More cracks on the reality

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline The Replacement
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Titan Tower, San Francisco

Raven tried to push the erotic sensations from her meditation, but for the life of her, she continued to feel the physical stimulations.

“Damn it,” Raven breathed as she stopped trying to meditate.

“Don’t be like that,” Tina breathed down Raven’s neck, “You never complained about my distractions before.”

Raven realized that she was being groped from behind by the black haired Batgirl.

“Tina,” Raven gasped.

“Tell me to stop and I am gone,” Tina cooed in Raven’s ear while slide her hand over the half-demon’s pussy, “Ask me to continue and I can take you to heaven my little demoness.”

“Please, Don’t…” Raven gasped as the Muse pinched her nipple.

“Don’t what?” Tina kissed the Titan’s neck.

Raven gathered herself and vanished from the alternate Batgirl’s grasp and reappeared on her bed, naked.

“Don’t stop!” Raven demanded with cardinal lust dripping off her words.


Command Bridge, High above Helsinki, Scandinavian Queendom

All the women kneeled in the presence of a member of the royal family.  Another round of the disturbances was surrounding the open windows of the Command Bridge.  In a flash the woman who had been entering the bridge was replaced.

“A man defiles the sanctum of the Imperial House Hold?” one of the Amazons shouted, “Who do you think you are?”

Jason Todd’s mind raced, the Robin training and the Red Hood experience took over.  He had one Glock compact under each armpit, a full sized Glock on his right hip, three kriss knives at the small of his back, a dirk in his left boot, 14 mini flashbangs in his jacket, a Remington 870 pistol conversion on his back and five grappling guns in his pockets.  In a millisecond the inventory was done, around his was 24 Amazons, 5 mortal woman and 6 Amazon “marines” for lack of a better term.  Air vents above and below.

“I’m Jack Sparrow Bitch!” Red Hood shouted as he shattered the smoke pellets on the ground and disappeared into the haze of smoke.

“Find the Defiler and Kill HIM!” one of the bitches shouted.

“PMS much?” Red Hood murmured as he made his way throw the air vents that were too small for the D-Cup equipped amazons to get throw.


The Clock Tower, Gotham

Racheal made her way throw the apartment in the attic of the clock tower taking note of the similarities and differences between this tower and her own.  Right at the heart of the open space above was the wheel chair bound red head.  It was so weird, it was James in so many ways but it wasn’t him it was Barbara Gordon.  How would this woman’s pussy taste compaired to James’ cock?  Racheal had forsake all but her husband, but she still lusted after woman from time to time.  But then this woman was her husband, in a sort of way, right?

“Ah good, you are here,” Barbara said, “We got trouble.  I think the police picked up someone from your world, does the name Walter Kovacs mean anything to you?  Joker’s henchmen just grabbed him when they busted out of the hospital.”

Racheal froze in terror.

“That is one of the few alias of the RAGE,” Racheal shook, “No one knows where he came from, nor what his goals are.  What is known is that he killed The Red Claw.”

“Red Claw?” a male voice called over the communications link.

“Test subject of a Central American rogue nation to create artificial Amazons using a steroid cocktail called Venom,” Racheal recited the short version.

“Rule sixty three Bane,” Barbara noted, “Continue.”

“He is uncontrollable and no one makes a deal with him,” Racheal said, “we tried to use him for our own ends a few times, and it didn’t work out…”

“Wow!” Barbara interrupted, “Cassie’s com just lit up here in Gotham, and it’s an Oh SHIT! Coming right from Jason’s hide out.”

“You two go check on Jason,” the man said, “I’ll have Batgirl join me to hunt for the clowns.”

“This is going to sound weird but I need you to get undressed and give me your sizes,” Barbara said as she started looking up from her monitors.

She was struck in the face by a flying sports bra.

“If you wanted me Barbara there are better ways to ask,” Racheal snickered.

“What? I…” Barbara stammered as the now naked Racheal plopped down in her lap, “Street cloths!  We can’t go around Gotham in a minivan in full superhero drag!  You need street cloths!”


Engineering section, Somewhere above Helsinki, Scandinavian Queendom

The chick below him was a mechanic, perfect.  He dropped down, had her in a headlock and had the barrel of his primary pistol to the base of her skull.  So far all the signs had been in a hybrid of ancient and modern Greek and in Canadian English.

“English Mother Fucker,” He hissed, “Do you speak it?”

“Yes,” she retorted with a Gotham accent.

“Fewest numbers of words,” Jason demanded, “Where am I? What is this? What’s your mission? How do I get off this flying tub?”

“Evacuation corridor B seven,” she started, “You are on the Sword of Athena, we are hunting the Herotic Jade Dragon and the ship she stole, Shackles of Hades.  You want off this ship?  Right throw that hatch, it goes straight down.  But the Harpies will still kill you for defiling the sacred presense of her Majesty!”

Jason looked out the window and saw an attack helicopter outside.

“Harpies are attack helicopters right?” He asked as he looked around and formulated a plan, "You know what?  I have died once already!"

“You will die defiler!”

The snap was painless and instanious.  Of all the tricks he learned as a Robin, he was about to pull out one that he never thought he would use.


Location unknown, Gotham City

“Here he is boss,” the thug called Harpo said, “I figured after he bit the cops and the nurse he was our kind of man.”

“His charts said his name is Walter Kovacs,” the other thug said, “You got to admit the resemblance is weird.”

“Boys get some lunch, Im sure you haven’t had a good burger since the Bat got you,” Joker dismissed them, “Harley be a dear and check on the boys please.”

“Ok mister Jay,” Harley said as Joker smiled up at her from the armchair.

There was a long pause while they all left leaving the Joker with “Walter.”

“Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” Joker asked.

“I figured Moore was a good source for an anarchist’s name.”

“Now I’m sure that question that everyone is dying to have answered…” Joker leaned forward and clasped his hands in front of him, “What the hell happened that made him this way?”

“If I were to have an origin story,” the other man said, “I’m sure you would want it to be multiple choice too!”

The Joker released a long low chuckle.


Bridge, Athena’s Sword, above Helsinki, Scandinavian Queendom

“Your Majesty,” The captain said, “One of the Harpies has spotted the defiler trying to fly from the ship.”

“KILL HIM,” she said with all of her anger.

The monitor showed the gun-camera from the Harpy in question.  It fired it’s anti-tank autocannon into the dropping human form turning it into a splash of gore waiting to impact the ground below.

“He is dead,” the Captain announced.

“Lady Admiral Maxine Zeus,” Diana Queen of Themysicara intoned, “I see raising you to the nobility of the mortals was a wise choice.  I will allow you the reward of sharing my royal bed this evening.  Now someone find my assassin, the Red Hood and send her to me!”


Jason Todd’s apartment, Gotham City

Racheal pushed Barbara’s wheel chair into the apartment and right up to the Asian girl.

“Cassie,” Barbara asked, “What’s going on?”

Cassie, the Black Bat, Caine pointed to the kitchen.  Barbara and Racheal went in and found the young woman.  Racheal walked over and snapped her fingers in front of the Red Hood’s face.  Nothing.  She then looked at the TV, it was a channel called CSPAN and it showed countless old white men speaking to the camera, everyone a member of Congress.

“Couldn’t take it could you sister?” Racheal asked.


Engineering section, Athena’s Sword

The Amazonian officer spotted the mortal in full hazmat gear scanning the pipes on the wall.

“What are you doing?” she demanded, “The defiler is dead!  Get back to your post!”

There was a muffled response from the woman in the hazmat suit, she looked around and the motioned for the officer to come closer.  She held up a radiation scanner and it was giving off high reading.

The officer understood at once.  No one wanted a panic, and if it was known that the defiler had sabotaged the ship it would spread panic.  The officer let the woman in the Hazmat suit continue, she instead went to an intercom and called the bridge.

“All hear this,” a woman’s voice called over the PA after a minute or two, “As a reward we are going to two hundred meters and Her Majesty has invited all non-essential crew to join her on the top deck for a celebration.”

Jason smirked, the Hazmat suit made dressing in drag a lot easier, and now he will be able to slip out.

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