On their way to their tryst, they bump into someone oddly familiar, who introduces themself as "Rita".

by Lissa
Storyline Wedding of the century
Category Corruption Transformation F/F
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Jen and Gamora were sauntering off towards one of the bathrooms of the floor, excusing themselves to the other guests as they went. The psychic influence of the two villainesses was already showering every guest and bombaring their subconscious with more subtle hints and nudges, but since the various attendees had very different levels of willpower not all had given in to those naughty whispers yet. Either way, the sight of two shapely, well-built green amazons slinking off together caught more than a few eyes, influence or not.

"People are staring" Jennifer stated matter-of-factly.

"Does that bother you, human?" Gamora asked with a grin.

"Not at all." Jen smirked back.

As the two headed down the corridor they increasingly couldn't keep their hands off the other. Gamora kept smacking She-Hulk's firm rump, while Jen kept tugging at Gamora's already barely covering top, revealing increasingly wide strips of supple green flesh. Right outside the bathroom of their destination, a bit away from the crowd of the wedding, Gamora violently slammed She-Hulk up against the wall and pushed herself onto the earthling, locking their legs together and pulling Jennifer's head down for a kiss complete with tongue. The hands of the emerald amazons entwined in each other's hair, playing with their mass of green locks as they kissed, breasts now rubbing together like two sets of grinding gears.

"Ahem. Excuse me." came a voice suddenly.

The two girls took a moment to realize that it was in fact a real voice and not just a figment of their imagination. Both felt their blood pumping faster with arousal and found it difficult to tear themselves away from each other. But when they did, they saw an unfamiliar young woman standing there with a faintly amused smile on her lips. She was of average height but quite shapely, with a pair of plump soft breasts contained in a slinky tight-fitting dark green dress. Her long dark hair tumbled down her back and a pair of dark brown eyes glittered with mischief. Both Zen-Whoberi and gamma giantess found themselves ogling the unfamiliar newcomer a little.

"My name is Rita, I'm here for the wedding?" the woman said. "Could you direct me to the party, I seem to have gotten lost..."

It was not entirely clear if Reed Richards had known or not when he entered his machine, but having set it to turn him into the perfect bride of Victor von Doom, the machine had also subtly re-tailored Reed's mind, making the changes that Madame MacEvil and Moondragon had affected permanent. The newly birthed "Rita" now had a wicked lust for sex and an eager desire to change others to suite Madame and Heather's vision of the world. To that end, while she couldn't wait to reunite with her beloved Doom, Rita had stayed in the Baxter Building to attend the party, hoping she could lure a few more guests into her web. She knew that the twin brides liked the effeminate and feminine, and Rita hoped that some of the more stubborn male guests might be made more... desireable... by a little trip into Rita's morphogenetic reconstructor.


Meanwhile in a dressing room, Johnny Storm was being prepared for his big outing as a flower girl. Madame and Moondragon had decided to personally attend to this one, fussing about the Human Torch as they prepared him for his big crossdressing part. Johnny for his part could only giggle and coo as the two women busied themselves with him, not even getting an erection as he was undressed. His mind was already much too far gone, the masculinity replaced with femininity.

"Oh si- I mean Madame..." Johnny cooed. "I'm so happy, this is such an honor."

"Yes yes, now stop blubbering and stand still." the former Sue Richards snapped.

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