Off to the Doctor

by TBLardmaster
Storyline Prison for Meta-Powered Women
Previous Chapter Supergirl receives an appropriate new uniform

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Tears poured down Supergirl's face as she was rudely shoved into into the next room. How could she have fallen into this situation. How could the once-all-powerful heroine find herself at the mercy of men so merciless? She knew she had to play their vicious games, but surely her chance for vengeance would soon come; if they would leave her alone for just a few moments, then maybe she could do something about her accursed collar - and then things could be very different. But for now she could only shuffle along on her ludicrous heels, 'dressed' in a perverted travesty of her former costume, and able to think of little more than the white-hot pain in her devastated ass cheeks, and trying not to topple forward onto her oversided and throbbing chest.

"Greetings, Superslut", smiled her latest tormentor, a geeky-looking individual in a doctor's uniform. "I'm glad to see that they found you an appropriate new costume for your new role in life. Now, it's part of my job to make sure that you stay nice and healthy. Is there anything that I can help you with?"

Only a short time ago the maid of might would have replied with a lot more force, but now she was needing to learn when she had to bite her tongue; "Er, my bottom doctor, and my boobs - could you please help me with either of them?"

"Ah Slutty, I thought that you might mention them. I do actually have a couple of things that may help just a little there, and take a little of the pain away. As long as you understand that these things don't come for free, and that I can't and won't do anything about their size - you've earned them as a punishment after all"

Supergirl was simply desperate to ease her pain. "Not for free", she said hesitantly, "What do I have to do?"

"Oh, I'm sure that we can have all sorts of fun", he grinned, "But I think it's only fair that we get you feeling a bit better first. Now this first injection will make you a little woozy, but I'm sure that you'll feel a lot healthier very soon.

Without further ado, he plunged a needle into her once-invulnerable neck, and the anaesthetic soon saw her eyelids turn upwards, and she collapsed limply into the guard's arms. 

"Now, what you Sluttina here doesn't need to know is that the more interesting part of my task is to make sure that she stays just as useless as she currently is. I've got a few failsafes in mind to make sure that she is going to stay with us for as long as we want her to be."

"Firstly, I'm going to do exactly what I promised that I'd do. Her tits are giving her a bit of grief. I like them this size just as much as you do, but I don't see why we can't change their constitution some. After all, what's the point of having funbags like that if they don't do what they were meant for?" With that he stabbed 2 more needles straight into her exposed nipples. "These will indeed lose some of her sensitivity there, at least in the short term, but it will also induce lactation on a big scale, and sadly for her, I think she'll find that quite permanent"

"Now, I also said I'd do something about her ass. I'm really quite pleased of this one," as this time an injection went straight between her legs below her asshole. "She really will lose a lot of feeling down there. The bad news for her is that she'll have to pretty careful now - she'll have about as much control of her pelvic floor as if she'd just had triplets. Oh, and yes, this is permanent too"

Next was a large needle into her belly. "This one should be another nice surprise for her. this will make sure that if anything does happen to her collar, this nice Pym device in here will take care of things in just the same way. It will also float about down below so if she ever gets uppity, we should be able to embarrass her nice and quickly!"

"A few more", he smirked at the appreciative guards. "This little fella in her neck should nicely play havoc with her reflexes. Take away those cantaloupes stuck to her chest, she's pretty graceful really - this should make sure that you'll see any 'sudden' movements from a mile away"

"These in her wrists are quite brilliant, though I sat say so myself. It's just nicely weakened them, it should mean that she can throw a punch like a 3-year-old. She will also struggle to grip anything if anything like one of those batons falls astray.

"This one in her throat softens up her jaw similarly.  She'll still speak and eat similarly, but anything that we pop in her mouth that she tries to bite will remain untouched. Poor little lambkin!"

"And finally", as a delicate one went straight in her clit "This one should just give her a few new motivations! She'll still be herself, but boy, this dose should leave her horny enough to be longing to do something about it".

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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