Meanwhile at Oracle's apartment

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline The Replacement
Characters Batgirl
Category Female Counterpart
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Barbara “Oracle” Gordon rolled over and examined the intruder that replaced Dick “Night Wing” Grayson. The woman was out cold.  She looked like she could be Dick’s twin sister.  Barbara decided to bring the intruder to a special secure room.


Down Town, Gotham

The two cops were driving along.  The weird red stuff in the atmosphere was freaking people out, so the commissioner ordered all cops out on to the streets.

“This is freaking me out,” Officer Jen McCarthy said looking up at the night’s sky.

“Every time something like this happens,” Sergeant Maria St. Pierre said from the driver’s seat, “It means some sort of alien Armageddon disaster!  Then the Superheroes come in and destroy what’s left of the cities to clear the evil aliens out!”

There was a flash in front of the police cruiser and Sergeant St. Pierre slammed on the brakes.  A man bounced off the hood of the police car.  Both cops went to check on the man.

“Matriarchal fascist!” the man said before losing consciousness.

“Call an ambulance!” Sergeant St. Pierre shouted to her partner, “You’ll be ok, we are calling an ambulance!”


The Clock Tower, Gotham

Racheal woke up slowly.  She was in the Clock tower, but it defiantly wasn’t her clock tower.  Nothing around from the bed looked like her decorations, and it wasn’t her husband’s handy work either.  But what she couldn’t help but notice was the rifle’s muzzle pointed at her face.

“Alright, start talking!” A woman’s voice said.

Racheal could tell she had been tied down, she had been in enough death traps at the hands of costumed freaks to recognize when she was being restrained.  She cocked her head and looked down the barrel of the rifle to see who it was.  The woman, looked like she could have been J.J.’s sister.  Same red hair, glasses, kissable nose, the same bright Blue-Green Eyes.

“Unless you want me to pick your nose with a thirty-ot-six round start talking,” the red haired woman said.

“I’m Racheal Greyson-Gordon,” she said calmly, “I use to be batgirl.  Now I’m Nightwing.  I live in the Clock Tower with my Husband James Gordon Junior, AKA the Oracle.  Shortly after we were married, the Amazon’s broke in and kidnapped me.  Seems they wanted to cure me of my sexual deviance.  They broke his back when he rescued me from the torture of the ‘reconditioning center’, ending his carrier as the first Robin.”

“What?” the red head lowered her rifle.

“I’m as bi-sexual as the next girl.  But it seems as soon as you put on a mask and cape the Amazon’s expect you to be full on lesbian!  I love my husband,” Racheal said, “He is more than just a sperm donor and babysitter for kids.  I love his wit, his intellect, his compassion, and his dedication.  What’s more, I am guessing that I am now in your world and that you are this world’s version of him.”

“I’m Barbara Gordon,” the red head lowered her rifle.

“The Commissioner’s daughter then.  Can I please be untied now?” Racheal looked at the restraints, “Or at least start with the sexy part of the kinky fun now.”

“I use to be Batgirl,” Barbara said, “My father James Gordon is the Police Commissioner.  Now I am Oracle.  So your world is Matriarchal?”

“Enforced with an iron whip!” Racheal sighed, "That's what caused Batgirl number two to fall out with the Belfree  The bitch became an enforcer for a militant extremist arm of the Amazons, she calls herself Red Hood these days."


The EMT turned the wallet over to the two police officers.

“We got his sedated and stabilized,” he said.

“Thanks John,” Officer McCarthy smiled.

“No problem Jen.”

“Did you look at this?” Sergeant St. Pierre asked as she looked at the ID.

“No,” John turned, “Why?”

“According to this,” Sergeant St. Pierre said, “Walter J. Kovacs lives on Athena Grant Street.”

“Never heard of it,” her partner admitted.

“There is a Ulysses Grant Street between the Roosevelt Loop in the Presidential blocks,” John offered.

“Looks like we need to start a false ID case when he wakes up,” Sergeant ST. Pierre gasped.

“Is it just me or does he look kind-a-like a buff Joker from here?” John asked.

“Don’t you put that evil on me Ricky Bobby!” Jen quoted the movie.

“Just get him to a hospital!” Sergeant St. Pierre said.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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