Flashback to the morning when Kitten and Ororo first woke up...

by solddate
Storyline X-Men: The Stepford Submission
Characters Storm Shadowcat
Category Marvel F/F Corruption
Previous Chapter Trask regains his senses at the last minute...could something else be going on here?

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As Ororo debated in her conflicted mind whether or not to trust Mr. Trask, she thought back to her morning with Kitten and FiFi....

Ororo woke up happy. Happier than she could ever remember being, even if she wasn't sure why. Keeping her eyes closed, the African woman let a content sigh pass her lips and allowed her muscles to relax into the luxurious bed beneath her. The soft cotton sheets soothed her normally tense form wonderfully, from the defined shoulder blades to her firm buttocks... Wait, was she naked? Finally opening her eyes, Ororo's brow furrowed as she sat up slightly to look down her trained and toned form. She didn't normally sleep nude, and she couldn't even remember falling asleep let alone making the decision to sleep bare, and... this wasn't her bedroom, was it? 

The confused woman found her surroundings both alien and familiar at the same time. It felt like home, but at the same time this could have been the first time she'd ever been in here. Beginning to look around, she noticed how the large vanity and mirror combination on the near side of the bed was placed appropriately next to the wall length wardrobe, which would make it easy to quickly switch and compare outfits as well as make-up. On the vanity, she saw and admired a large bouquet of pink & white lilies in a stylized glass vase before reaching out a hand to trace her finger over the elaborate 'S' design carved into the cold surface. Moving her hand up, she then took the card nestled in the flowers and whispered handwritten message aloud it aloud.

"Bonjour, Mademoiselle Ororo!" Well, she couldn't argue it was for her then, and she was glad the rest of the message was in English for the most part. "I hope you sleep well. FiFi is very happy that you join us here in Stepford! Oui, it shall be so much fun, no? Love FiFi."

"FiFi?" Ororo shook her head as she placed the card back down. Did she know a FiFi? The name didn't strike her any recollection in her tired brain and thinking about it didn't exactly appeal right now, it could be so hard for her to think sometimes... "Wait," she said in defiance of that notion, "Stepford?" That name did certainly spark something in her memory, something nice maybe, but it was still so difficult to focus on. Stepford was... It was...

"Mmmm..." Before she could find the answer in her mind, Ororo was brought out of her blurred thoughts by the sound of someone stirring next to her on the bed. Up until now, the naked woman had had no idea she wasn't alone, but as her eyes roamed over the voluptuous figure of the scantily clad brunette next to her, Ororo had every idea now.

"Wow," Ororo gasped without even thinking. This girl was perfection. From her pink painted nails on her cute dainty toes, up her smooth legs past her curvy hips, over herhuge mesmerizing breasts that rose and fell with her soft breathes, and finally to her full kissable lips and beautiful sleeping features. Ororo wanted this woman. She wanted to know her... did she know her? And suddenly a name came to her as she unconsciously licked her lips, "Kitten?"

"Mmm, yeah?" The apparent Kitten yawned. God! She even did that sexy, but while Ororo continued openly ogle the younger woman a question mark over her name came to mind. Was this vixen's name really Kitten? Clearly Ororo knew her, or else the name wouldn't have come to her at all and why would it be the wrong one if the brunette responded so quickly? Ugh, Ororo groaned mentally, why did she always have over complicate things by thinking? This unbelievably hot girl's name was Kitten, why did there need to be more to it!? 

"Ororo, sweetie? Are you okay?" Kitten asked gently, resting her delicate hand on the chocolate skinned woman's forearm. Ororo found herself quickly becoming lost in the girl's concerned gaze, she couldn't help but be mesmerized by Kitten's bright yet empty brown eyes, seemingly endless in their vacant depths.

"Um, yes, I think so?" She said uncertainly, memories and feelings beginning to form around the brunette in her mind. She could recall Kitten was her friend... but this idea was split into two very different ways. In one, Ororo was the girl's guardian, like Kitten was almost a daughter to her, for whom she would do anything to protect. Yet, in the other Kitten was Ororo's very close friend and... idol? "Kitten?"

"Yes?" Kitten responded with worry, now sitting up and moving closer to her new roommate. Ororo's expression worried the Stepford woman greatly, she wanted her friend to be happy but it was clear she wasn't, if anything the African woman look scared.

"I..." Unbeknownst to either woman, Ororo's subconscious was fighting desperately against the Stepford programming of the day prior. "I..." The idea that Ororo Munroe was a teacher and Kitty Pryde her treasured student waged war with the implanted suggestion that the soon-to-be Kitten Trask was the embodiment of the perfect woman that Ororo should strive to match. In truth, the war was fought on many fronts as suppressed memories and feelings about her life, Stepford and Kitten tried to reach the surface of Ororo's mind. "I..." However, in the face of both a worried Kitten and being this close to the body that her scrambled thoughts linked to nothing but worship, Stepford programming won the battle, "I want you so bad..."

"Hehe, oh," Kitten giggled with a beaming smile before leaning into kiss Ororo lightly on the lips, "why didn't you just say so?" With that small tease, Ororo lost it and threw all but threw herself on top of the young brunette, kissing her fiercely and pushing her back flat on the bed. 

For the next 10 minutes, the two new lovers made out to their heart's content. Ororo first planting kisses of over Kitten's smooth mouth, neck, and collarbone while her hands ran up and down her old friend's delicious body. Ororo just couldn't get enough of the younger woman, from the way she could dig her fingers into Kitten's curvaceous flesh to the way her plump lips felt against her own dark skin. And then her fast moving fingers had unhooked Kitten's bra...

"Oh my God..." Ororo whispered in awe as she gazed down at her lover's giant breasts... No, not breasts... "I love your tits, Kitten!" The previously straight woman declared uninhibited by her once common manner and wrapped her lips over one of the girl's rock hard nipples.

"OH--Oh, that makes me, like, so happy, Ororo!" Kitten yelped in delighted, clasping the back of Ororo's bald scalp to encourage the former African royal to continue sucking on her teat. If she'd had the spare brain power, Kitten might have been surprised that Ororo hadn't noticed her hairless state yet, and Ororo would be even more so, but neither of them could really care less right now. "Oooh, yeah, suck it baby! That feels so gooooood!"

"Mmmm," Ororo reveled in Kitten's praise, continuing to kiss, lick and grope the massive melons beneath her. The fact that she'd never lain with another woman didn't make Ororo pause for a second, she was lost in the moment and the wonderful sensations her night of programming was creating in her. In this instant, her still warping psyche couldn't fathom being happier and she wanted it to never end.

"Well, I am happy to zee that Mademoiselle Ororo iz zettling in well!" A thick French accent cut-in and immediately Ororo snapped out of her pleasure hazed bubble.

"EEEK!" Ororo screeched in a manner far removed from her formerly regal demeanour. Quickly throwing herself off of Kitten in embarrassment, she grabbed the cotton sheets and covered her suddenly too naked body. Gathering herself as best she could, the panicked woman looked to the source of the interruption to find the walking sexual stereotype that was FiFi, "WHO THE HELL--!?" Ororo began to yell at the high heeled maid, but was quick to find her manners and paused to take long calming breathes. "No, I'm sorry... Who are you?"

"Oh no, no, no Mademoiselle," FiFi said with an apologetic curtsy, while keeping the breakfast tray in her hands perfectly level, "FiFi iz the one who iz zorry. I did not mean to ztartle you." The sexy servant pouted as she walked next to the bed and placed the tray next to the flowers on the vanity, Ororo making the connection between the FiFi on the card and the maid in before her... The slutty French maid who was bending over in just the right way for Ororo to get a perfect view of butt hugging black thong of FiFi's uniform. "It iz juzt that every Ztepford woman should ztart her day with a proper breakfast." FiFi explained, standing back to full height, putting an end to Ororo's lovely view.

"Aww, you couldn't have waited another five minutes, FiFi?" Kitten moaned childishly, her lips puckered in the cutest way Ororo had ever seen. Although, that didn't completely distract the mutant woman from the fact Kitten's bouncing chest was still fully exposed.

"Kitten!" Ororo whispered nervously, pulling the sheet tighter around her own body, "Your breasts!" 

"Huh?" Kitten replied, glancing down at her bare chest in confusion before laughing out loud, "Oh c'mon, Rori!" The brunette giggled, waving her hand dismissively at Ororo, "We're all girls here! Sexy ones at that!" she added, playfully jiggling her tits in her palms, "And we're at home for crying out loud! There's no need to cover up, sweetie!"

"But--!" Ororo tried to argue, her old sense of modesty providing another platform for her mind to fight the brainwashing. "FiFi--?" She said, trying to reason with herself that being naked in front of those you didn't truly know was wrong, even if clothing such as the maid was wearing was possibly even more inappropriate.

"I do not mind, Mademoiselle," FiFi spoke up. Reaching for the white trim of the bust of her corset, the fetish dressed woman simply yanked down the black garment and allowed her own humongous rack free for Ororo's viewing pleasure, "zee?"

"I, urr, umm..." Ororo could definitely see, and she would admit she liked it, but still... It wasn't that she thought the naked body was something to be ashamed of, the women on either side of her were prime examples of why someone would want to and probably should flaunt it. However, somewhere in the depths of her scrambled mind was a quiet but insistent voice telling her something was very wrong about this situation. "Is this really okay?" she asked Kitten, using all her remaining will power to avoid ogling the pink nubs that were still wet with her own saliva.

"Yes, of course it is sweetie," Kitten comforted Ororo as if the older woman was a frightened child, "Being naked around friends means you're happy with your body, and every woman should be happy in every way they can." The brunette then reached out to take hold of the sheet covering Ororo, whom only shrank back from her manicured fingers. "What's wrong, sweetie?"

Eyes darting between the two topless babes, whom Ororo felt were both now towering over her like worried parents she searched her brain frantically for a reason why she was so uncomfortable that didn't contradict Kitten's words. She didn't want to say Kitten and FiFi were wrong in their lack of modesty, but at the same time she didn't want to expose herself. The two of them couldn't be wrong, could they? No, Ororo was wrong, she was wrong to think that her friends were acting strange, she trusted her friends, especially Kitten.

"Um, it's just..." Ororo stumbled, trying to find an excuse for her own behaviour now, "you're both so sexy and I'm..." She trailed off, looking down at her sleek form and mentally comparing herself to the other two women for the first time. "I'm not sexy at all..." she sulked, opening the sheet so she could confirm it for herself more then anything.

"Oh, honey," Kitten said sadly as she swooped in to wrap their arms around the chocolate skinned woman, "that's not true." She soothed, affectionately kissing her friend on the cheek.

"Mademoiselle Kitten is right," FiFi chipped in, gently placing her hand on Ororo's shoulder, "You are already very zexy, Madmoiselle, but you have not yet had time to become a true Ztepford woman."

"Stepford?" There was that name again.

"That's right, sweetie," Kitten cooed, her smile wide and bright as she partially released Ororo from their embrace, "that's where we are remember?" In truth, Ororo really couldn't, but from the look in Kitten's vapid brown eyes, she knew her friend would help her do so. "I've been living here for the past few weeks and I've just been so happy here I invited you to come stay! Stepford's such a wonderful place, Rori, the men are so smart, strong, and helpful and us girls get to be so happy and sexy!" She explained with a wink to FiFi. "I know it's a lot to take in, but I'm gonna help you settle in!"

"Wha--Why?" Ororo asked perplexed. She had her own little smile too despite being confused about what was going, but hearing Kitten say she was going to help her did lift her spirits. "Am I staying long?"

"As long as you want, silly!" Kitten waved her hand dismissively for a second time that morning, "But I hope you'll stay, 'cos I've got some really big news for you! I'm getting married!"

"Wha--married?" Ororo blinked, the news that she'd partly deduced on her arrival in Stepford now a complete revelation after her night of conditioning. It hit her like a brick wall, the X-Men in her renewing the battle to try and tell her something was wrong with Kitty, but soon an eruption like reaction rushed forward from the implanted suggestions. "Oh... MY GOD!" The once dignified and maternal woman squealed like a schoolgirl, now wrapping her own arms around Kitten in girlish excitement, her concerns over modesty evaporating into thin air. "That's so wonderful Kitten!" she gushed, surprising herself with the force she used in the hug and Kitten even more so as the brunette fell back onto the bed with a giggle.

"I know, isn't it?" Kitten laughed, making her chest rumble delightfully against Ororo's much smaller breasts.

"Mmm--" Ororo caught herself moaning from the sensation, her lack of confidence in her nude form returning slightly as she notcied how wet she'd suddenly become between her legs. Pulling herself back up to a kneeling position, she blushed fiercely, "Oh-uh, yes, absolutely," she said between slow breathes, "I'm so happy for you, Kitten."

"Aww, thanks, sweetie," Kitten sighed happily before sitting back up.

"Excusez moi, Madmoisellez," FiFi spoke up, directing attention back to her sultry self and the breakfast she'd brought in, "but I think Madmoiselle Ororo should eat zomething before we continue. She lookz like zkin & bone already and should not zelebrate zuch happy newz on an empty ztomach." The French maid's words held no malice, but certainly didn't help Ororo in her attempts to forget her worries regarding her body.

"Oh, you're totally right, FiFi," Kitten's agreement only made it worse, "how silly of me, what have you got for us?"

"Well, for two deliciouz Madmoisellez," FiFi began with a comforting to Ororo, clearly she'd noticed the African's insecurity at being referred too as skinny, "I have prepared a zelection of my home'z bezt pastriez." As she said this, the still topless servant buttered up both a croissant and pain au chocolat for each of the former X-Men before placing them on two small plates and handing them over. This still left several inviting bread based treats on the main tray itself so Ororo guessed they were expected to have seconds. "For Madmoiselle Kitten, the finest coffee outzide of Paree," FiFi announced with flare, mixing in two teaspoons of sugar into a steaming hot cup of coffee before delivering the cup and its matching saucer to bedside table on Kitten's side of the bed.

"Mmm, merci beaucoup, FiFi," Kitten replied, digging in hungrily to her buttered croissant while motioning to encourage Ororo to do the same with a smile. Ororo tentatively did so, taking small nervous bite before a much larger one as the wonderful taste made her suddenly realize just how much of an appetite she really had at the moment.

"De rien, Madmoiselle Kitten," FiFi hummed as she minced back to Ororo's nearside and the breakfast tray once more. With sly and teasing look to Ororo, the sexy maid then offered what looked like a large but elegantly decorated take-out cup, "And for ze new arrival, a 'Tazte of Ztepford' milkshake."

"Milkshake?" Ororo asked curiously, placing her plate down on the bed and taking the cold beverage in her hand to inspect it further. Like many a fast food restaurant or take-out coffee bar, the cup was made of card and topped with a plastic lid and straw, but both the material and the design beneath Ororo's fingers gave the impression of quality. Raised swirling patterns of blue & green gave reminded of lush green river banks in the hot sun, and within these flowing lines on the front of the cup, Ororo took a moment to trace her fingertip over a large, black stylized 'S' not dissimilar to the one she had noticed on the glass vase when she'd woken up.

"Oui," FiFi answered, "ze 'Tazte of Ztepford' milkshakez containz all the nutritionz needed for a healthy Ztepford woman. It iz mozt popular with new arrivalz, like Madmoiselle Ororo. There are many flavourz to try, but I decided I would share my favourite with you on your arrival Madmoiselle; Vanilla."

"Oh, thank you," Ororo said, looking up to FiFi with an almost childlike awe, happy that FiFi would want to share something that was both important for a woman of Stepford and personal to the sexy maid. Gently wrapping her lips around the straw, she sucked up the milky drink and was instantly hooked, "MMMMmm-- This is delicious, FiFi!"

"Merci," FiFi replied with a knowing smile to Kitten who was watching on in excitement. The soon-to-be Mrs. Trask was ecstatic, Ororo was fitting in perfectly and was well on her way to becoming a happy Stepford woman just like her Victor said. Kitten just couldn't wait to help her friend even more!

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