Pluto tries to rescue her allies but the Doctor teaches her a lesson or two.

Storyline Sailor Scouts VS. The Mad Doctor
Characters Sailor Senshi
Category Corruption drug Mind Control sleepy (KO by chemical, combat or sexual exhaustion)
Previous Chapter The Doctor needs a new PR director, Sailor Venus to the rescue!

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Setsuna had felt a terrible change come from some of her fellow scouts and using her powers as Sailor Pluto traveled to the future, There it was revealed that they all  had been enslaved to the all-powerful Siren Corporation. They still fought to defend the Earth but answered to its mysterious king, The Mad Doctor. She managed to find the point in time were the future became irreversible and steeled herself to stop it. The security so far was pitiful, security guards designed for regular humans and not a Senshi. She felt Sailor Jupiter behind a locked door and carefully entered, shocked at what she saw.

"What have they done to you?" The entire room was a perverse nursery, a giant crib for a fully grown woman contained Sailor Jupiter in nothing but a diaper and baby bonnet. Sucking her pacifier and holding a stuffed bear she waved like a child towards her friend. Picking up her friend she decided to get out of here and inform the other Scouts, she could not fight effectively well protecting her helpless ally. Just as she was about to escape, Mercury and Venus appeared at the door, each in the sluttiest school-girl outfits imaginable. "Do not make me hurt you girls, I am here to save you."

Ami smirked and continued to block the door, "Always so serious Pluto, take a page from Jupiter's book and hug the teddy bear, he always makes her feel so happy." Before she understood what the girls meant a stream of bubblegum scented gas burst from the bear, filling her lungs she soon began to giggle and collapsed. Placing the teddy bear in her arms, the three scouts picked her up and brought to another room for her to be brainwashed. Venus giggled as she could not wait for the plan to begin, "Oh Pluto this is going to be great, but first you have to go to class."


"Alright Setsuna lets try this again, say your ABC's so we can move on to show and tell." Sailor Pluto was utterly confused by the request, in a slutty school-girl outfit she hugged her favourite teddy bear closely, of course she knew the ABC's.

"ABCDEFGHIJK" Pluto was interrupted by the other 3 girls giggling and pouted when she saw the teacher's disproving look.

The "teacher" pointed to the board and had her read it again. "A is for Anal, B is for Blowjob, C is for Cock, D is for Dildo, E is for Enslave..."

Pluto shook her head, those weren't the ABC's. Before she could protest a bubblegum blast of gas from her bear clouded her mind once again. As her mind focused all she could hear was the other girls talking behind her back about how bad a student she was.

"She tries to act all mature but she cannot even say her ABC's."

"Like I know right, what a stupid bitch, and she thinks she the teachers pet."

Angry Pluto started reading them again perfectly, again and again just to show them whose boss.

"H is for being a Happy Whore, I for inhaling her favourite scent, J for the Jism she loves so much." More bursts of the sweet-smelling gas erupted as the ABC's got more and more corrupting.

"N is Narcotics, The Doctor's feels so great, O is for Orgasm, only the Doctor can give them, P is for Piss, she loved feeling it over her skin, Q is for the quake in her pussy that only he made her feel, R is for the Rod, the Doctor ramming into her cunt."

At this point Pluto was relentinglessly nuzzling the bear as the sweet-smelling gas burst out, reciting all the words and phrases she would need to remember, Sex,Tits, Umbridled Lust, Vagaina, Whore, XXX Sex.,,,,,,,

Pluto moaned as the teacher smacked her ass and told her she did a good job, she did not even question when he put headphones over her ears, the teachers voice telling her to watch and do he best well absorbing her new persona deep into her brain.

"Alright girls, time for show and tell, whomever does the best gets a special surprise after class."

Jupiter was up first, taking out her pacifier, she began deep throating a banana. She then moved on towards a cucumber, a drumstick, a dildo and eventually the teachers cock into her mouth. Swallowing his seed she screamed in pleasure as she tasted him.

Venus took her turn, a long sensual lap-dance followed. Nothing was off limits as the teacher smacked and grabbed her well Venus debased herself until she was fully naked and squealing at his every touch. Blowing him a kiss she sat back in her seat.

Mercury played a video of her private sessions with the Doctor. Stark naked and drenched with sweat, Ami literally fucked until she passed out, just like his bitch should. Smirking she walked right by Setsuna winking and swaying her hips haughtily, making sure to give Sailor Pluto that extra push to show her up.

Throughout show and tell the headphones had been cementing the commands, she was a teachers pet, and she always did whatever was necessary to complete her work. The Doctor was the sexiest teacher ever and disobeying his lessons was the worst thing imaginable. The show and tell only served to make her jealous, she would show those girls what a real woman could do.

Taking one more huge breath from the bear (the need for the scent firmly implanted) she ripped off her clothes and began stripping out of her undergarments for the Doctor. The oldest and most mature of the Scouts, she slowly and seductively made her body gyrate and thrust until he was rock hard. Taking his cock into her mouth, she made sure to teach the girls a thing or two about pleasing a man, she was the teachers' pet for a reason. The Doctor moaned at how good her lips and tongue felt over his dick. He was disappointed she did not finish until she rammed in a dildo from his desk into her ass and lowered onto his still stiff cock. Running her hands over him well working his shaft, she made sure to hold off her own orgasm as long as she could until she screamed as his cum filled her cunt. Before he could catch his breath, she pulled him into a deep sensual kiss until he was gasping for air. Grabbing her teddy bear again, Pluto lay in his lap staring at the girls as he stroked her hair, she was the teacher's pet and they better not forget it.

The Doctor looked as his four slaves and laughed...this was just too easy.

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