Warbeast has her way with Spider Man.

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Avengers
Category Marvel M/F F/F Corruption Transformation
Previous Chapter Spider-Man fights Ms. Marvel

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"Ugh.... What hit me?" groaned Spider-Man as he slowly came too, looking up his eyes shot open when he discovered himself pinned to the ground by Warbeast as she straddled his body.

"It's about time you woke up, didn't think I hit you THAT hard." Purred the blonde abominated woman as she pressed down on the man, her breasts squishing up to his chin. "You are gonna make up for losing my lunch Spider Man, when I'm done the only thing on your mind will be ME."

Spider Man squirmed hard against the massive monster woman as she pulled off his mask and forced her tongue down his throat, he cringed as it slithered around in his mouth before she pulled back from the kiss.

"When do I get MY turn?!" Groaned Spider Woman as she hung upside down from a street lamp, pawing at her breasts and loins with her many hands.

"Relax... once we turn him he'll have enough energy to screw us for hours." Spider Man shivered at the prospect as she began licking his neck while reaching for the hem of his pants.

"Sorry...er... ladies but I already got a dinner date." Firing a web line out to a manhole he yanked the sewer lid off, striking Warbeast at the back of the head. As she reared up in pain clutching her skull he snuck free and sprayed as much webbing between the two Monster women before leaping down the sewer drain. "WE'll do a rain check, see ya later."

As the two got free of the cobwebs they clawed at the drain hole snarling at the loss of their latest prize.

"FUCK! I had him!" Roared Warbeast as she and Spider Woman tore chunks out of the concrete to dig down, giving up when too much time passed.

"Lets get back to the nest, I'm starving and horny as hell, at least there I can get a good screwing." The two made off for the large hive like structures their children had been making in the heart of the city, not willing to give the bad news to their leader Wasp.


Mary Jane and Felicia sat and waited for Peter to return at the pipe exit leading out of the city, from their view they could see hundreds of the creatures tearing away at the city, making some kind of nest or hive.

"This is getting creepy, I hope Peter comes back safe." Worried MJ as she sat next to the platinum blonde cat burgler.

hearing odd sounds from the pipe they looked back and gasped with joy as Spider Man swung through and over their heads to land in front of them.

"Ta da."

"Your back! You have me worried sick!" Said MJ as she wrapped her arms around her husband as Felicia watched with a smile.

"So where to Spider? We can't stay here any more." Pointed Black Cat as she looked over to the battered city.

"We're heading to the Xavier Institute, its the only place left I can think of thats safe for now."

"Surrounded by the most powerful being in the world against a horde of those things... like the odds already."

Picking up both women to hold on he began swinging past the lmp posts to the road leading out of New York and into the State area towards the school.


Returning to the city nest being built, Warbeast and Spider Woman took in the sight and smiled wickedly. Wasp's children had been building a kind of hive for their mother while the others made dug out caverns and stone mounds to live in. Warbeast flew to a group of male abominations and already began inticing them to mate with her.

Spider Woman continued on inside the largest structure to meet their leader.

Inside she smirked seeing dozens of brutes carry off several infants in thir arms to be cared for until they were adults, Wasp haveing obviously given birth to a new litter since she was gone.

Inside the main chamber Wasp was sucking off three abominations at once, her body already healed after giving birth to over 3o children and craved even more. Noticing she had a visitor she shoved away one of the creatures before sauntering up to Spider Woman.

"Ah Spider, have you tried one of She-Hulk's brood yet? Mmm... so potent." Husked Wasp as she wrapped her arms around her sister lover and kissed her hard, their breasts mashing together as they made out.

"Mmm no my love but I have important news to share, the Fantastic Four and the little Spider Man have escaped the city." For a moment Wasp looked cross before turning away and rejoining the males she was servicing. "No matter, they'll be ours in time, they only have one place to go to."

"Yes.... the mutant school."

"When we are legion and unstoppable we'll sweep over that last little obstacle and rule this world!" At that moment she deep throated one of the monsters and gulped down everything he had before he passed out from the exertion. "Tell the others, I'm sure they'll be overjoyed at the prospect of our brood expanding."

With a nod Spider Woman leaped and swung out of the chamber, leaving Wasp alone with her men. Standing up she went to her makeshift throne and spread her legs invitingly to them before one lunged forward and spearedinto her pussy, causing the she beast to roar in exstacy as he thrust hard into her.

"Aaaagh!... It's good to be Queen."

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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