Sailor Mars will submit to no man without a fight......big mistake.

Storyline Sailor Scouts VS. The Mad Doctor
Characters Sailor Mars Sailor Senshi
Category Body Modification Mind Control sleepy (KO by chemical, combat or sexual exhaustion)
Previous Chapter Pluto tries to rescue her allies but the Doctor teaches her a lesson or two.

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A beautiful raven haired woman stood at attention in a skimpy french maid uniform without any underwear. A vibrator constantly pleasured her snatch as she cleaned every inch of the Executive Meeting Room. Observing her from a large leather coach at the end of the room, the Doctor smiled as Pluto and Mercury curled beside him, his two favorites naked and literally begging for his next order. The Doctor took full advantage of their rivalry as each debased themselves further and further to prove themselves. He strapped both of them into stocks and ordered them to not cum as long as possible well watching the most degrading snuff films he could find. With a few drugs added in, by the end of the night they got hot and horny at every evil imaginable; murder, theft, sadistic pain, rape, scat, as long as it pleased him it would please them. Each eagerly awaited his command of who got to play with Mars tonight, her mind shattered into servitude, she begged constantly  to cum but had to wait for her superiors command.

"Well girls first one to titillate themselves to orgasm for me gets to have Mars tonight, don't forget to make it as good a show as possible."

Getting hard at his two slaves moaning his name the Doctor thought back to the fall of Sailor Mars, his set was almost complete.....


Sailor Mars had tracked down her missing teammates to a warehouse of Siren Pharmaceuticals. A great evil was erupting from the building and despite what Mercury assured her she did not trust the company, it seemed too successful too quickly. Opening the door she was shocked at what she saw, Jupiter and Venus were stripping on stage like pros into cameras. Disgusted she approached them.

"Oh hey Rei come to join us, stripping for the audience is like so great." Venus rubbed herself against the pole and winked at Rei who was disgusted at her naked friend.

"We can be likely bested buds again Rei join us." Dressed like a pre-schooler Jupiter sucked on a lollipop and offered it to her friend.

"What is wrong with you two, dont you see what has happened? Dont worry I will free you with these talismans." Just as turned to grab them she felt herself chained by Venus's powers. Her arms trapped against her sides, she was helpless. Against two scouts there was no way she could win this fight.

"What...why are you doing this......its evil.....uumghp!" Before she could protest more Jupiter shoved the lollipop into her mouth, a few tastes and her mind started to get fuzzy. Venus placed a pair of ear-buds in her ears and started to squeeze her chains tighter, smiling as Mars' nipples began to harden.

"Rei honey, we like being naughty for the Doctor. Hes smart sexy and everything he does makes us feel so good. So just relax to the words message and let Venus and Jupiter make you feel soooooo good."

Venus began tweeking Mars' nipples as Jupiter ripped over clothing. Shuddering at the cold air on her body Mars moaned as Lita began licking her pussy. Savoring the taste of the candy she barely registered the words in her mind. "Serve, sex, slut,maid, serve, sex, slut, maid, serve, sex, slut, maid. Obedient titty cunt, obedient titty cunt, obedient titty cunt." Mars mouthed the words until she fell unconscious with nothing but pleasure running through her veins.


Smacking his assistant on the ass the Mad Doctor thanked Ami for her work, "You were right Ami, those implants do look fantastic on Mars, now have fun dancing with the other girls, I need Pluto here to break her completely." Giving him a deep kiss, Ami proceeded to dance with the other girls, the subliminally laced videos being sent through every porn site on the internet. Mercury had designed a terrifyingly powerful program that would have consumers hopelessly obedient to his company and its products. For now it was less obvious due to being focused on medicine but soon his reach would be everywhere, nations would be his before they even realized it. Still pleasure before business.

"Is she ready dear?" Pluto nodded as she stood in a purple leather catsuit with a riding crop in hand. As the oldest of the Senshi it was not surprising she was the most serious and dominant, still to him see was loyal as puppy. She took care of the more fetishistic videos, even had a few private sessions with some submissives....her powers causing them to feel pleasure for years well only seconds passed. Caressing her behind and feeling her rub against his body longingly he motioned for her to continue.

"Yes, Mercury gave her the boob job as you requested and the outfit has been tailored to your liking. I am ready to to give her a lesson in obedience at your command. Oh look shes waking up." Smiling at her waking form, Pluto hugged from behind and waited for the perfect moment.

Mars groggily awoke blushing at her outfit, a pristine french maids outfit that barely held her massive tits. The skirt barely covered her bum and her heels left her unsteady on her feet.

Mars shook her head at how wrong this was. "Noooo......noooo!" Before she could protest more, the vibrator sprang to life shattering her concentrating.

Pluto smiled as she stopped time, Mars kept on the verge of orgasm as the subliminals slowly rewrote her brain....

"Fighting is just so silly, its so easy to serve, let go and serve....feel pleasure and serve. Being a strong woman was hard, being so weak, soft and feminine was easy, so easy to let go and be weak for her master. She had a nice body she should show it off more, she had big breasts, huge melons, big man-trapping tits. She loved this outfit, it pushed them up and gave her such wonderful cleavage. Come on boys fuck me, I'm good for a tit-job any day." As the pressure built her mind weakened further. Mars giggled and adoringly thought about her uniform, rubber was so practical, cum cames off with just a few wipes. It was so short and sexy, it felt so good just to run her hand up and down it, feel it caress her skin. She was such a sexy maid, ready to clean, ready to serve....ready to cum. Clean and Cum...Clean and Cum......Clean and Cum."

After 2 hours of keeping her on edge; Pluto finally let time continue, Mars screamed in pleasure collapsing to her knees. Slowly she got up and despite being covered in sweat steadied herself and bowed before the Mad Doctor waiting for his command.

"Pluto go have some fun with the other girls, I'm going to show Mars her duties."

Without instruction Mars took his cock between her tits and began tittyfucking her master. For his part the Doctor could not figure out which felt better; her tits or the look of absolute ecstasy on her face. Feeling himself cum he couldn't decide and did not care. "Clean that up up slave or you cannot cum" Licking every drop of cum off her body and her masters destroyed whatever piece of Sailor Mars that remained, the sheer arousal combined with the humiliation shattering the once proud warrior. 

Ordering her to lie across his lap, he began to spank her repeatedly, each time he made her utter one command:

"I'm a slutty maid, I live only to have sex and serve, I'm a slutty maid, I live only have to sex and serve, I'm a slutty french made I live only...." The Mad Doctor repeated the action dozens of times only stopping as Mars was crying in need of release, twisting her nipples he told her to cum.

Mars never came so hard and she never thought of anything but serving her master from that day on........

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