The group gets to Azmuth, who has bad news...

by Fanfic Fetishist
Storyline The Superstories Adventures of Ben 10
Characters Ben "Ben 10" Tennyson
Category Gender Switch
Previous Chapter Ben wakes up in Kevin's arms and starts to panic, realizing he's been changed into a girl...

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    Fortuantely for the heroes, Azmuth had recently relocated to Earth.  The four of them took Kevin's car to his lab, Ben riding in the backseat with Gwen and clinging to her the entire time, shivering fearfully.  Gwen, uncertain of what to do or say, gently stroked Ben's hair, humming softly.  Rook occasionally cast worried glances back at Ben, frowning and trying to supress the growing anger he was feeling.  It wasn't professional.  Kevin, meanwhile, gripped the steering wheel tightly, growling to himself.  He wanted to rip Animo out of his void ball and tear him into pieces.  Ben didn't deserve to have this happen to her...  HIM!  Kevin reminded himself forcefully.

    After several minutes, they pulled into Azmuth's lab.  Ben, by this point, was swearing profusely, squirming and rubbing her legs together, her need growing worse by the second.  "Hurts... hot..." she moaned, barely able to stand up without Gwen's help.  She was scared and angry, not knowing what to do.  Kevin stormed up to the door and pounded on it.  "OPEN UP!" he bellowed. 

    A tiny, gray, bug-eyed alien appeared in front of him.  "There's no need to break my door down, Osmosian, I..." the elderly Galvan said, trailing off when he noticed Ben limping along, held up by Gwen, who was giving Azmuth a pleading look.  "Is that... Ben?"

    Rook nodded, holding up the void ball with Dr. Animo inside it.  "Dr. Animo struck Ben with an energy ray that turned both him and all of his alien forms female," he said.  "It also afflicted them all with a powerful aphrodisiac." 

    Azmuth's eyes widened in fear.  "Stars protect us...  all of them?"

    "We just checked Alien X," Kevin admitted, "but it had boobs and was turned on high just like Ben was." 

    "Damn it..." he muttered.  He gestured, and several doors opened, a stretcher appearing out of the floor.  "Get him inside!  I need to run some tests..."

    "Can you... get me back to normal?" Ben asked, shivering as Gwen led her towards the stretcher. 

    Azmuth grimaced.  "I... I don't know... if this is what I think it is..." he shook his head, ignoring the horrified looks of the four young heroes.  "Get him on the table!" Azmuth yelled, insistant. 

    Gwen nodded, helping Ben get on the stretcher, Rook and Kevin stepping back and letting then work, following them in.  Azmuth, riding on the stretcher, pulled a device out of his pocket and stood next to Ben's head, scanning her.  "Have you tried relieving the need with masturbation?"

    Ben shook her head, panting.  "I... I don't know how to.  And... I'm..." she stammered, cringing as a surge of need pulsed through her. 

    "You're scared..." Azmuth said softly.  Ben nodded, sobbing, all pretense of ego she normally put up gone.  Azmuth sighed.  "Okay.  I'm going to do whatever I can for you Ben, don't worry..." 

    Azmuth had Gwen guide Ben's stretcher to a large vat filled with healing liquid.  Several metal tendrils snaked out and lifted Ben up, placing her inside.  Ben shivered as the cool liquid covered her body, easing the heat of the arousal somewhat, a breathing mask going over her face as she was fully engulphed.  Kevin briefly wondered if Ben's clothes should have been removed before she went in, but in a rare show of good sense, he kept his mouth shut, reasoning that Ben wouldn't want to be naked right now.

    Azmuth teleported up to the monitors on the device, frantically typing as he teleported back and forth, swearing in several alien languages.  After about 30 minutes, Azmuth teleported to a table near where Gwen, Kevin, and Rook were standing, waiting patiently for the results.  Azmuth's head was in his large hands, a frustrated look on his face. 

    "I can't fix this..." he said softly.  "I can't change Ben or his aliens back to normal... This is something beyond even me..."

    Everyone's blood ran cold at this statement.  Ben, tears flowing down her face, pounding on the glass of the healing tube in frustration.  "The smartest man in the universe... and you're FUCKING USELESS!" she sobbed, Azmuth slumping over in defeat.

    "Are you sure there's nothing you can do?" Gwen asked, worried.

    Kevin scowled.  "I thought Galvans were supposed to be the smartest aliens in the universe!" 

    "We are... but we weren't always..." Azmuth said.  And it was just then that all four realized that Azmuth was frightened.  "The Galvan were once slaves for a race called the Garlvinites," he explained.  "They bred us as pets and food, their intelligence so great that they ruled their galaxy basically unopposed.  If they ever had dreams of expanding beyond their galaxy, nothing could have stopped them.  Their one great flaw is that they were lazy.  Hedonists of the lowest order.  They would take the greatest hero of another world and forcibly change them, making him or her into a perfect concubine, and they'd serve as that Garlvinite's slave for the rest of their natural life, unable to resist their master's desires." 

    Everyone's eyes went wide as the implications of this sank in.  Azmuth nodded, confirming their fears.  "Ben's transformation and libido increase perfectly match the pattern.  Their technology... it's something beyond anything I can counter, even if I had some to analyze.  At best, I could make something to protect against it, but I'd need the technology itself."

    Rook brightened.  "I took apart the weapon used on Ben and put it in Kevin's trunk," he said. 

    Azmuth smiled.  "Good boy," he said.  "I can at least protect you three and the rest of the Plumbers from being changed, then..."

    Ben shivered.  "That's fine for them, but what about me?!  I don't want to be the fucktoy of some supposedly dead race!"

    "How did they die off, anyway?" Kevin asked.

    "We invented Galvanic Mechamorphs," Azmuth said.  "The Garlvinites were so sedintary that by the time they tried to mount a defense, more than 90% of them had been killed off by their own technology being turned against them.  We killed of the last of them in a short war... or so we thought..." 

    Ben blinked.  "Maybe Upgrade can..." she started.

    "No good," Azmuth said, pulling up an image of Upgrade's current appearance, the Galvanic Mechamorph now bearing a curvaceous female body.  "All of your aliens have been transformed into sexualized versions of themselves.  Well, sexualized by human standards." 

    Ben slumped over a little in the tube.  Rook frowned.  "This smacks of Z's'Skayr... He tried to do this before, when he ressurected Lord Transyl of the Vladats.  Remember, Ben?"

    Ben shivered.  "Goddamn Ghostfreak... Probably ressurected one as an ally, then gave the tech to Animo..." she said.  "And that still doesn't solve my problem... Even with the gel I can feel the heat inside me building up..."

    "There is some hope... But you're not going to like it..." Azmuth said. 

    "Name it," Ben said, shivering as Azmuth drained the healing gel out.  "This... this hurts, Azmuth.  I'd never thought I'd say something like this and mean it, but I'm so horny it hurts right now..."

    "As said, the Garlvinites were lazy.  They didn't always get their slaves, but that's only because the chosen slave had sex with someone else.  It broke the heat, and they weren't enslaved to the one they had sex with, but they were unaffected by the Garlvinites' mental commands to obey their master.  The only side effect is that the changed hero was left more libidinous than usual." 

    Ben froze, shivering softly.  "I... I have to have sex... as a girl..." she said, a look of horror coming over her face. 

    Azmuth gave Ben a sad, apologetic look.  "I'm sorry, Ben... But it's the only way you can avoid being turned into a Garlvinite sex slave.   Masturbating will only make it worse at this point..." 

    Ben staggered.  "I... I need a moment alone..." she said, running out of the lab, dripping healing fluid from her clothes.  Rook, Gwen, and Kevin, feeling helpless, watched her go. 

    "Azmuth... is there no other way?" Rook said softly. 

    Azmuth sighed.  "That's the special evil of my race's old masters," he said softly.  "They delight in taking ALL of your options away...  In the meantime, one of you has to have sex with Ben..."

    "WHAT?!" they said as one.

    Azmuth scowled.  "You'd rather it be a stranger?  One of you three would be the best possible choice for Ben to have sex with and break this damn heat she's in...  In fact, I'd recommend..."

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