Gambit wakes up in Barda's bed...nude!

by Master_Kind
Storyline X-Men: The Stepford Submission
Characters Big Barda Gambit
Previous Chapter Flashback to the morning when Kitten and Ororo first woke up...

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Gambit awoke with a fuzzy head to a delightful sensation. Someone was sucking his cock, thoroughly and slowly, swirling her tongue around the head of his dick before sliding her mouth down all the way to the base of his groin, deep throating him like a pro . . . over and over again.

"Chere?" he muttered groggily as his eyes fluttered open. "Dat you?"

He reached down - or rather tried to reach down to find his hands bound . . . not by handcuffs or rope which he could have escaped, but carefully twisted steel. The bedpost's fixtures had been tied around his wrists with only enough give to let circulation pass. As his eyes opened, he found himself in a large, lush bed with blue silk sheets . . . all of which he felt against his now nude body. And he wasn't the only one nude!

Bardie had lost the flimsy white apron she'd worn earlier, letting her truly massive mammaries free as she deep throated the captive Remy with a dreamy look on her face. Remy'd seen his share of big tits but the brunette's trumped any he could remember. He could feel them, firm and soft orbs each the size of a microwave oven, smashing up against his lithe, muscular legs as she fellated him from the side, one of her pink, hard nipples practically throbbing with heat like a radiator against his left calf. The incredibly tall woman had to bend over the side of the bed to suck him off, her big, pillow pale ass cheeks high in the air and pink pussy lips dripping with wetness.

He groaned in a mixture of delight and nervousness. How long had he been out? And what had happened to his clothes?

"Bardie?" he mumbled, his body still feeling languid and out of his control from whatever drug she'd given him. He knew he should be angrier about this but it felt so good. Or was that the drug talking?

"MMMMMM!" Bardie moaned, humming around his shaft before slowly withdrawing her mouth from his throbbing man-meat with an audible pop. "You're awake! Yay!"

"What- what you doin' to Remy?" he forced himself to say, even thought it was fairly obvious.

"Bardie's sorry, Remy! I just- I'm so horny! And mean old Dr. Rao says I'm still too strong and . . ." her big blue eyes scrunched up as she tried to remember the doctor's exact words. "Not careful enough with my own strength! But- but I CAN be! She doesn't even have to keep trying to fix me so I can get a man! I can show her! I won't have to keep living on Cuckold Lane any more with the other misfits!"

She reached down a hand with red nails to keep stroking Remy's impressive cock, still wet with her saliva, licking her pouty red lips. The grip was strong but not painfully so, at least, not yet.

"Thought- thought you said you had a husband?" Remy muttered, shaking his head. "Don't think he'd like this none."

Bardie's blue eyes clouded over, as if trying to focus on something very far away. Her hand on Remy's cock went slack for an instant.

"Husband? Yes, you look like him- umm, wait no, I don't have- wait, do I? Scott is my- wait, no, I can't get a husband yet. I'm too strong, rough and dumb. Have to be fixed by- no! Have to fight this . . . this . . . no, not fight, fuck! Mustn't fight!"

She shook her head violently, long black locks flying everywhere, her massive tits swaying wildly.

"Bad thoughts! Gotta take my sleepy juice to think right thoughts again." she said, her voice husky. She stood up slowly, like a sleepwalker, letting Remy admire her full statuesque glory. She only took a half step toward the door before stopping, a confused pout on her features.

"Wait! I can't take any sleepy juice because I used it all to make you sleepy! So I could practice being gentle!"

Bardie's face looked back at him and a renewed lust filled her face, even if something in her big blue eyes seemed to spark and sizzle.

She slid up to him and kissed him hungrily, her gigantic jugs rubbing against his bare chest as she slid her hips and legs onto the bed.

"Gotta be gentle! I can show her! Show her how gentle I can be with my husband!" she purred into Remy's ear as she slid one of her hot, pink nipples into his mouth, temporarily obscuring his entire view of the world to a warm, pillowy whiteness and flushed aureoles. He sucked on reflex, making her gasp and whimper as her big, curvy body writhed against him. "OOH! Yeah! Mmmm, SCOTT!"

She withdrew quickly, panting and shuddering, only to slide her wide hips down the bed and position her hungry, pink pussy above his still rock-hard cock.

"My titties feel so good, you'll make me cum hard! And I can't cum hard if I wanna be gentle!" she giggled. "But maybe if we fuck nice and slow . . ."

"Bardie, I-" Remy began, only for her to slowly lower her wet, welcoming heat on his thick cock, the tightness of her beyond anything he'd ever experienced. "Oh, FUCK!"

"Yeah, FUCK! Fuck Bardie, baby! Bardie is gonna fuck you good! And slow! And gentle!" she panted out, lowering herself onto him with every third word, rubbing her hands up and down his chest, making the bedsprings squeak loudly.

"And, uh! Then you can break out when I'm close and squeeze my fat nips 'til I cum! Like you always do! And then I'll cum for you, Scott! Ohhhh, SCOTT!"

Remy groaned with delight at the sensation of the Amazon riding him slowly but eagerly. His fuzzy mind did come to a few conclusions as she began to ride him.

The first conclusion was that breaking out of the bed might be a challenge.

The second conclusion was that this woman, Bardie, had been brainwashed but he might have a chance of breaking her conditioning if he could grab her nipples when she was close, encourage her to think of him as "Scott" - her possible real husband.

"Ooh, yeah! Yeah! YEAH! Bardie's a good girl! Bardie's your good, slutty, little wifey!" she squealed.

Unfortunately, the last conclusion he reached as an excited Bardie began to speed up the tempo of her pussy bouncing on his cock, was that if she wasn't careful, he might not end up able to walk out of this bed!

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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