Jade Dragon

by Shendude
Storyline Jade Dragon (version 2)
Characters Jade Dragon
Category DC F/F M/F Female Dom
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In an alternate version of the DC Universe, when the Starheart (the magical meteor from which the Golden Age Green Lantern drew his power) landed on Earth, part of it became detached and was made into a cigarette holder. It fell into the hands of a Chinese monk who used it's power to travel the universe. In time, the monk married a Daxamite woman who bore him a daughter that inherited both of their powers, but not their weaknesses. When she hit puberty, her father settled down on a planet with her mother, gave her the cigarette lighter and sent her out on her own. After two decades she began calling herself the Jade Dragon and devoted her life to hedonism.

She was able to do so with great success, as, besides being a powerhouse with a genius-level intellect and a mastery of over a thousand forms of martial arts, she was also the very picture of an Asian sexpot, able to make even the straightest females moisten and the gayest males harden. She was short, standing about 5'3", assisted by the four inch heels of her bright green ankle boots. Her legs were long, toned, tan, and bare. She wore a long skirt, consisting of a long rectangle in front, hanging to her knees, and an identical section in back. The skirt was also bright green and held together by a string on either side, leaving the sides of her legs and her tight tan ass completely free. Her hips flared out sexily, tapering to a small waist. Her breasts were covered with a small, bright green string bikini top, her nipples clearly visible through the thin fabric. As for the tits themselves, they were the same tan complexion as the rest of her Asian skin. The were also an EE cup, much larger than appropriate for her small frame. Her face was angular and very sexy. Her smooth lips were done up in bright green lipstick and her exotic almond shaped eyes bore eyeshadow of the same color. Her deep black hair was slicked back on her head in a classic wet look, hanging to the base of her neck. Her arms were bare, although her right hand held the ornate jade cigarette holder, complete with smoldering cigarette, that had given her father her power.

One day, Jade Dragon encountered the insane demigod Parallax, once the Green Lantern Hal Jordan. She seduced him and convinced him to give her a portion of his power. She then went to the Earth and used her power, brains, and magnificent beauty to conquer it, and then remade it into Whoreworld, both a mobile fortress and an erotic playground for her insatiable appetites. From there, she subjugated a significant portion of galaxy, bringing even the mightiest of beings, such as Darkseid of Apokolips and Highfather of New Genesis, to their knees (often literally).

For over 200 years, the Jade Dragon (who used her power to keep herself to the biological age of 25) ruled her Empire unchallenged, living a life of sensual pleasure.


The Jade Dragon was engaged in an orgy with five of her slave-concubines. Her ass, pussy, and mouth were being enthusiastically fucked by a trio of huge-cocked studs, while her tits were being eagerly sucked on and fondled by a pair of delectable wenches, whose pussies she was fingering. Whenever one of the men came in her ass or pussy, she'd teleport the cum into one of her breasts to be sucked up by one of the girls. This orgy had been going on for hours, and the slaves, being unable to match the awesome stamina of the sex machine that was Jade Dragon, were starting to tire. So she made a small adjustment. When one of the concubines came, so would she. And when she came all of the slaves came. Triggering another orgasm for her and so on. After twenty minutes of orgasm after orgasm, the concubines collapsed in exhaustion.

Jade Dragon stood up and walked away from the exhausted heap and flew onto to a platform on which stood and knelt four slaves who took the shape of a throne. From here, she could look over the hordes of slaves engaging in all manner of sex acts for her amusement. She sat down and began to think, absentmindedly stroking the pussy of the left "arm".

A few years ago, she would have had the slaves replaced, or changed over to some other sexual activity. But much to her annoyance, she found herself growing bored with these games. It was too easy. After over two centuries of her rule, there was no longer any fight in any of her toys, no passion or spirit. She found herself nostalgic for the now long dead superheroes and heroines, and villains villainesses she had taken so much pleasure in fucking into submission all those years ago.

Suddenly, she was stuck by an idea. If she wished she could open up holes into another universe, one in which she did not exist, to a time when the heroes still lived. She could do it all over again. Or she could find a totally new universe to conquer. She might even give a shot at trying out the other side & being a heroine!

(ooc: Originally posted on the previous Addventure. Jade Dragon is based on a character created by Spider-Slut, for the SuperStories version of the "Justice Lesbians" thread)

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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