The Doctor wants another Scout, so Ami invites Jupiter for lunch.

Storyline Sailor Scouts VS. The Mad Doctor
Characters Sailor Mercury Sailor Jupiter
Category Change of clothes sleepy (KO by chemical, combat or sexual exhaustion) Body Modification Mind Control
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Lita approached the offices of Siren Pharmaceuticals in a wonderful mood. Since Ami went off to university, she barely saw her outside of their battles as Sailor Scouts and was delighted when she invited her for lunch. The others may have been a tad jealous of Ami's wealth and success but anyone with a brain could tell a genius like her was destined for big things. Dressed simply in a green skirt and blouse covered by a white jacket, she walked over to the front desk. The receptionist clearly knew she was coming and motioned for her to wait in the client lounge until Ami arrived. Sitting in a surprisingly comfortable leather chair, Lita grabbed the pitcher of water and poured herself a glass, the water tasted fantastic, with a sweet minty aftertaste. Minutes passed and Lita became so relaxed she did not even notice Ami enter the room.

"Lita so good of you to make it, don't stare like a little girl, stand up and give me a hug." Lita was absolutely floored by the woman who entered the room. She remembered a mousy bookworm who had to be dragged to any big social function, the woman in front of her was so confident and commanding and well womanly as opposed to the girl she remembered. Her appearance matched; a tailored blue and silver blouse and jacket, with a skirt she doubted was professional in length, dark stockings and massive black heels. Lita was used to being the tallest girl around and wore flats as a result, Ami was now the same height. Even her make-up was more pronounced than she ever remembered, dark eyes and glossy lips accompanied by an expensive set of earrings. Returning the hug, Lita did not fail the notice the noticeable increase in her friends bust, they had to be at least D-cup and she knew for a fact Ami was barely a B-cup at the end of high school.

"Come on Lita, lets get some lunch, here's some more water to drink on the way, I can tell you like it just as much as I did." Leading her by the hand, Ami practically dragged Lita towards the elevator, her fellow Scout completely thrown off by her friends appearance and demeanor, she was too confused to comment on her commanding attitude. The drugged water doing her no favors in helping her think. By the time they stepped into the elevator, Lita finally voiced her thoughts.

"Wow Ami, what happened? You look amazing, I know you said this job has been fantastic but just seem so much more self-assured and happy."

Giving her a look that a mother would an ignorant child Ami elaborated, "University taught me everything I needed to know to succeed at my job, but working here taught we what I needed to succeed as a woman. A woman has to be strong, a woman has to be confident, girls follows and girls are unfocused. Honestly a lot of young ladies are still little girls at heart who do nothing but cook and clean well woman are forced to pick up the slack to make up for their laziness. I suggest you finish the bottle Lita, the lunch I ordered is really good but its really spicy, some people get dehydrated pretty quickly well eating it."

With the massive gulp of drugged water flooding her body, Lita was almost completely oblivious to her surroundings as Ami dragged her towards their table. In a more clear mind Lita would have questioned why no one else was there or how the food was already prepared when she only got here ten minutes ago, not realizing she was drugged in the lounge for closer to half and hour. Lita was still in so much of a haze she barely register sitting down, nor Ami pouring the two glasses of wine.

"Cheers Lita, to the future."

"To the future" Clinking glasses, the two got to eating their meal. Just like Ami said, the food was spicy but delicious, despite her employment as a cook, she could not put her finger on the spice. Whatever it was, she began gulping down the wine, clearly noticing Ami's displeasure at how childishly she was gulping the drink to compensate for the spiciness. As she reached for her third glass, her head seemed to spin and she spilled it all over her shirt.

"Dammit Lita, I expected you to behave but clearly your still a little girl who cannot handle her liquor. Let me get you to the washroom so you can get cleaned up." Utterly embarrassed at how she looked, Lita followed Ami like a scolded and embarrassed child following her mother.  Lita's head was swimming as Ami practically dragged her inside the executive washroom, completely with its own private shower. Ami continued to scold her as she removed her clothing, Lita too confused and embarrassed to protest. The warm water washed away the wine, but her clothes were ruined. Just as she began to regain her bearings, she felt her bowels empty.

"LITA! Your not even potty trained, now I have to clean that up too." Lita was openly weeping at how embarrassed she was she coudln't remember the last time she pooped herself. Ami in a deliberately humiliating manner made sure to be as demeaning as possible in her wipes  well cleaning her up, no area was too sensitive to rub and smack. Feeling Lita's mind was finally weakened enough, Ami enacted her plan by injecting a needle into her unsuspecting neck.

"Ami.....waaaahatttt." Lita's thought devolved into giggles as the powerful stimulant entered her system, the Doctor's plan kicking into gear.

"Lita, Lita, Lita.......what am I to do with you. Such a clumsy little girl who needs someone to take care of them. Such a little baby girl, who needs mommy and daddy to take care of them. You were orphaned from such a young age and clearly were not taught lessons that only they can teach you. Sighhhhh, I guess I can be your mommy, a little girl like you needs a brilliant and strong woman like me to tell her what to do, if your good I will even introduce you to daddy." Placing a narcotic-laced pacifier in her mouth and having headphones cover her ears, Ami softly rocked Sailor Jupiter to sleep until she was soundly unconscious. Nothing but the sounds of a  subliminal filled lullaby playing in her mind.


Lita groggily awoke and found she could barely move. Her feet were covered in frilly pink ballet shoes and her hands firmly held by her sides. A diaper and baby bonnet finished the outfit, leaving her breasts bare to the world. Just as she tried to protest, a large baby bottle was placed in her mouth, the implanted commands instantly having her suck the bottle and swallow the drug filled contents. A minute later she felt her bladder empty and moaned as a massive burst of euphoria washed over her body. Just as she was about to finish, Lita noticed Ami and the Doctor enter the room. Her thoughts were further clouded by the constant singing in her ears, it sounded like the cartoons she remembered from when she was young.

The Doctor as always was dressed casually, Ami was not. Dressed in nothing but a slutty nurse outfit, she was right out of a porno. Noticing the bottle was almost empty, Ami placed the pacifier back in Lita's mouth and returned the Doctor's side, looking at him adoringly as always.

"Ah Sailor Jupiter, I am so pleased to finally see my baby girl so happy in her crib. I know your scared but I assure you, I am a Doctor and I know what you need. The spice you ate has a special ingredient which induces a person to void their bowels, and the drug your drinking now does the same for the bladder. Dont worry, you will learn to love the feeling, a baby girl like you wasn't potty trained after all, so you will learn to feel so good as you make yourself so dirty in your diaper. You love the hands of mommy and daddy caressing your thighs as they change you. Yes a silly little diapered baby girl like you needs someone to tell them how to live, its the only way you will be happy. The special baby powder in the diaper making your pussy oh so sensitive to touch, just like you wanted." Lita's was mind was almost completely gone, all she could voice was a series of happy giggles.

The Doctor nodded at his assistant to move on. Ami pressed a button on the lab computer and the crib started to rock back and forth as a screen lowered and a projection began playing a cartoon. Voices started filtering through the headphones, sweet girlish voices sounded so much like Lita's own. Pulsing lights and weird music surrounded a slutty looking young woman dressed as a baby go through her day; nothing but cooking, cleaning, changing her diaper and having sex with her mommy and daddy. The cartoon repeated again and again, the woman on screen slowly changing into a perfect copy of Sailor Jupiter if she wore a diaper. By the time the cartoon stopped, Lita was openly mouthing the words long after the cartoon had stopped.

A sweaty and naked Ami fresh from a bout of sex with the doctor well the cartoon played approached the crib and let Lita out. She then promptly pressed her to her bosom, her breasts increased size due to having been artificially lactating. Lita moaned as she felt the warm milk fill in her mouth and slide down her throat, she barely noted the Doctor removing her diaper. Removing her breast from her mouth, Ami placed the pacifier in once again. Whimpering without mommy to support her, Lita fell to her hands and knees due the being unused to the ballet shoes, scared she looked pleadingly towards mommy and daddy. Ami lovingly stroked her master as she realized the Doctor's prescription for brainwashing Lita had been perfect. 

The Doctor smiled, now was the time to seal the deal. "Oh Lita you dirty diry girl, do not worry daddy will take care of your. Of course you will have to stay with mommy every day and night but you love her so much that wont be a problem. You will quit your job and come work here, you will be so happy, you can cook clean and swallow cum all you want, you want that don't you.....of course you do. If agree with what daddy says, he will give a big long hard reward."

Nodding enthusiastically Lita held out her arms for the Doctor to grab and moaned loudly as he picked her up and pushed her again the wall, quickly pounding her pussy. Lita screaming for more as he increased the pace, her head spinning at the unrelenting pleasure.  Just as he approached the climax the Doctor yelled to Lita, "WHO DO YOU LOVE AND OBEY"

"DAAAADDY!" Lita came hard and nearly passed out from the pleasure she felt. Spent, all resistance had been fucked right out of her, only thought of fucking mommy and daddy filling her dreams. The Doctor lowered Lita back into her crib and began playing the cartoon once more.

Somewhat jealous of the attention, Ami began stroking his shaft well kissing his neck, the Doctor smiling at such loving attention and initiative. "Dont worry Ami, your still my loyal bitch, no woman is more beautiful than you. I'm sure you'll feel better when you show Lita Mommy is in charge". French kissing him deeply, Ami moaned as the thoughts of dominating her former friend made her wet in anticipation, it would feel sooooo good.

The Doctor smiled at how things had turned out over the past week. He had reduced two Sailor Scouts into a horny bitch and dirty little girl, what would he do next?

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