel and DC Female Dom
Previous Chapter Crystal and Alicia join in, seeing Susan as their alpha breeder.

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May heard a new commotion going on in the living room.  It sounded like someone was having an orgy in a daycare with all of the moaning and screaming mixed with the babies crying.  It used to bring May almost to tears each time she heard a baby cry since she wasn’t able to have kids of her own.  Right now the crying was having a whole new effect on her body.  As she laid there on the bed rubbing her huge belly full of babies she bit her lip smiling.  She knew she would be a mother soon herself and she couldn’t wait to be able to raise and nurture her own young.  She listened again as more of the babies cried out.  With each cry May’s tits seemed to grow bigger like she was preparing to feed all of the kids.  As the crying continued her breasts grew more and more engorged and she started to finally let out small dribbles of milk.  May could hardly take it the screaming and moaning was getting her so horny she wanted to fuck again.  

May looked over her shoulder, there was Peter and MJ asleep with his dick buried deep in her pussy.  MJ’s belly was just about as big as her own.  She was just about to wake them up for another fuck fest when she heard another baby cry.  What startled her aside from her own kids kicking up a storm almost as a reply was the nice little stream of milk that jetted from her tits.  She sat up enjoying the feeling of her big belly under her.  May reached up to her sensitive tits and the slightest pressure made her squirt a stream of fresh milk.  Not only that but each babies cry had May’s mams growing slightly larger squirting even more milk.  May had finally had enough.  She got up and waddled out to the living room, not even thinking about grabbing some clothes to wear.

May was puzzled by what she found in the living room.  She could have sworn she heard Susan crying out in the throes of pain and pleasure from birth earlier.  Yet there Sue was straddling Ben on the couch riding him for everything he had with her belly as big as when May first saw her.  Suzie had one of her tits shoved in his mouth feeding him all her milk to keep his stamina up.  And not just Sue, Crystal and Alicia were spread out force feeding Johnny and Reed trying to get them back to fucking strength.  Crystal and Alicia while they each had a breast shoved in their man’s face were desperately working their cocks trying to get them hard again for Sue.  What horrified May the most was when she saw the kids being pushed away by their mothers instead of getting the milk they wanted.

May had seen enough, she picked up two of the nearest infants letting them latch on to her engorged nipples.  She loved the sweet release that came from the suckling babes.  May started to sit in one of the chairs there by the corner of the room.  She was way to horny now, she wished one of the guys would start to fuck her to add to the bliss of the milking.  The two babes at her breasts were full so she grabbed two more babies when.

“Ohh Yea, Come On fill me up.” May watched Sue bouncing up and down in a way that didn’t seem possible with how big she is now.  May watched Sue speed her bouncing up until she came down one last time grinding against Ben’s crotch cuming and screaming in ecstasy.  It looked like Suzie’s belly was getting even bigger as Ben pumped the last bit of seed he could manage.

“Ahhh No, Noo, DON’T GO LIMP ON ME NOW YOU PILE OF SHIT!” Sue got off of the Thing after she was sure she had gotten every last drop of his cum.  She used her force fields to push Ben aside then looked around to see which of the men was ready to fuck next.  To her dismay neither of them were hard yet or even fully awake for that matter.  Sue marched over to Alicia who was working on Reed.
“I thought you were getting him ready for me to fuck?” She smacked Alicia letting the words and sting settle in as she pushed her away from Reed.  Sue used her force fields to move Stretch over to the couch where she knelt down to shove his semi limp rod into her mouth.  After several long minutes of bobbing her head up and down his shaft with nothing happening Sue was starting to fume.  She got up to lean over Reed’s face gently yet firmly she started to smack him awake.  “Hey Reed, Reed wake up.  You have more babies to make with me.”

That was the last straw for May.  She was pissed to see this woman not only treat these men as nothing but fuck toys.  But to also disregard the crying children she had around her to focus on making even more babies.  May was downright furious.  Faster then she could even think about it May was across the room, picking Suzie up only to punch her straight in the face.

“May what are you doing?” Peter and MJ had just come into the living room when May threw the punch.  Sue landed on the couch a mixed look of surprise, pain, and complete rage stretched across Sue’s face.  However her rage paled in comparison to the raged look on May’s face.

“How, How dare you treat a man like that.  Like he is nothing but on object to make babies.  And, And How could you go on about making more babies when you’re ignoring the babies around you. YOU MAKE ME SICK!”  May was just about ready to pounce on Sue when Peter and MJ rushed over to restrain her.

“I couldn’t agree with you more miss.” Out of the other hallway came Franklin followed by Val and Zatanna.  Franklin couldn’t believe how his mother was treating his father and uncles.  Let alone how she was bossing around his aunts.  He kept thinking of a way to fix everything thing when he suddenly got a wicked grin as an idea came to mind.  “Well I have thought of a way to fix things but first you all will need to have your babies.”  With a snap of his fingers all the women let out quick surprised gasps or moans, as each and every one of their waters broke.

May fell onto the couch between The Thing and Stretch as the water gushed between her legs.  Just as the contractions were really starting to set in she slid down to the floor spreading her legs apart ready to push.  She had waited years to enjoy this feeling of bringing life into the world, and nothing was going to darken her mood.  She wailed out in pure bliss as her first child started to crown out of her pussy.

MJ was holding onto Petey for dear life as her contractions hit.  Peter helped his wife down against the wall.  He kneeled beside her as she prepared to push.  MJ was happy, extremely delighted that she could have the kids of the man who has been there for her as long as she could remember.  With him by her side MJ hardly felt the pain as she waited to welcome their kids.  And with the pleasure she was feeling as the children made their way down her birth canal she was already planning ahead to making more.  

Valeria and Zatanna both grabbed one of Franklin’s arms when their water broke.  Franklin helped both of them down against the wall and reassured both of them as they started to push.  Both girls were terrified and the shocking pain they felt at first just made them more afraid.  However with Franky’s assurance and as their pain slowly mixed with the pleasure of the baby stretching their pussies out both women were gasping for breath from the excitement.  Their pleasure grew with each baby they gave birth too.

There it was the feeling of a baby passing through her pussy was what she had been looking forward too.  Sue laid back on the couch as she pushed her new batch out.  She wanted, she needed this feeling of giving birth.  She felt no pain as she slowly delectably pushed out one baby after another.  Sue relished the feeling of each baby squeezing through her.

After a couple of hours all the women had successfully delivered their babies.  Franklin looked around May was already suckling her infants and gathering as many babies around her as she could.  May’s tits were now constantly dribbling milk and she wanted to make sure everyone was feed.  Though you could see the horny look in her eye as each child latched on to her breast.  She even pulled herself back onto the couch only to lay there with her head in Ben’s lap sucking him off.  In fact as Franklin looked around all the women were fondling the nearest man trying to get his cock in their snatch.

“Now mom before you get to carried away I do need to punish you.” The wicked gleam in Franklin’s eyes left her wondering just what he had in store.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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