The Doctor needs a new PR director, Sailor Venus to the rescue!

Storyline Sailor Scouts VS. The Mad Doctor
Characters Sailor Venus Sailor Mercury
Category Corruption Mind Control drug
Previous Chapter The Doctor wants another Scout, so Ami invites Jupiter for lunch.

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The Doctor smiled as his newly promoted executive changed her friends diaper well they went over their plans. Stark naked she absolutely relished in Jupiter's helplessness, giving her no relieve until she licked her cunt until she had multiple orgasms. Jupiter practically lived with something in her mouth or on her tongue, she never had a private moment without her special set of pacifiers. His brainwashing of Ami had revealed a surprisingly possessive and dominant side, likely a side-effect of her perfectionist tendencies, she knew her actions made him happy after all. And it was a side he absolutely exploited in breaking Lita and soon Sailor Venus Mina. It was Ami's idea to have sex repeatedly in front of the former Sailor Jupiter when she disobeyed, cementing the implanted suggestions of obeying mommy and daddy. A more paranoid man would question giving a slave so much power but since he made her his bitch, she literally could not disobey him without feeling intense pain. The looks of pure bliss she had when she did a good job was all the encouragement he needed to continue. As a reward for all her hard work, he had granted her request to turn yet another scout into a slave, a lingering connection remained between the girls and the Doctor realized this would be easier then trying to make them turn on each other.

Sitting in his lap Ami went over her plan, "Mina used to be an idol and absolutely loved attention, she is quite smart so we cannot try to trick her. She is however prideful and if I screw with her in the interview she will be too far gone to fight back. So we invite her to an interviews our new PR executive, I have look right into the camera, make sure she drinks the water and before she know whats happening, we have our own hot little stripper. We cannot warp her mind too much like we did with Lita, so we will really have to mess with her sense of self." Ami moaned as the Doctor began fondling her ass as he pulled her into a kiss. Ami lost all composure as she felt him enter her, she couldn't wait for Mina to join.

"If you do a good job Ami, I will let you choose how I fuck you for the rest of the week." Ami squealed and came at the thoughts of having her master dominate her for hours. She would make sure Sailor Venus was nothing more than a slut for the Doctor.


Mina sat in the media room waiting for Ami to arrive, Lita had told her nothing but good things about their work at the company and she happy to have a chance to work with them. Ami flat out never sounded more confident and happy as she did over the phone. Lita babbled on and on like a little girl abut how great her catering job was, Mina was almost weirded out at how childish she sounded. It had been a long time since she was an Idol in the media and she appreciated the chance to do the same actions in a more professional setting. Sailor Venus was a great job but Siren Pharmaceutical was a much better paying one. Drinking the delicious flavoured water, Venus was astounded when Ami walked in.

"Ami you look amazing, Lita said you looked great but she was being too modest, your stunning." Gone was the mousy bookworm, a beautiful and powerful business woman stood before her. A daringly sexy outfit for the office with a tight white blouse and scandously short blue shirt. Tall heels, diamond earrings and expertly done make-up completed a stunning package. If Venus had not already drank some of the drugged water she may have questioned why a researcher would dress like Amy did but it already too late.

"Thank you Mina, I know this may sound awkward but I need you to strip down to your underwear before we take your video. The first video will only focus on your face so clothing doesn't matter, the next few will have a few costume changes and this just saves time. The Doctor is a great guy but he is a stickler for time so the faster we do this the better." Stripping to nothing but a pair of black underwear, Mina got herself ready.

Venus nodded that she was ready to begin and sat on the stool, briefly wondering why there was a stage with a pole behind Ami but shrugging it off as some kind of set. Ami instructed her to read from the script and it seemed pretty straight forward: Hello I work for Siren Pharmaceuticals and I would like to offer you a set of wonderful products services for your needs. Staring into the camera, Venus started to record her read-through. Much to her irritation Ami found some sort of fault with every take she had, the odd glare from the camera did nothing to help matters. Taking a big sip of water to clear her throat, Venus seemed to get worse. Ami smiled and gave her two earphones to dictate her words and take her mind off the glare. Her takes seem to get better as Ami gave her the thumbs up and told to read the rest of the script. Ami continued to having Mina speak until she was sure she had enough drugged water to prevent Sailor Venus from being in any shape to fight back. Mina had long stopped thinking about what she saying and simply believing it all to be true, all part of her job. Ami knew now was the time to put the plan into gear.

"Alright Mina here come the money shots, make sure to flaunt you body as you deliver your lines, you have to make a good impression for your clients." Mina nodded and began makingincreasingly unprofessional gestures. First she started winking and tossing her hair but eventually devolved into blowing kisses to the screen and openly fondling her body to the camera. The subliminals in her earphones having slowly but surely changed the script until Mina did not even notice what she saying, "Hi, I work for Siren Strippers and I would like to offer you a wonderful set of dances and acts for your pleasure." Ami kept on having Mina stare into the camera until the subliminals long moved past the facade of the script and forced her to chant in her new role in life:

"Venus is a Stripper, Slut, Sex, Slave, Scout, Whore. Venus is a  Stripper, Slut, Sex, Slave, Scout, Whore. Venus is a Stripper, Slut, Sex, Slave, Scout Whore......." Venus repeated until the very thought made her wet and began to openly dance as she heard the commands. Seeing she was ready Ami brought her to the stage and turned on the hidden screens, the video she just took molded into a routine of Mina stripping. Outfit after outfit was worn and stripped to the imaginary crowd, Venus moaning in Ecstasy. Ami giggled as her friends knew identity took hold, gone was Sailor Venus, only Venus the stripper remained. Placing a pair of vibrators into her ass and cunt Ami had Venus focus on the camera until she was tired and drenched in sweat from the dancing and cumming. Her body now filled with so much drugged water that the subliminals were eradicating whatever morals her friend had left. Forcing her to put on a parody of her sailor outfit, she pointed to The Doctor naked and sitting in a chair ready for the show. Instantly understanding that her master wanted a dance, Venus got to work.

"Yes Venus you slut, you love to strip and flaunt your body for me, doing what I say makes you so hot." Smiling Venus gyrated her hips and moved up and down the pole, her powers making her as flexible as an Olympic gymnast, her clothing being removed piece by piece and her body teasing the Doctor as she slowly made her way into his lap. Lowering herself onto his shaft, Venus began screaming in pleasure at how good at felt, the commands making every thrust a mind-blowing burst of pleasure. Feeling her master cum, Venus threw her head back and screamed his name. Passing out from pleasure he motioned Ami to bring Venus to the lab for a few finishing touches. As Ami left the room carrying her friend, the doctor sighed in contentment, things were going good.

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