Jade Dragon soon has Lois eating out of the palm of her hand (and subsequently, eating her out)

by genesis196
Storyline Jade Dragon (version 2)
Characters Batman Jade Dragon Lois Lane
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"Ok ok, what do you want to know" Lois said well looking at the sexy Asian beauty. "Damn it their i go again checking her out, what the hell did she do to me?" Lois thought to her self.

Jade smiled to her self as she seen Lois's eyes drift up and down here body. Jade took another drag of her cigarette and blew more green smoke towards Lois before she jumped off of her car landing right in front of Lois. She put her lips right next to Lois's ear and whispered "Don't you think we should go somewhere more privet before we discuss your husbands second life?"

Lois knew she had a point, Midtown Metropolis was no place to talk about Superman's secret identity.

"Your right, I guess....."

"Alright i know just the place." Jade said cutting off Lois before turning and climbing into her car.

Lois couldn't help but admire this women a little, her boldness and straight to the point attitude couldn't help but remind Lois of her self.

Lois put the groceries in the back and got in the car.

"Your going to have to put that out, i don't like smoking in my car."

"Awe come on you know its not that bad." Jade said blowing more smoke towards Lois. "Besides when was the last time you really inhaled smoke? You know really let it seep into your lungs, I think if you did you would see how relaxing and pleasant it makes you feel."

"Look this is not open for debate, put it out."

"come on juts one big breath, if you honestly don't like it, i will put it out and not smoke around you for the rest of the time were together." Jade said giving a puppy dog face.

Lois let out a huge sigh "Ok just be prepared to put it out."

Jade blew more smoke into Lois's face as she took a big breath.

"That's it a nice big breath, feel it filling your lungs. Feel all your worries and distractions fade away, feel how calm and relaxed its making you."

If it had not been for her partially susceptible state Lois would of know something was wrong when the breath of smoke make her chock and gag like it usually would.

Lois let the smoke out her lungs feeling more relaxed then the day she had spent at the spa last month.

"Well" Jade asked knowingly

"its not that bad" Lois said trying to play it off.

Jade laughed "Not that bad" "The look on the face you just made, looked like me when i just got off on a nice hard cock."

Lois couldent help but vision this beautiful women int the throws of passion as she rode a nice big cock. Lois soon realized the thought was making her wet and quickly changed the subject.

"So where to?"

"Lex tower"

"WOW" Lois thought this girl must be loaded to be able to live their.

Kara started to wake up in the photo booth. Kara laid their for a moment remembering what happen to her yesterday. she remembered how her best friend and now mistress had help her bring out her true self. a total slut who loves pussy and cock. specking of cock she felt empty and very horny thinking about her mistress's "slave breaker" she had used on her and how good it felt.

Kara started to rub her cunt when she heard.

"Awe my slut is finally awake."

"Mistress? where are you?" Kara said looking around.

"In your head my pet. you see my pet, your collar is much more than a symbol of your new place at my feet. It links us telepathically as well as suppresses your power when ever I want, as well as a few other surprises."

"Oh" Kara said smiling knowing she will now always be connected to her mistress.

"Now Kara i know you must be really horny right now, and wanting some relief right now but i need you to fly home and get ready because in a few hours you Lois and I are going shopping for some proper clothes fore two sluts like you."

"Did you already convert her mistress?"

"No I'm doing it now."

"Can I help?" Kara said playing with her self at the thought of her cousins wife.

"No not this time my pet, but if your a good slut for me i will let you help when we get to your Cousin.

Kara practically came at the thought of seducing Clark.

"Ok Mistress im going to go get ready" Kara said flying home before at a speed no one could see her.

"Awe home sweet home." Jade said leading Lois through the door.

Lois couldn't help but be a little jealous of Jades penthouse sweet.

"Can i get you a drink" Jade said leading Lois to the living room.

"No thank you" Lois said sitting on the couch.

Jade came and sat right next to her lighting another cigarette and blowing more smoke into Lois's face. she couldn't help but laugh a little as she seen Lois eagerly inhaled the smoke.

"You know you could have one, i have plenty."

Lois's eyes darted to the cigarette and subconsciously licked her lips. "If second hand smoke had made her feel so good, she could only imagine what she would feel like right from the source.

"Sure just one couldn't kill me right." Lois said as she took the lite cigarette from Jade.

Jade Made Small talk as Lois smoked, after one cigarette was done she would had her another one.

After Lois finished her 10th cigarette she was in a drone like sate total susceptible to Jade's suggestions.

"Lois can you here me?"

"yes" she said in a monotone voice

"Good now I'm going to ask you some questions and your going to answer truthfully, is that under stood?"


"Good. Lois do you think Sexy?"

"No, Not really"

"Why is that?"

"Because I'm just not into women that way"

"Awe i see, well from now on you are attracted to women just as much as your are to men. Is that under stood?"


"So i ask you Again Do you think I'm sexy?"

"Yes i do"

"Good.Lois do you enjoy your sex life?"


"Dose your husband ever get rough with you?"



"Because he could kill me"

"How dose he act then?"

"Hes kind and gentle"

"Well from now on Lois you will only be Interested in wild and kinky sex, any thing slow and gentle will bore you. understood?"


"Do you like the way you dress?"



"Because i still look good with out looking like a slut."

"Oh, Well from now on you will only want to dress like a complete slut. low cut tops, short skirts, high heals, things like that, you will never ware any kind of underwear again. that clear?"


"Oh one more thing. From now on i am your Mistress and Goddess, you will worship me and do anything i say, is that Clear?"

"Yes Mistress"

"Good now when i count to 5 you will wake up. 1....2....3....4....5"

As night sets in on Metropolis, a dark figure investigates a photo booth. "I still dont know why your in Metropolis."

"I told you Dick, superman off world right now and I'm investigating a temporal disturbance."

"Which is?"

"A rip in Space and time. It could be nothing but its more likely the start of something big."

"Oh, Did you find anything yet?"

"Yes i found some kind of green residue, im binging it back to the cave to run some tests."

Lois's eyes fluttered open and looked at her new Goddess with love and admiration.

"what can i do for you Mistress?"

hay guys sorry 4 the lack of sex in this one, just wanted to develop plot more, the next one their will be plenty. oh so you know i will be continuing from this chapter my self, i will add the link after its done, look 4 a chapter with (196) in the title 4 my direct continuation of this chapter, plz do continue tho i want to see what could be. again i would like if you guys could send my comments good or bad i just want feedback is all, also if any one has any good ideal they would like to see but dosent have time to write hit me up and maybe i can do it or we collaborate togeather either or it would be awesome. Email: genesis196@yahoo.com

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