What's Lois and Lex doing...

by colleem
Storyline The Masterplan
Characters Superman Cat Grant Lois Lane Lex Luthor
Category Mind Control
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While Lois and Lex were fooling around in the City and Superman had his fun in the Watch Tower Perry White informed both of them that they had to visit him as soon as possible. Lois asked Lex if he wanted to join her and he nodded. He ordered her a Taxi and then both of them drove to the Daily Planet. On the Top floor they entered the Meeting Room where Perry, Cat and Clark already waited for them.

“Lex Luthor?” Perry asked confused and Lois smiled

“Don’t you remember Boss? You said I should try to get my 6. Pulitzer! Here is my change. Lex Luthor asked me to write the Article of his Life. I have exclusive Rights Boss!” 

Perry´s face beamed at her and he personally put the Chair for Lex into Place. “Welcome Mr Luthor to the Daily Planet! I hope we won’t regret it but as long as you stay on the good side it is an honour to let my best Reporter write your article!” 

“Thank you Mr White. I think I will like the fact that the Daily Planet will write something nice over me after all this Years.” He said with a little smile and then looked at Clark and Cat. “Mr Kent. It has been a long time since we saw each other! How are you?” he asked him and Clark took his Glasses into Position playing the nervous Men. 

“Very good Sir Mr Luthor Sir. The last time was when you escaped out of the Prison while I should make an interview about your life. You managed to escape the Death and now you’re here and try to clean your vest?” 

“I always liked you Kent! You are everything that Superman isn’t. On a funny way clumsy but don’t get me wrong. Get some Courage!” then he turned to Cat who was sitting next to him right in front of Clark who was a coward. “You must be Cat Grant! I heard a lot of you in the last time. Very interesting.” He smiled as he said this. Nobody knew that he was informed about the Liaison between Clark and her. He was amused that such a bombshell was finding anything on a stupid farm boy like Clark Kent but as long as she fuelled his Hypnotic Fetish he liked her. Maybe later if he would have defeat Superman he would take her too. But first he had to have Lois! She was the only thing that mattered right now. 

“Thank you Mr Luthor.” She answered nervously and then he let out his best Card to get Lois fall in love with him.

“Mr White. As Ms Lane informed you I want to show the World why I did what I did and what I have thought while doing it. I want the world to understand why I fought Superman for so many Years. Because of this I want to write a Book about my Life. But I want that someone neutral write it. Ms Lane here was suffering enough under my constant Plans to destroy Superman. So I have come to the Point that it would be the best Idea if she would write it. If I would be able to convince her that I have changed then I can prove the world that I want to make a cut to my old life. But this would mean that she would have to spend much time with me.”

Lois couldn’t believe what he was saying. He wanted that she would write the Book of his Life? Hadn’t he noticed that she had forgiven him already? Or was it just a Way to spend time with her? They had a lot of fun this day and maybe he wanted her to be around him more than she knew. But what would Clark think? What would Superman think? 

“I know that I demand much from you Kent but I promise that I will do her no harm! I hope you can trust me!” Lex said and under his Poker Face he grinned evil as Clark looked at him.

“Clark Kent trusts Lex Luthor. Lex Luther is trustworthy. Clark Kent believe that Lex Luthor tries to be good now” These Thoughts flowed into Clarks Mind as soon as he heard Lex talking to him. It was nothing he really thought about it was just as it was always part of his mind.

“I try to trust you Sir. You have helped to save the world and I hope that you changed. But it is the Decision of my Wife if she want to. Not mine!” Clark answered and Lex looked at Lois. She was unsure and looked at Lex and then again at her Husband. 

“Don’t worry Ms Lane! I will make sure everything you need will be there for you! I Promise!” Lex smiled at her and Lois looked at him.

“Lex Luthor is Sexy. Money is Sexy. Power is Sexy. Lex Luthor has Power. Lois Lane is attracted by Money. Lois Lane is attracted by Power. Lois Lane trusts Lex Luthor. Lois Lane finds Lex Luthor admirable.” These Words had been influencing her for days now. Lex had planned everything.

“Yes I know that you will do your best!” she said and felt a tingle between her tights. The mere thought that she would spent time with him was making her happy. Not only was he rich and Powerful and unbelievable sexy, no. He was funny and had wits and make her feel good! She enjoyed the time with him today and felt that there was maybe much more than just a working relationship. Could it be that she felt more for him than she should feel? Could it be that she had make a mistake take Clark as her Husband? Maybe both of them weren’t as eternally bounded as they thought. She found nothing sexy on Clark. Only the Knowledge that he was the most Powerful Hero of this Planet made it possible that she came when they fucked. And they hadn’t fucked for days now. She felt the heat in her loins more than before. And the fact that her husband was sitting right next to her didn’t help. It made her even hotter. 

Just then Perry´s Phone rang and he talked to someone and stormed out of the room yelling something about the Printers. It was clear that he wouldn’t be back for a long time and Lex saw his chance.

“But there is one condition that I have. You won´t write anything about my sins in my youth! There are some things I want to forget!” he said knowing that the Journalist inside Lois would jump right to it and he was right.

“What do you mean? What did you do in your younger times? Come on tell us!” She demanded to know and Cat and Clark had to smile how aggressive Lois talked to the most feared Men of this Planet.

While he was typing something in his Handy he smiled at her. Then he put the Handy on the Table that only Lois was in the angle for the LED Flashlight. “Oh. In my youth I was a stage magician. You know. Pull out a white Rabbit, card trick and my favourite.” He made a little pause while he drank some water and said then. “Hypnosis.” 

Lois smiled at him. Surely a young Lex had looked great in a stage Magician Dress playing with the Rabbit and so. She didn’t notice the effect of this words on Clark and Cat. Cat looked surprised at Lex but then immediately to Clark. She saw his eyes widen and his hands formed fists. He starred at Lex, then at Lois and then at Cat with this hot burning fire in it. She knew that he was hard already. That the mere thought about Hypnosis made him hard as a rock. She couldn’t resist the urge and looked at Lex while she moved her feet under the Table. She felt Clark’s feet and moved upwards until he willingly spread his legs. She felt his hands on her High heels pulling it to his cock and she pressed against his hard cock. She knew that he would fuck her silly after this meeting and wanted him even more now that she knew it. But this time she wanted him harder than ever. This time he wanted that would be mad with lust and she had the Perfect Plan for it.

While she rubbed her feet against his Cock she smiled at Lex and said.
“Would you give us a little Show Mr Luthor? You could try to hypnotize Lois right here and now. I bet 10 Dollar that she will be able to resist your hocus Pocus Hypnosis Nonsense. What do you think Clark?” she smiled at Clark but he wasn’t able to do more than nod at her. The thought that Lex Luthor would try to hypnotize his Wife was arousing as hell. But it was even hotter that he did it right in front of Cat and him. And while Cat massaged his cock with her skilled Feet. 

“I would give it a try. What do you think Lois? Shall I try to hypnotize you?” he said and Lois was unsure but agreed. What could happen in the worst case? That he was making a fool out of him? There was no chance that he could abuse the Hypnosis or her trance as long as Clark was close to her. His Supersense would detect every trap at once. It would also be a good way to see if Lex was lying or if he was really trying to be a good guy. 

“Sure why not. Give me your best shot!” she grinned and laid her Hand into the Hand of Clark feeling Safe now. She felt him pressing her hand tight and watched how Lex put out a Watch and started to swing it in front of her. With the other hand he quickly pressed one button of his handy. The Program of the Diamond Light inside the LED was only short ranged and very focused. It wasn’t the complex subtle Subliminal that he used inside the House. This one would only work on Person´s who were already familiar with the effect of the Lights. It would put her into a deep trance within only a couple of minutes. All he had to do now was to give a good show. 

“I want you to watch the Watch Lois. As it swings from the left to the right. Just watch the Watch. I want you to breathe in and out… in the same rhythm like the Watch… In and out… in and out. I want you to get rid of all the Stress you have.” He talked softly and smiled at her. She tried to play along but he saw her eyes getting heavy as the Diamond Light took hold on her mind.

“He is really thinking he could hypnotise me! I didn’t knew that Lex had spent his youth to try such stupid things. Maybe I will play it and then I will act like it… mhm but he has sure a nice voice. So calming… mhmm hey. Why do I feel so tired? No way can that he really do it. I will show him what a strong will I have… all I have to do is watch the watch... no I mean stay focused... hear his voice… I must stay awake to listen… Stay clear in my mind… watch…. Back and forth…. Must… resist… voice so calming... stress… away… “ 

For Clark it was Hell and Heaven at once. He could see his Wife watching the swinging Watch from Luthor. He could see her face relaxing while he talked to her in a soft and deep voice. He was actually doing it. He was hypnotizing his Wife and he couldn’t do anything about it. His lust reached new levels and his cock was burning in his pants. The fact that Cat was giving him the first and hottest Foot job of his life made even worse. He felt his cock almost explode as Lex spoke again. 

Do you hear me Lois?” he asked the deeply entranced Lois.

“Yes I hear you.” She answered and her voice was monotone and without any will. This was too much for Clark. His eyes widened as his cock exploded inside his pants. His whole body was shaking but Lex smiled only and played with his lust.

“I want that you call me Master do you understand that Lois?”

“Yes Master.” She answered with the same voice and Lex smiled at her. 

“Call me Master Luthor!”

“Yes Master Luthor!”

“Enough of the funny things.” Lex smiled at Cat and Clark. “She is in a deep trance now. You should be happy that I am one of the good guys now.” He smiled and saw the Lust filled eyes of Clark. The hypnotic Suggestion had changed him already enough. The thought that Lex was hypnotizing his wife made him helpless captured in his own need. He had spent weeks to fill Clarks Mind with this Phantasies and now it was time to enjoy it. 
Innocently he started to swing the watch in front of Cat Grant. He knew that he couldn’t hypnotize her but he hope that she would play her role too. He knew that she was in love with him or at least that she wanted Clark for herself. 

“It is easy to hypnotize someone with a watch. It is so easy. All you have to do is to swing it and talk to the Person!” he said softly to Clark and Cat.

“Oh my god! He did it? He has put Lois into a trance! How hot Clark looks right now! I can feel how hard his cock is. Mhm Lex is trying to put me under? Strange? I don’t feel anything. Is he only joking? Am I immune to his Hypnotic Voodoo Nonsense? Is Lois only faking this? What is happening here? What shall I do now? If I tell Lex that I am not in a trance Clark will be disappointed and maybe get angry. But what if I play along that I am in a trance? What will happen if I follow Lex Luthor’s order? Will he leave me? I cannot call Lex Master!” 

Cat thought and feared that her decision could harm her relationship with Clark. She loved him. She was sure of it. She needed him in more than only sexual meanings. HE could be the Man at her side! The Man that could make her happy. In the bedroom and in the normal life. She couldn’t risk too loose him. But on the other Side this was the perfect chance to see what he really thought. If he could choose between a hypnotized Lois and an entranced Cat he would choose the one he needed more. 

“What are you trying Luthor?” she smiled at him while she let her eyes follow the Watch. “Do you think you can hypnotize me too?” she smiled but did her best to play a good role. She had to admit that Lex did a great job in playing the hypnotist. Soon she sat there at his side and tried to mimic the expression on Lois face.

“Whoa. I did it. I did even entrance Cat!” Lex said to Clark and smiled. “In my younger times as a teenager I always dreamed of doing this to such beautiful lady´s. I must say it was a very sexy image. Can I do something to Ms Grant and you won´t tell it to her afterwards?” He asked him and already knew the answer. The way Clark Kent looked at the Woman made clear that he was driven by lust.

“You… won’t harm her right?” much to his surprise Clark found the willpower to overcome the Subliminal but not enough to break free.

“Never. I am one of the good guys now. But I wanted to do this all my life! Cat can you hear me?”

“Yes Master Lex!” Cat smiled inside her as she managed to hit the right tone. In the Corner of the eye she saw Clark open his mouth for a silent moan.

I want you to give me a really hot and sexy kiss!” Clark almost sprung out of his chair but could only watch in amazement as Cat rose from the Chair.

“Yes Master Lex. I will give you a hot and sexy kiss!” she said and somehow it now turned her on. It was just what Clark wanted. A hypnotic Fuck Toy. And right now he had to watch as his secret lover was forced to kiss someone else under Hypnosis. This would make him hornier than ever!
She bent down to Lex and her Lips found his. She did her best to give Clark a very good view on this Kiss and had to admit that Lex was a very good kisser. But then the kiss ended and she rose again and stood there motionless.

“Whoa. She sure is a very good kisser!” he laughed. “Now it is time to wake them up again don’t you think Clark?”

“Do it to Lois!”
he only moaned.
Lex had him! It was clear now that he had him!

“Do what with Lois?” he asked and grinned at Clark who was out of his mind now. There were no witnesses around here and Lex Luthor would surely not tell anyone that he had hypnotized someone else. It would be the direct way back into a little cell. And nobody would believe him more than the good and trustworthy Clark Kent. He only wanted to see how he would kiss her. Nothing more! Then he would stop it! It was a Promise! He promised it to himself that he would stop it after one little Kiss. But he wanted to see it so he could dream from this image.

“Let her kiss you!” he moaned and Lex smiled and nodded.

“Lois. Did you hear that? Stand up and come to my side!” he commanded her and Lois rose slowly and mechanically out of her chair and moved at the left Side of Lex Luthor who was now right between too hot looking and entranced woman. Cat watched to Lois and risked a quick peek to Clark. He looked so horny right now. Soon it would be the moment where he had to choose which woman he would want to fuck after this! Lois or Cat. And her heart was sure that he would choose herself.

“Lois. I want that you give me an even hotter and more sensual Kiss than Cat Grant gave me. I want that you show your Husband how hot you kiss me!”

“Yes Master Lex.” With that she took his Head into her hands and gently turned his head to hers. Her red painted lips opened for his and for an eternity both of them kissed each other with a visible heat. Their tongue played a very erotic game and finally they divorced their lips and Lex was breathing heavily.

“Heaven. I know now why you have married her. Does she fuck so well too?” He grinned and Clark nodded at him. Then Lex stood up and put an arm around both woman and grinned hot at Clark.

Cat. Lois. You will now undress me.” 

“Yes Master Lex.” Lois said and Cat nodded. “As you command Master Lex.”

Clark wanted to say something to stop him. Wanted to protect his wife from him. Wanted to fulfil his Promise. But all he could do was to watch how both of the woman started to open the Jacked from him. Then their hands started to open the shirt. While Lois did it like a robot Cat tried to give it a sexual hint. Finally both of them started to open his belt and to pull down his pants. It was very hard to get it over his massive cock and as soon as his cock was free it slammed upwards against his six Pack. His cock was rock hard and more than ready to fuck one or even both of the woman. Even Cat had to admit that he had a great fuck rod there. 

“What do…. You do!” Clark finally managed to ask and Lex smiled as he sat down again. 

“I show you what I all the years dreamed of! Cat. I want you to bend down. I want you to suck my cock very deep and long! I want you to show your ass as high as you can. Let Clark see how your head goes up and down on my hard cock!”

“Yes Master! I obey you!” she licked her lips. This was now a part she sure would like to act! She had never thought that Lex Luthor had such a nice cock! She spread her legs and bend down so her ass was right over the table. Then her lips opened and she tried to get him deeper and deeper inside her mouth. But she couldn’t swallow his hard rod fully. She watched carefully that Clark had a very good view on her head. With her long hair he couldn’t see how she sucked on his cock but the motion of her head was clear.

“My my my. Ms Grant. You’re a gifted Woman! Yes. Suck my cock deeper. Mhm. Yes. I love it how you suck my dick you Hypno fuck toy!” he watched as Clarks hand started to wander down on his body and he was sure that Clark was jerking right now. But this was only the beginning. As hot as Cat was she wasn’t anything compared to Lois Lane.

“Lois! You don’t need your panties anymore! Take them off!”

Lois nodded and let her hands go under her skirt.
“Yes Master Lex. I take off my panties!” She said and bent down while Clark could see her black string moving over her long legs. Then she stepped out of them and stood there again motionless.

And now. Take my hand and guide it to your pussy!”

“Yes Master Lex.” She put his right hand into hers and spread her legs wider so he could gain access to her cunt. Lex felt that she wasn’t wet but that would change very soon now. He started to play with her pussy and soon he felt herself getting wet. He also started to moan as Cat´s movement became stronger and faster. But he wanted to fuck only Lois right now. With a hot look to Clark he smiled. 

“Cat Stop sucking my cock. I want you to go to the end of the Table. You will pull down your pants and spread your legs. And now Clark. You can choose! Which one of the Ladies do you want? I will gladly fuck the other one!” 

Clark rose form his chair and moved behind the waiting Cat. He could she her pulling down the Pants and offered herself to him as she bent over the Table turning her head around and looked at him.

“Master Lex has ordered that you could fuck me Clark. I am your willing fuck Toy and will obey all commands.” Then she screamed loud as she felt Clark inside her pussy. He was like a berserker and fucked her like there was now tomorrow. She had to hold on the Sides of the Table but it didn’t help much. 
Lex smiled and looked at Lois.

“Lois. Fuck me!” he simply commanded and Lois spread her legs and moved over his chair

“Yes Master Lex!” with that she let her body sank onto his hard cock and now she moaned even in her deep trance. 

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