In the Clock Tower

by Evva
Storyline The Replacement
Characters Nightwing Raven Batgirl
Category DC Masturbation Female Counterpart
Previous Chapter Meanwhile at Oracle's apartment

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Barbara stoppedpointing the rifle toward the brunette who was in front. She slowly undid each of knots, but never giving conditions for Rachel react violently. Rachel was quiet, almost certain that this strange woman was the version of her husbandand she felt she could trust this woman.

"There," said Oracle asshe undid the last knot "Are you feeling okay?"
She asked Rachel now shunning her ina very careful way. She was really intrigued with the copy of her boyfriend.She looked a lot like Dick, but at certain points it seemed to be less strong.  Rachel in turn made no sudden movements and she was just feeling the spots where the knots had been tighter. She tried to get up but her legs failed at that time.
Oracle was just watching and said "Your body is going to take a while to recover from muscle tranquilizer that I gave you. I recommend that you let your body recover. Later you can join me in the living room.”

When leaving the room Barbara continued to roll down the corridors of the Clocktower to reach the command center with its computers and screens. When entering the room, she simply asked: "Gentlemen, you have heard the words of the girl, what is your prognosis?"

At the same time an African-American man with a very stern countenance as a mask T-shaped filling his face said: "Her story seems to be very convincing, In the past we have seen something similar. But she isn’t from Earth3, as in the case of the Lexair flight crash in Hawaii."

Oracle was silent.

On another monitor the face of a young Asian man was visible and his image had an atomic structure in the upper left corner, On the back it had a gigantic circuit board. "She probably came through a rift in the fabric of local reality, something more or less similar to a paper cut made by our skin. The question is whether this will be frequent or not," He said with a serious tone of voice and calm at the same time. "If you want; I can be there in milliseconds for better analysis."

"No thanks," Oracle "I will appoint a team to keep an eye on her" she said . "Meanwhile , Dr. Choi, Mister Terrific , I prefer that you stay alert for other anomalies like this . Something's telling me that things can get interesting.”


Raven was feeling disturbed by all of those emotions. Since the arrival of Tina in place of Timothy she could not control. It was like the girl was nothing buta flood of emotions contained within itself and this affected her.

The only thing she could do was go to your room and meditate. Try to empty her mind, block those projected emotions and impulses contain within the memories until they no longer exist .

Raven sat cross-legged on a cushion and began to meditate. Quickly his bodyrose from the ground as she expelled the energies and emotions of your mind and body. At one point in his meditation she began to feel like it's a mouth invading your tongue and kissed her intensely and firmly. A Breath taking kiss.Soon after she felt like a pair of hands were caressing her small breasts andsoon the kisses became data on your neck and the base of her neck, as thechakra located at that point was being kissed intimately. Her body was reactingto the sensations that her mind felt previously. The flood from this sensualenergy made her nipples stiffen and her mouth get wet.

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