The three have sex and Bruce makes his second choice.

by C.King
Storyline Master PC 2.9
Characters Amora the Enchantress Batman Batman Circe Zatanna Emma Frost Catwoman She-Hulk
Category Marvel and DC
Previous Chapter Once they had their fun, Diana has them separate. Diana goes to Bruce to help get his pick for the harem...

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 Zatanna had managed to give them privacy, to remove their stainless neatly folded clothing, and take it all to Bruce's room at Wayne Manor with a series of backward words between kisses and caresses. It was fortunate the two heroes arrived after her final encore. The two women had decided to go down on the man before them, each of them licking the cock like a stick of some kind of candy.

 Diana explained what was going on, how Diana had seduced both Selina Kyle and Emma Frost to the harem shared between Wonder Woman and Batman. Then how Zatanna had become Bruce's first choice. Taking a moment off the cock as Diana took up the bulk of the work, Zatanna asked, "So I'm guessing I'm really a second or third choice after already getting Diana and Selina... who's your personal third or fourth choice?"

 Zee moved to his balls, teasing them to make him admit the facts on the idea of who it woud be. Diana joined it. They would lick or suck and ask, "Who?", before perfoming the sex act again. Or they would place their hands on his dick or balls before squeezing, firm but gentlely as possible.

 "Okay,Okay... You can guess the top three people I have sexual tension, but the fourth on the list is... Poison Ivy. I have to deal with you four most often and their is those sparks between us making things hard, including me." said Bruce as he tried to get relief from the pressure the two women were creating.

 "Well first, we're going to make you nice and hard for Zatanna. Then we're going to fuck her, then me. The we add a certain poisonious flower to our family.

 In Salem Centre...

 Emma Frost was on the phone with Jennifer Walters, the Sensational She-Hulk, about a battle which had left most of the Avengers messed up mentally. Which is why they were calling a telepath. Jen spoke, "We had a fight with Gorilla Grood, but he managed to pull the old "turn bad feeings up to eleven" trick. We managed to get over that, but we have to deal with the fallout. Plus we need you to check out our minds for any hidden nasties Monkeyboy could have left over."

 Emma smiled, as she felt she had hit a jackpot. She had been thinking of adding the female X-men to the Master and Mistress' harem. She then thought to herself, 'I can add the ladies of my team at any moment. But to add Avengers... it's something I must take advantage of.'

 "I'm glad to help. I'm on my way."

In the Gotham Museum of History...

 Catwoman was scoping out the museum, even if being part of the new Wonderbat Clan meant she was no longer a criminal, she could still use those skills to stop other Criminals. Which was how she managed to get in the middle of a mystical battle between the enemies of Thor and Wonder Woman. Amora the Enchantress and Circe were fighting over what had been recovered on a dig. A perfect copy of Aphrodite's Girdle, the belt which could make anyone fall in love with it's wearer. This belt was just as powerful as the original, built by the Greek god of smiths to bedevil his wife when unfaithful by creating a rival.

 Now the two seductress villains wanted to gain the belt and use it for their own plans. Selina decided, 'I could stop all this by using the power my Diana gave me by adding our enchanting ladies to our family. It would be ironic for Circe to become Wonder Woman's loveslave. I should also take the belt to Diana if it's the real thing, for protection, of course.'

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