Supergirl receives an appropriate new uniform

by TBLardmaster
Storyline Prison for Meta-Powered Women
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Supey stumbled forward trying to work out what was causing her more pain; her devastated behind or throbbing and ridiculously oversized chest. Each step served to stretch her derriere and thighs when all she wanted was to collapse and bathe them in ice; and as her halting steps shook her whole body, and her scorched and ridiculous breasts threw around completely unfettered, ever more desperate to free her cuffed arms; no longer so much to conceal, but mainly to try to control.

She tried to step as slowly and carefully as possible, but of course the guards were fully aware of her discomfort, and the supercharged cattle prods provided all the persuasion to keep her pain levels high and her humiliation higher. Tears poured down her beautiful face as she recognised her situation was growing ever more desperate, and her complete helplessness to do anything about it.

Soon, but not nearly soon enough, she was in a new room, standing before a counter, and a number of orange jumpsuits on shelves stacked up behind them. Clothes - at last! As little as she relished the dehumanizing aspect of the prison-issue uniform, how she longed to have something, anything, with which to cover herself and offer at least some protection from the guard's lascivious stares.

"Ah, Superslut", smirked the individual who popped up from beneath the counter. "I have a special outfit for you here. You see, we work on an honours system here; and you have earned precisely none so far. In fact maintaining your dishonour is our main priority at the moment"

"No...", whimpered the fallen maid of might, as what she had briefly seen as a moment of regaining at least some form of dignity, become instead an opportunity for fresh humiliation. She was at least beginning to learn that further protestations would gain her nothing but fresh pain.

"Now, what do we have for you here", muttered her latest tormentor. "We wanted to give you an outfit that both reminds everyone of who you USED to be; but also what you're not any more. So, shall we work our way up shall we?"

"Firstly, we used to rather like those fetching red boots of yours, so we've made our own homage; kept them nice and strappy, but obviously showing off a lot more leg. We've also lengthened and narrowed your heels - let's keep you teetering out for a while." The gallant guards were of course happy to throw the helpless heroine onto the counter and strap the ridiculous stiletto heels onto her, then yank her back upright; instantly her top heavy form overbalanced on her insecure footing, and eager hands 'helpfully' pushed her back upright bu convenient handholds and continued to steady her.

"Better, be careful there deal; but I'm sure you'll get used to it. Maybe. You used to give us a nice panty flash with that short skirt of yours, so that's well worth keeping; we've just shortened the skirt and flared it out a bit more, I reckon it will come about halfway down your buttocks now. I think you'll find the find the front the most annoying; this should rise up nicely all the time. Oh, and sorry, such a shame for you honey, but of course you don't get any knickers any more". The guards gleefully grabbed the skirt - far too narrow to pull up over even Supergirl's slender hips, it fastened by a single clasp in the small of her back. Not a single millimetre of her reddened buttocks were even remotely hidden, and he neatly trimmed pubic fleece was framed by the tutu-esque skirt, and visible not only from below, but even by above

"Now, I'm actually quite pleased with your top. There's no way we were going to hide that lovely toned tummy of yours, and as for those funbags of yours - delightful! We can't give you your cape; you might just find it useful. But we need to remember that you are Superslut, after all, and that these days you're not quite the force that you used to be. I guess you could turn it around if you want to." Supergirl looked with renewed shame at what was quite simply a blue bib with her golden S gleaming brightly from the centre; but she was of course not even remotely surprised to see that as it was clasped around her neck it reached only to the top of her cleavage and no further.

"Oh, one more thing", as he threw to thick red fabric bands to her eager assistants - "We thought that you'd be much more fetching in pigtails - much more in-keeping with your new place in life. Have fun looking heroic in those Supergirly!"

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