Madame and Moondragon contact Johnny

by mercury01
Storyline Wedding of the century
Characters She-Hulk Moondragon Invisible Woman Human Torch
Category Corruption Female Dom Marvel F/F Mind Control
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The voice was like a wet icicle sliding down the crease of his bottom. Johnny hopped up straight, his polished black shoes clacking on the floor. It took him a moment to realize that the voice was only in his head. 

"Yes, S- Su- Madame?" he asked, answering the mental call. He couldn't bring himself to call her by her first name. Something about his sister's new attitude made Johnny feel inferior to her. When she'd become Malice, Johnny had helped to snap her out of it and rehabilitate her. This was different. Malice MacEvil was the dark butterfly that had gestated in his sister's soul, and now she was free of her cocoon.

"You can dust later, you idiot," Malice chided. "Have you forgotten that my wedding is in a few hours? Get dressed! You're going to be the, heh, 'flower girl'."

Johnny clutched his duster. Tears came to his eyes. "Do you really--"

"Yes, I mean it," Malice snapped. "Go!"


Meanwhile, guests were still arriving at the ceremony. No one seemed to notice that Reed and Johnny had disappeared, thanks to Moondragon and Madame MacEvil's psychic influence. H.E.R.B.I.E. robots scuttled around, offering drinks and hors-d'ouvres to the ordinary people, superheroes, and extraterrestrial beings in attendance.

One such individual was Gamora, called "The Deadliest Woman in the Galaxy" by some, an emerald-skinned Zen-Whoberi assassin trained by Thanos himself. She reached for the last of the cranberry pinwheels, and another hand touched hers as it went for the same pastry. It was green too!

"Oh, sorry," She looked up into a smiling face with a hue as green as her own skin, framed by a cascade of dark hair. "It's all yours." The woman was wearing a bridesmaid's dress, a pastel strapless confection designed by Janet Van Dyne. Gamora, unsure of human custom, simply wore her revealing and skintight Zen-Whoberi garb topped with a furry cape. On Moondragon's request, she had forgone weapons.

"Thank you," Gamora said, placing the delicacy on her plate. "Haven't we fought?"

"I think so! Wasn't it during that mixup between Warlock and Magus? I'm Jennifer Walters, by the way," she said, extending a hand. Gamora clasped it, and both women felt a tingle go from their brains to their loins. Little did they know that they were being subtly manipulated by the two evil brides. "Um, I'm Susan's maid of honour."

"What a coincidence," Gamora smiled. "Moondragon named me the same. It's an honour to be certain, although I'm not quite certain on some of the details."

"Why don't we go sit down, and I can answer your questions?"

The two of them found a secluded couch around the corner from the crowd and sat together. As they talked, they found themselves inching closer. Soon Gamora had her hand on Jennifer's leg. She-Hulk felt she should remove it, but there wasn't any harm. Their eyes met and they could feel the spark between them.

"And mostly, you're there to lend emotional support," Jen said. "Oh, hold on, you got a hair out of place..." She brushed her fingers through Gamora's hair, sweeping the stray lock back. Her hand came to rest on Gamora's neck... and she pulled the other woman into a kiss. They closed their eyes and moaned into each other's mouth as their tongues slipped out to gently play with one another, stoking the heat they felt in their pussies. Gamora hooked a leg over She-Hulk's and climbed into her lap, kissing the much taller woman with more fervor now and throwing her arms around her neck.

Jen broke the kiss. "Maybe we should find a more private spot," she gasped.

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