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by colleem
Storyline The Masterplan
Previous Chapter Ivy Aka Ms. Windters prepares her weapons for battle.

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Superman and Power Girl

As Power Girl turned her Head towards Clark he could see the same shame in her eyes as he saw in Kara´s. He smiled at her and said.

“Nothing to worry about. You were under the influence of Sleez from Apocalypse. I dealt with him for what he did to you and Kara.” While he said that he let his eyes wander over her impressive Body. Her blonde Hair was cut short and her blue Eyes were watching him while he spoke. Her massive breasts seemed like there were burst out of the Dress any second and he was sure to see her nipples light erected. Her fingers were covered withshort Cloves made of satin.

“I hadn’t any chance Clark. Suddenly I felt so different about you and the world. I was sure that only a strong race ofpure Kryptonian would be able to save the World. So it seemed so logical to mate with you. And then I heard Kara daydreaming of being Pregnant from you. Suddenly I saw red and the thought that you would choose her except me was making me mad. I hope you can forgive me someday for what I did?” she said sadly andlaid her hand on his hoping for a reaction from him.
He only smiled at her and said, while stroking her hand softly.

“Don’t worry Karen. I don’t have to forgive you anything. It wasn’t your fault. You were under some kind of Mind Control and weren’t responsible for your action. But be aware. Most of the Woman on this Station won’t be so happy to see you for some time. At least you did what most of them secretly want.” He said and he felt his cock stir in his pant but fight with all of his willpower to force him down again. The last thing that Karen needed was a rock Hard Superman at her Sick Bed.

“What do you mean? What have I done?” Sheasked unsure and with fear in her voice. Maybe she didn’t remember everything of her fight.

“You kneeled in front of me.” He smiled andtried to let it sound funny but the image of a kneeling submissive Power Girl was intoxicating.

She looked at him and a strange look was onher face as she started to gently massage his hand which was still holding hers. “I hope you don’t find it too bad that I kneeled in front of you. Most men here would kill for it.”

“No Karen. I don’t find it bad at all. It was at least much better than Kara who just attacked me with a kiss.” He saidand smiled at her. Did she tried to flirt with him?

Her voice got harder and aggressive as she heard this. “She dared to kiss you? Does she have no honour?”

“She was under the effect of Sleez just like you Karen. She wasn’t responsible for her actions. And besides you did something similar.” He remembered her but this time Power Girl only smiled as she answered.

“Yes. I remember. I pressed my chest against you. I should really apologies for this one too shouldn’t I?”

“Oh not necessary Karen. It was definitely a new experience to feel something like that.” He tried to focus but this time he couldn’t stop the fact that his pants bulged out a bit what she clearly could see.

“Clark. Can I ask you something private?”she said innocent as her hand started to caress his lower arm with slowmotions.

“Sure Karen. What is it?”

“If you weren’t married with Lois and this would had happened without any evil influence which one of us would you have chosen?”

Without even think about it for a second he answered her.


She beamed at him with pride and happiness but then asked him.

“Why would you have choose me and not her?I mean. I am a clone of her? Sometimes I fear that you don’t see me as a real Person and only as a terrible Experiment from the US Government.”

“Don’t be silly Karen. You maybe are a genetically Clone of Kara but you lived your own life and you are much…” he didn’t speak it out so she did for him with a lower voice.

“more Exciting?”

“We should change the Subject Karen. Kara is already freed from the Manipulation but inside of you there are maybe still some of them and you don’t know what you are talking.” Superman said but she didn’t gave him any chance to get his mind clear.

“You mean I could still be under the effectof some evil Mind Controller who put some Suggestions in my Mind I have to follow? Then I cannot be responsible for doing this!” she said and Clark felther fingertips moving softly over the fabric of his Pants, following his semihard Cock inside it.

“I mean. If I was still under the effect of his Power it wouldn’t be my fault that I find the thought of you fuck me very arousing.”

“Karen… stop!” he moaned as he felt her nails pressing against his pants follow his quick hardening Cock.

“I have the excuse that I am under Sleez influence. But what is your excuse for this hard cock I can feel here? I could almost think that you find it hot what I do? Tell me? How is it for you to sleep with a human? I had many lovers. Even a few super powered. But none of them could really satisfy me. How is it with you?”

“Just the Same!” he said trying not to moan as he felt her hand grab his member through the Fabric and slowly start to stroke it.

“What would be if I don’t wanted to becured Clark? If I like what Sleez did to me? That I love the Idea to fuck you? That I always dreamed of it? Maybe it didn’t come from him? Maybe it is just that you are the only Kryptionian Men in the Galaxy and you could be the only Men that can give me what I need!”
Meanwhile he was moaning louder as her hand raised in speed and pressure.

“Karan… Stop it… we are friends... I am married!” he said but it was only a weak protest as she smiled at him.

“If you were happily married I wouldn’t just stroke your hard cock and wouldn’t hear you moan. IF you would be happily married you wouldn’t look at me while I give you a hand job! Tell me! Are you in a happy marriage?”

“Noahh…. Mhmm no…. “He moaned as her handnow slipped under the pant and he could feel her hand now on his bare cockflesh. It was fantastic. She was able to build up a pressure now normal woman would ever be able to. It was just amazing.

“Why aren’t you happy Clark? Is it because Lois can’t give you what you need?!” she moaned and licked her lips. She had hoped to feel his member for so long now but was more than impressed by its size. She saw how he reacted as she raised the pressure and knew that he liked every second of it.

“She… arghhh isn’t… sexy… “He moaned and then he saw her pulling down her dress over one of her tits. He could almost see her hard nipple as he couldn’t hold it anymore. He bit in his hand not to scream in ecstasy as his cock exploded in her hands. Her eyes widened and withher super speed movement she pulled his Pant down before one drop of his semen could leave his cock. Just a heartbeat later she had opened her Lips and draw his climaxing cock inside her Mouth. She wanted to taste his semen before he would fill her cunt and she would give birth to dozen of Children. She sucked as hard as she could to get every little drop out of him and then licked her lips.

But soon after the Sensation of this little Intermezzo faded away both of them realized what they had done and the Shame hit both of them. Clark stormed out of the Room with unknown feelings while Power Girl was unsure what had happened. Was it the influence from Sleez or wasit was she had wanted from her own? But she knew that Superman had let it happen and the taste of his cum fuelled her Need only more.


Superman on the other side wasn’t the menhe used to be some month ago. His mind had accepted the fact that he loved big titted woman and that he had a Hypno fetish. It wasn’t anything he felt strange anymore. The hypnotic Subliminal had done their work. The Love to Lois was still there but much weaker than ever and he loved it to flirt with some hot woman. And Lois wasn’t hot after all. He had Cat Grant as little hot sex Partner which whom he shared his Hypno Fetish Phantasies and Doctor Wayland was under the force of some Suggestions too. As long as he knew the trigger Phase he could have some fun with her too. And now there was this little accident with Karen. Hell she sure had some hot tits but why hadn’t he fucked her right there? Why was he suddenly so ashamed? Was it because he was still married with another Woman? Or was it that she was under the effect of a villain? It was something different with Cat. She wanted, no, she LOVED to fuck under the Hypnotic Role-play. But Karen didn’t had a choice. She had acted against herinner self. Maybe he should see her after her treatment and talk with her about it.




Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham


As soon as Bruce entered his home he felt something was wrong. He couldn’t pinpoint it but it was a kind of sixth sense.Some kind of trained Sense that was there when he needed it. He walked to a secret terminal and activated it. He looked through the Sensor Logs and found that the last known entry was authorized by Alfred. He had run a full Spectrum Analysis in the Cave and in each Room of the Building for any Pheromones and other Poisons. He made only a quick check for the results because he trusted Alfred. The entry said there weren’t any unknown Substances in the Air. Nothing to worry about. Then he checked the Video Cameras but found nothing suspicious.The only thing he found was an intimidate Event involving Tim and his new Girlfriend Pamela in the Shower. He ignored it at first because he had better things to do. More important things! After he had was sure that the System hadn’t been hacked he deactivated the Panel and was now sure that he needed a break. He got Paranoid as it seems. So he went to his Room and took a shower. The fight inthe Watch Tower wasn’t an easy one for him. Even with her hands bound Diana wasa worthy Opponent for him. But he had managed to take her down after a hardfight. After his shower he went to his Computer and tried to do some Work forhis alter Ego Bruce Wayne. But his Mind flow back to the Shower Scene he hadfound on the Monitor. Should he really watch it? It was a personal Matter ofhis Orphan who he would fuck where but he had to admit that this Pamela was avery good looking woman. Just the thought of her red Hair made him horny. He called Alfred and asked who was at home and he informed him that only Ms Winters and Stephanie was there. Master Tim had left for Shopping and Alfred himself had to do some Tours himself now. After he asked Master Bruce if he needed anything healso left the Manor like Ms Winters had asked him. She wanted to be alone with Master Wayne and if she wanted it he would happy do anything she asked him.


As soon as Alfred had left the Room Bruce couldn’t resist any longer. He opened the VLC Player and started to watch on the Monitor. The Picture wasn’t the best because of the Fog in the Room and the semi-transparent Shower Glass but he could see the Images of two bodies inside of the Shower. It was clear what they were doing and he regret it thathe hadn’t put some microphones as well. He was sure that Pamela would moan very sexy right now. He could see the red wet hair very good and he started to jerk his cock while he imagined that he was in there. His mind recalled every Detailfrom her and he started to jerk faster. He had already tasted her hot tits by accident and wanted to taste them even more. Unknown to him the Room was filled with a new version of Poisons Pheromones that were a first Prototype. She had tried to match her Pheromones to his DNA but this was a trial and error Method.She had to try different versions to find the one that would make him falling in love with her for the rest of his life. Ivy smiled as she sat on the giant Bed in Tim´s Room and watched the Monitor from Bruce Room. She had gained access to the Security System and used it against him.




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