"...that it be Rook. You're her partner, so she's most likely to trust you the most."

by Fanfic Fetishist
Storyline The Superstories Adventures of Ben 10
Characters Ben "Ben 10" Tennyson
Category Gender Switch
Previous Chapter The group gets to Azmuth, who has bad news...

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    "...that it be Rook.  You're her partner, so she's most likely to trust you the most."  Azmuth finished.  Kevin and Gwen gave the startled Revonnahgander an appraising look. 
    "M-Me?" Rook stammered.  "I... we are not even the same species!!"

    "Dude, she can fix that in seconds," Kevin said, frowning and pantomiming activating the Omnitrix.

    Rook gulped nervously.  "I..." he started to say. 

    Gwen sighed.  "I know you're still hurting from Rayona breaking up with you.  But Ben needs you right now.  Kevin can't because he runs the risk of absorbing too much power and going insane. 

    "Plus there's the whole 'former enemies' thing that's gotta make things awkward for us both..." Kevin muttered.

    Gwen nodded and continued.  "I can't because Ben's family and I'm straight..."

    Rook fidgeted for a long moment, and then set down his proto-tool.  "Very well... I shall... do what I can..." he said, turning in the direction Ben went and walking out. 

    "Here's hoping he can pull it off," Kevin said softly.  Or put it in right, he added mentally, not voicing the joke as he knew it would get him smacked.
    Azmuth nodded.  "He has to be very careful at this point.  Ben is very emotionally unstable right now..." he said. 

    "The best we can do is believe that he can help Ben..." Gwen said softly. 

    Rook, meanwhile, found Ben in another lab.  She'd stripped naked, only the Omnitrix still on her body, and was staring at herself in a mirror, tears streaming down her face.  "This is it... this is really me now...  I'm stuck like this..." she said softly.

    "You do not have to go at this alone," Rook said, smiling gently. 

    Ben whirled, and reflexively covered herself, backing away.  "Rook... Please, go away..." she whimpered.  "My body, I..."  She shuddered.  She could feel his very 'maleness' just from being nearby, every part of her fighting the urge to throw herself at this man and tear his clothes off, to press his soft-furred body to hers and have him ravish her...

    Rook, for his part, resolved to continue.  Revonnahgander and human females weren't too dissimilar in body shape, both having curvaceous, bipedal forms.  And if he looked at it objectively, Ben was quite an attractive specimen of human female.  So long as he didn't think of her as his former male partner, his well-trained mind making it easier for him than it would be for others, he could feel himself starting to get aroused.  "I am here to aid you, my friend...  To relieve your needs, and free you from the false heat the Garlvinite technology has placed you under." 

    Despite herself, Ben laughed.  "Oh come on now, even I can think up better pickup lines than that..." she said.  And then the meaning of his words sank in.  "You... You mean you..."

    Rook, smiling warmly, began to remove his armor, setting aside until he was just in his dark black bodysuit.  He pulled it down over his muscular chest, Ben moaning in need.  "Rook... Are you sure?" Ben asked, slowly uncovering herself. 

    Rook nodded.  "You are my friend," he said.  "And I can think of far worse ways to help you with a problem than engaging in intercourse with a beautiful young woman in need." 

    Ben felt a surge of warmth go through her.  An idea struck her, and she said, "Then let me make this a little easier for us both..." she said.  She fiddled with the Omnitrix for a moment, praying that it gave her the alien she wanted, and triggered in. 

    In a surge, blue fur grew out over Ben's voluptuous body, her eyes turning green and cat-slitted, black markings appearing on her face and head, just underneath her hairline, a small Omnitrix symbol appearing on her forehead.  "Catscratch..." Ben said softly, silently grateful the Omnitrix cooperated and turned her into one of Rook's species. 

    Rook, meanwhile, gulped, going from half-mast to iron hard in seconds.  Ben had gone from being a shapely human to a Revonnahgander female in full heat, putting out all the pheremones designed to attract a prospective mate.  His last girlfriend, Rayona, had isolated herself from him in this state after they broke up, leaving him frustrated.  And a still coherent part of Rook's mind knew that this female in front of him now wouldn't force him away, wouldn't reject his advances.  Any thought of this being Ben was gone, replaced by the urge to mate.

    Stripping off the last of his clothes, he pounced on Ben, who didn't bother resisting as the two began kissing each other passionately.  Rook picked Ben up and placed her on a nearby stretcher, fondling one of her breasts and straddling her. 

    "Please..." Ben moaned.  "I need it... It hurts so bad..."

    Rook just nodded, letting out a feral grunt as he thrust his thick, blue manhood into her tight, dripping womanhood.  Ben winced, feeling something tear inside her as her hymen was pierced, but that feeling soon gave way to pleasure as the sensation of Rook's thick cock pounding her snatch began to fill her mind, his strong hands running over her blue-furred body making the pleasure even more intense...

    As they made love, Gwen, Kevin, and Azmuth watched on a scrying screen Gwen generated. 

    "Aheh..." Azmuth muttered, smirking.  "Forgot that Revonnahgander females put out intense pheremones when they're in season.  Stars above I'm getting old.  Really, it should have been Rook all along..." 

    Kevin blushed as Ben yowled in pleasure, coming for the first time as Rook continued to pound her pussy.  "At least she's getting the help she needs...." he said. 

    Gwen just nodded, blushing even brighter.  After a long moment, she said, "Kevin?  Can I talk to you alone real quick?"

    Kevin blinked in confusion.  Azmuth just smiled knowingly.  Gwen pointedly tugged on Kevin's shirt, gesturing to a nearby soundproofed room. 

    A grin came over Kevin's face as he caught on.  "Azmuth?  You mind keepin' an eye on things out here?" he asked, sexy visions dancing through his thoughts. 

    "I've always got plenty to work on," he said, gesturing absently.  "You kids go have fun." 

    Gwen pratically flew out of the room, dragging Kevin by the shirt.  They entered the soundproofed room and slammed the door behind them, a brief flash of purple energy coming from behind the door.  Azmuth just shook his head, turning on a security monitor that showed Ben and Rook, along with their vital statistics.  Azmuth watched as Ben's lifesigns and genetic structure stabilized with each orgasm and each surge of Rook's ejaculate into her sex.  The two lovers changed positions several times, finally ending with Ben on top of Rook, pumping her hips up and down on his member.  With a final cry of pleasure, Ben's vital signs fully stabilized, the tranformed young woman collapsing on top of Rook's equally tired body in happy exhaustion. 

    "Ha... okay..." Ben said softly.  "That was actually... more fun that I thought it would be..." She gently brushed her hand along the soft fur of Rook's chest, a pleasant soreness in her crotch.  "You've got some STAMINA you do..."

    Rook blushed, well aware that his manhood was still buried inside Ben's dripping womanhood, and how good he felt from having sex with Ben.  "Revonnahgander females produce a great deal of pheremones designed to stimulate and vitalize males when they are in heat, which happens once a year.  You were in a particularly enhanced heat, so..."  He chuckled softly, hugging her close. 

    Ben groaned softly.  "So I have to look forward to Catscratch getting hyper aroused every year?"

    "Not as intensely as this," Rook said, grimacing.  "You've already passed the heat cycle, so you don't have to worry about your VERY attractive Catscratch body going into heat for another year."  Rook blushed, unsure why he said that.

    "Yay," Ben said dully, idly tapping the Omnitrix symbol on her forehead and changing back to normal.  Rook shuddered as he felt Ben's body shift forms back to human, her womanhood still around his manhood.  To his surprise, he still felt partially aroused by having Ben's nude human body laying on his own. 

    "Are you feeling better?" Rook asked. 

    Ben nodded, kissing Rook on the cheek, making the cat-like alien blush.  "Yeah..." she said, smiling.  "The heat is passed... Now I just need to deal with the rest of it." 

    Rook gently stroked her short brown hair.  "I am sure that you will overcome this, as you have all obstacles.  With a grin on your face and exaggerating how well you did." 

    Ben couldn't help it.  She laughed.  That did sound like her, when she thought of it.  "Well, I am awesome no matter what gender I am," she said. 

    "Good," Rook said, smiling.  "Glad to see that you are feeling somewhat like the Ben we know and love."  Rook found himself briefly at a loss as to why he chose the word 'love,' confused feelings rising within him. 

    "Wren..." Ben said softly, resting her head on his chest. 

    "Pardon?" Rook asked. 

    "Wren Tennyson.  W-R-E-N," Ben explained.  "I want that to be my name now.  It's the only female name I could think of that wasn't taken that matched the 'en Ten' pun." 

    Rook frowned.  "If you're sure..."

    The newly renamed Wren Tennyson nodded.  "Yeah..." she said, smiling weakly.  "If I'm gonna be a girl for the rest of my life, I might as well have a girl's name..."

    Rook nodded, kissing her again.  Wren shuddered softly, nuzzling his chest, savoring the feel of his soft fur on her naked skin, tears streaming down her face.  "C'mon," Wren said.  "We should probably get cleaned up."  She looked up at the ceiling and said, louder, "And since I know that Azmuth is being a dirty old man and watching, he can help out by pointing out where the showers and some clean clothes are, along with a washing machine for what we were wearing." 

    Azmuth blinked, and chuckled, telling the two lovers what they needed to know. 

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