Thinking that Rachel did as she was asked Jean goes to meet her new roommate Sebastianna Shaw

by LesLes
Storyline Miss Frost's Finishing School for Gifted Young Ladies
Characters Jean Gray Rachel Grey
Category F/F Female Counterpart Marvel Female Dom Masturbation Mind Control
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[Based on a chapter by darkraven32179 and an idea for Lilandra by Shendude.]

The school's halls were quiet, the majority of the classrooms empty. Only a few lessons were timetabled against Headmistress Frost's ethics class. Instead the students who had failed to win a place in ethics, and the envy of their fellows, took advantage of their free period to study in the library, enjoy a late breakfast or simply enjoy the company of whatever girl or girls they had woken up with.

It all combined to make it easier for Jean to make her way through the halls without causing a scene. The few minds the telepath sensed she either avoided or nudged a little so they woud fail to notice her even if they were looking right at her. Some small part of her was grateful for Emma Frost's unwitting aid, even as she smarted from what she considered the headmistress's punishment. She had been pushed out of her dorm room to share with Sebastianna Shaw and unsavory rumours that surrounded her.

After finally having sex with Jamie, almost getting blasted by Summer and finding out her supposedly monogamous girlfriend had been having a secret relationship with those hateful blonde bimbos, Jean had decided she had had enough excitement to last a lifetime.

'And I still have to talk with Jamie,' Jean thought as she let out a small sigh.

She was grateful that her half-sister Rachel was doing her the small favour of telling the fierce metal-clawed girl that they'd talk later. The thought of those claws reminded Jean of the scratches Jamie's nails had left on her ass, and from there it was a short and pleasurable jump to recalling what else Jamie had done with her in the shower. Jean savoured the mixed pleasures of arousal and what had turned out to be her pre-emptive revenge against Summer. She could feel her anger beginning to slip away.

Jean's cell-phone beeped and without thinking about it it was in her hand and she was looking at a picture message. It was from Irma Cuckoo, and the picture was of Jean. Her red hair was wet and bedraggled and she was completely naked as she fled Jamie's pursuit. The picture was captioned: 'When Jamie's tired of your tiny tit and scrawny ass we'll be happy to fuck her too. Maybe she'll even let you know.'

Jean stormed through the corridors of the school, windows and doors rattling as she passed.  Her control of her telekinesis sometimes faltered when her emotions were inflamed, and the red-head practically blazed with fury.

* * *

Majestrix Lilandra Neramani, Lux Gloriana of the Shi'ar Empire, Captain-Ultima of the Imperial Guard and Supreme Custodian of the Harem of Jewels and Stars still sometime couldn't believe the coarseness and crudity of the clothes she was expected to wear here on Earth. Most of her uniform was made of a fiber extracted from a plant known as 'cotton', and her shoes were shockingly made of the cured skin of an animal neither she nor her warriors had hunted herself.

The Earth humans and their mutant cousins were such primitive animals. All but a few, such as Headmistress Frost, lacked the understanding of the enormous scale and power of the Shi'ar Empire she ruled. If they had understood they would surely fall to their knees and obey her as swiftly as her courtiers in the palace of her homeworld of Aerie.

Instead Lilandra had just been ordered out of her own room without explanation by her dormmate Rachel. Moments after she had stepped, confused, out of the door two naked women had run straight for the same doorway. The first, she recognised as the gorgeous Jean Grey from the private sessions the telepaths shared with Headmistress Frost, had made it into Lilandra's shared room.

The second smaller girl had run into the quickly closed door and hit it so hard that she had literally bounced off it. The door had stayed closed as Jamie Howlett continued to knock on it undeterred and call out for Jean. Lilandra recognised Jamie straightaway. Many of the mutant natives looked the same to her, but she had made a special note of Jamie.

Lilandra rubbed the coarse fabric of her white 'cotton' panties against her clit and moaned in pleasure. Being ordered about and expected to obey, seeing the feral naked body of the primitive and almost bestial Jamie, it was everything she had dreamed of when she had enrolled at the Finishing School.

To the Shi'ar she was absolute and beloved-almost-to-deification ruler of a vast and ancient interstellar empire. Lilandra had not realised how empty her life was until she had made contact with a mind across the empty light-years of the cosmos. She had touched the defenceless mind of Charlize Xavier, as if she and the unskilled telepath had shared some deeper almost mystical connection that transcended space, and for a pure precious moment felt what it was like to be used and dominated.

Lilandra sat on the sill of one of the corridor's long windows with her pleated skirt hiked up and as she pulled her panties down to hanging off the ankle of one of the legs she spread wide. She had just enough presence of mind left to activate her cloaking amulet and raise the most basic of psychic shields to hide her presence, before her hands found her pussy and she began to finger herself.

She only wanted to be caught by someone she was sure would punish her for exposing and fucking herself in the school's halls. She added another finger as she imagined a teacher spanking her for breaking the rules, spanking her like a commoner and not the untouchable Majestrix. Her fingers sped up as Jamie joined her fantasy, tearing at her clothes like a beast as further punishment.

Jean's telepathic scream as she demanded to be alone focussed Lilandra's attention on the world beyond her body once more. She watched through the haze of arousal as Rachel stepped out of their room to talk to Jamie. Her dormmate was using a psychic illusion to make herself appear as her half-sister Jean Grey to the small naked mutant. An illusion she kept up as Jamie kissed her with animal passion and led her away towards the smaller girl's room.

Shortly afterwards Jean left Lilandra's dormroom, clearly unhappy and dressed in a slightly food-stained uniform. Lilandra recognised it from the laundry basket as Rachel's spare. She headed away apparently oblivious of what her half-sister was up to.

Lilandra came with a small shudder and a mostly swallowed cry as she realised how Rachel must be using the other two girls. She desperately wanted to be used like that. She pulled up her panties and tried to think of how she could take advantage of the situation, or who she could get to take advantage of her.

* * *

Lips were locked in a deep kiss as Rachel/Jean's arms found their way around the smaller naked girl's waist. Pulling the Canadian onto her lap and deepening the kiss, her tongue ran along Jamie's. The soft moans Jamie made sent pleasure racing through the telepath's body. Jubilee's porn pictures of other students were filled with suggestions about what they could do when kisses turned to more.

"Damn Jeannie, what's got into you today?" the girl asked softly as she pulled back to catch her breath only to fell warm lips pressing kisses along her neck.

"What? You don't like what I'm doing?" the telepath replied with a small pout.

"Wha... no... It's just you've never been this assertive before. Usually I have to poke at you to get you out of your shell."

"I just want to make you feel good. Want to show I care about you."

The redhead disguised as Jean ran her fingers along the Canadian's wet folds, drawing out another moan from the smaller girl. Rachel grinned as she felt Jamie's mind opening up to her, 'Soon Jamie you'll be all mine.'

* * *

Jean's hand lightly knocked on the door before retreating back quickly. Her green eyes watched as the knob turned and the door opened. A girl dressed in a matching school
uniform stood in the doorway as her piercing blue eyes looked over Jean.

The raven-haired girl's posture was straight and commanding, her hair was down but precisely and severely styled. She was an intimidating presence. But the thing that scared Jean was that this girl's mind was completely blocked off to her. Most of the students' minds were always open and easy to read, only a few had defenses established after hanging around a telepath. But very few students had their thoughts completely blocked off to the telepath.

"So the girl who decides to waste her time with the lowest of society when she could do so much better finally arrives." The heavy English accent reminded her briefly of Betsy as the girl finally stood aside and allowed Jean to enter what was to be her room. "Please come in we have much to discuss my dear. But first allow me to introduce myself. I am Sebastianna Shaw and I hope you will enjoy your time in our little club."

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