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Storyline The Superstories Adventures of Ben 10
Characters Ben "Ben 10" Tennyson
Category Gender Switch
Previous Chapter "...that it be Rook. You're her partner, so she's most likely to trust you the most."

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    Both Rook and Wren got cleaned up, the two of them unable to stop themselves from admiring each other's nude bodies while they showered.  Rook, for his part, was confused as to why he felt a fluttering in his chest whenever he looked at Be... at Wren now, he had to remind himself of his partner's chosen new name.  The two had shared an intimate moment, to be sure, but they had been partners for a long while when they were both male, friends despite their differences.  Surely just changing to a rather attractive female couldn't have changed things that much... could it?

    Wren, for her part, was still nervous about her feelings of attraction towards men, Rook in particular.  She vaguely remembered Azmuth saying she'd be more libidinous afterwards... she shuddered softly.  Her only real consolation was that she'd be able to resist the Garlvinite whenever it came for her.  She was mildly confused, as in other transgender stories she had read, both real life situations and the occasional fetishized story, the subject undergoing the gender shift kept their original gender preference, while she went from a heterosexual male to a heterosexual female.  There was one manga about some guy who turned into a girl whenever he got hit with cold water... Wren shook her head, unable to remember the title. 

    ...Oh man, now she'd have to deal with homophobes on top of everything else.  And how the hell did she pee as a girl?  Wren groaned softly, banging her head against the wall of the shower. 

    "Wren?  You are all right?" Rook asked, worried, unable to keep himself from glancing at her ass.

    "I'm fine, I'm fine... I just realized how complicated my life's gonna get... Remember me asking me about that homophobic protest you saw?" Wren asked.

    Rook nodded.  "Yes, I... ooooh..." he said, realizing where she was going with this.  He clenched his fists, remembering the anger he felt when Ben had explained the issues non-heterosexuals had faced and still face on Earth.  To think that his partner would now face such discrimination now... "Do not fear, Wren.  I will not let any of those scum harm you." 

    Wren blushed, feeling a surge of warmth at that proclaimation.  "Thank you," she said softly.  She giggled inwardly, musing that she now had her own knight in shining armor.  She then blushed, realizing what she had just thought. 

    The two of them finished their shower, finding form-fitting black bodysuits waiting for them, Azmuth explaining that their clothiing and possessions were being laundered by his automated machines.  They put the suits on, Wren trying not to think about how well the bodysuit hugged her new curves. 

    Rook and Wren exited the showers, encountering Gwen and Kevin as they walked out of another set of showers, both of them wearing bodysuits as well, the two lovers holding hands. 

    "...Really?" Wren said, wryly, smirking.

    Kevin blushed.  "Well... The way you two were goin' at it was really kinda hot, one thing led to another...." he said, flinching when Gwen jabbed him in the ribs with her elbow. 

    "Anyway," Gwen said, blushing and giggling, "I'm glad you're back to your old obnoxious self again, Ben."

    "Wren..." Wren said softly.  "I wanna go by Wren Tennyson from now on..."

    "Wren?" Kevin said, confused. 

    Rook put a hand on Wren's shoulder for support.  Wren clutched his hand tightly and nodded, smiling weakly.  "Yeah... Can't really be a girl and call myself Ben, now can I?  Gwen was already taken, and Wren was the only name I can think of that kept the 'en Ten' pun."

    Gwen nodded, hugging her cousin tightly.  "Wren it is, then," she said softly. 

    "Which brings to mind a couple questions that I'm gonna need your help for..." Wren said, blushing. 

    Gwen nodded.  "Whatever you need.  Ask away," she said, smiling. 

    Wren blushed, grinning weakly.  "...How do I pee?"

    Kevin couldn't help it.  He let out a barking laugh, turning away to get control of himself, ignoring the dirty look Rook gave him.  Gwen's head drooped, the Anodite sorceress sighing in amusement.  "Why did I know that'd be one of the first things you'd ask?"

    "Obvious question is  obvious?"  Wren said, chuckling weakly. 

    Gwen grinned.  "And the answer is a simple one: you just sit down, like you would for the other thing," she said.

    Wren blinked, and chuckled weakly.  "Should have thought of that..."

    "It's fine," Gwen said.  "Anything else?" 

    Wren frowned, biting her lip.  "Any... um... female-anatomy-things I should know about?" she asked, clearly embarassed.  "When I was getting cleaned up, I kept thinking about a lot of the stuff Mom buys, and..."

    Gwen nodded.  "I'll take you shopping tomorrow and explain what you need," she said.  "We should probably get you some new clothes, and a bra..."

    Wren gagged.  "A bra?  Seriously?  And my old clothes fit fine..."

    "The clothes you were wearing were changed along with you, Wren," Gwen explained, poking her genderswapped cousin in the boob.  "Your measurements have changed, so all your old stuff won't fit.  Plus, you do need the bra, Ben.  You're stacked, and with all the running we do, you don't want the girls flopping around." 

    Wren blushed, looking down at her ample bosom.  She hadn't really thought of that.  She grabbed the fleshy orbs, gasping slightly as they were sensitive to the touch still from her earlier lovemaking.  They really do feel heavy.... she thought. 

    Rook pointedly looked away as Wren fondled herself briefly, blushing brightly.  Kevin stared at him for a moment, a slow grin spreading over his face.  He said nothing about it, though, turning to the two girls and saying, "Let's get back to Azmuth.  We need to talk about how to proceed next." 

    Wren nodded.  "Yeah..." she said, the four of them heading back into Azmuth's chamber, the Galvan standing on a floating platform and leaning on a cane. 

    "The immediate problem has been solved," Azmuth said.  "But that still leaves us with two major situations to deal with.  The first being, obviously, the Garlvinite and the possibility of Zs'Skayr's involvement.  He's either ressurected a Garlvinite, which is extremely bad news, or he's managed to figure out their old technology, which is just as bad.  This needs to be investigated, and I need to get to work creating protections for everyone who hasn't been changed yet."  He floated his platform between the four of them and sighed.  "The second problem is the fact that Ben, or Wren, as she's chosen to go by now, is such a public figure now.  This gender change is going to be big news.  Plus, her family and friends are going to want to know about this, and you KNOW that those psychos Looma and Attea are gonna weigh in on this when they hear about it." 

    "I'd appreciate it if you talked like I was actually in the room," Wren said, scowling. 

    "Bear with me, this is how I get my thoughts together," Azmuth said, not looking at her.  "There's going to be a lot of legal rigamorole, as well as problems from those who object to people not being whatever gender they were born with for whatever stupid reasons you humans come up with." 

    "The thought occurred to me as well," Wren said wryly. 

    Kevin winced.  "Yeah, I remember, we got one of those 'family values' bigot groups in Bellwood.  Oh, this is not gonna be fun for anyone involved..." he muttered.

    "Focus," Azmuth snapped.  "The way I see it, we have two options.  The Garlvinite and the possibility of Zs'Skayr's involvement worry me, and should be investigated as soon as possible.  On the other hand, as I mentioned before, Garlvinites are notoriously lazy.  And as Ectonurites have never encountered Garlvinites before, Zs'Skayr most likely won't know how to force the Garlvinite to motivate himself.  That gives us some time for Wren to take care of the legal transitions and telling those she cares about." 

    Rook nodded.  "A fair summary," he said.  "Wren.  It is your choice.  What shall we do first?"

    Wren looked thoughtful for a moment, and said...

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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