What about you and 'Steve?'

by Evva
Storyline The Replacement
Characters Teen Titans
Category DC Female Counterpart M/F
Previous Chapter The titans try dicover who is the girl

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"Whyshouldn’t we call Steve?" Conner asks "I wouldn’t call Steve, I don’t even who know this Steve you're talking about is!"

Tinasighed in relief, like the weight of the world was off her shoulders "The person that I replaced, don't they have a significant otheror a more steady lover?"

"Well,TIM has a fickle relationship with our Batgirl,” Conner said seeking for Stephanie contact on his mobile phone, “a girl who I intend to contact and confirm some of my suspicions."

"Please don’t! There’s no need to call her. I’ll answer whatever else I can,” Tina pleaded as Connor lowered her to the floor, “I don’t want to hurt this girl! Just imagine the shock when she discovers that her awesome boyfriend just disappeared..."

At this moment Cassie Sandsmark started laughing, creating a bothersome situation to those present.

"Sorry,but Tim is anything but an ideal boyfriend. He’s the type…”says the young amazon tried to be polite then went for blunt, “he disappears for weeks without giving notice and his has mood swings for reasons that only someone from the bat family could possibly understand. My dear, I think we have many differences to settle. How is this Steve? I imagine he is THE man of he is looking at you as a wife."

While Cassie was talking Tina walked to a sofa, at the same time as Cassie asked about Steve, Tina’s face blushed.  With a huff she finally sits on one of the sofas in tower's living room.

"Steve is like my kryptonite. I don’t know if you had a boyfriend who actually make your whole body squirm in pleasure and at the same time make you wish you could vanish from the world, letting you think you are taking the initiative all by yourself. When he’s close, he makes you feel that everything seems to be perfect! Thank God we broke up,” Tina gasped, “I mean, Batwoman gave me an ultimatum,or I abandon the him or I abandoned the mask!  It was because I was becoming a little woman, something she admits she fears for me. I broke off the relationship and spent a year training in Themiscera, relearning my independence and freeing myself from my bond with him. But it is like an addiction, you drop it, but the temptation is always there."

Cassie’s expression changed when she heard what Tina was talking about. It was like she had had with Conner. Well something similar but on a smaller scale.

"I understand. He is the kind of boyfriend who we become a part of. It was more or less like that with me and Conner before he died ...” Cassie put her arm around Tina, “I was devastated for a year, but I got myself together."

In another corner of the room Raven was watching Tina, something in your aura bother her . She entered into a brief trance and slowly entered the mind of Tina, probing for the images of the memories that she was talking about. The first image that came to mind was Tina being embraced from behind by a pair of robust and manly hands that slid directly in the direction of the utility belt, unbuckling it... Soon after that, these same hands entered inside her pants and slide inside her panties… and slowly two fingers of this hand made her wet with excitement just by touching the girl’s vagina. Tina quickly began to react as a hand and kisses were strategically placed on the base of her neck and behind the ear.

Soon after Tina was even lowering their pants, leaving her boyfriend to pluck her panties. Moments later the mind of the young muse is taken by her feeling of being penetrated from behind, her firm ass being penetrate vigorously. The pain she felt for large and wide limb was quickly replaced by a waves of pleasure.

Raven shook her head and soon broke the link between their minds trying not to be influenced by mental images from the passionate girl.

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