Amazingly Spider-Man has escaped the horde's rampage and is hiding in the sewers with MJ.

by darkraven32179
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Black Cat Spider-Man Fantastic Four Ms. Marvel Mary Jane Watson
Category Transformation Marvel Corruption
Previous Chapter Iron Man contacts Reed's craft

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Below the ruins of the city, in the grime of the sewers was Spider-man. When the hordes began their attack his spider-sense flared up worse then ever and when the news reported his friends and fellow avengers being monserous abominations of them selves he knew he had to get out of the city and find help. "Well tiger looks like you can actually thank the lizard for all the times you fought him down here." MJ spoke as she walked along in the grime below.

"Yeah just great but did it have to be the sewers we ran into Spider." the black cat whinned behind. Peter had run into the two during the chaos and not wanting to lose any of his friends he grabbed them and brought them down here.

"It's the only place I could think of that we could easily use to escape anyone who attacks us down here, alright." the web swinger said frustrated over all the damage and being unable to help his friends.

"It's alright, let's just..." Mj paused as she stopped to listen. "Do you guys hear something?"

"Yeah sounds like it's coming from up top." cat chimmed in. "Sounds like a ship actually."

"A ship?" quickly spider-ma crawled up the ladder and lifted the man-hole up a bit allowing him to see the transformed Ms. Marvel latch onto the fantastic fours ship. "It's the FF their under attack." Not even thinking he reached into his belt, tossing down a spider-tracer. "You two keep going all the way down then take a right when you reach the end that'll get you out of here, I'll.... I'll find you later."

"Wait Peter what do you..." but MJ was cut off as Spider-man crawled out to assist his friends.


"Jeez Carol sure put on some weight." the Thing spoke as he tried to shake her off the ship but having no such luck with the controls as she continued to claw her way into the ship.

"You four will make such excellent treats for my babbies maybe you'll be lucky and they'll keep you as a pet." she laughed as she tore away a chunk of the top, but before she could grab someone, she was quickly thrown off the ship.

"Now I know the city is a mess but that doesn't mean we can go clawing our way into other peoples things." Spider-man spoke as he kicked warbeast off the ship.

"Spider-man what are you doing here?" Sue asked releaved that someone survived.

"No time to explain you guys get out of here now."

"But what about you?" Johnny asked.

"I'll keep Carol busy now go I'm sure you guys can find a cure for this thing." Peter spoke as her shot another web swinging down to Warbeast.


"Ughhh what hit me." Warbeast growled as she got up shaking her head quickly only to be hit in the head by anothe kick from the wallcrawler.

"Carol I gotta say this ewo look is just not working out for you." the hero said as he flipped off the women landing a few feet back.

"Well perhaps you'll be looking at it a little different after you get a taste Peter." A smile appearing on the womans face that sent shivers down the man's spine. Though she had changed her feelings for the web head had only grown, she had hoped that she would be the one who found him, knowing a lot of the other women agreed that he was just to cute. "I'm gonna enjoy fucking you peter."

"And here I thought we agreed to just be friends." Peter said as he shoot web blasts at the moster as she charged at him.

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