Maria Hill watches as Moonstone flies away. She orders Black Widow to do what ever is necessary to get a collar to be copied

by LesLes
Storyline Good Girls Gone Bad (Marvel)
Characters Black Widow Moonstone Maria Hill
Category Corruption Marvel F/F Mind Control
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Maria Hill grabbed at a handrail as the Helicarrier tipped violently starboard. She could hear the Helicarrier's enormous engines roaring, trying to stabilise the flying ship and failing. Hill fought to keep her eyes on the woman floating slowly towards her.

Karla Soren, the villainess Moonstone, held her arms outstretched as her blonde hair billowed in the gale of gravitationl power emanating from her. No, Hill, reminded  herself: this was only Moonstone's body. The villainess wore a glazed expression and a silver collar.

"Surrender and submit willingly or I will use this vessel to crush you into a ball of flesh and blood."

Hill tried to raise her pistol again, perhaps a riccochet would work where a direct shot would not. Suddenly she no longer needed to hold the rail as Moonstone's powers presed her flat against the crazily tilting deck. Powerless to move she watched as her gun and some of the bodies of the two dozen female soldiers Moonstone had killed before Hill arrived slid off the deck to fall into the streets of New York.

"Go to hell! When I'm free I'll collar you and make you beg for my touch like a fucking bitch in heat."

"Such bravado, but--"

Suddenly Moonstone's vicious smile turned positively husky as she looked to one side as if watching something Hill couldn't see.

"Rogue. It's about time."

Moonstone blinked and looked about as if surprised by where she was. Hill realised she was free again and clambered carefully to her feet as the Helicarrier began to right itself.

"Mistress," Karla Soren keened and then with a shudder took hold of herself. "Hill, I resisted her. I fought her. But she fucked me. She fucked me and enslaved me and it was so good. Don't resist her."

Moonstone was floating only inches from Maria Hill. The latina didn't have a gun any more, but she had her fists and she swung at the blonde's face with years of training and the power of her fury. Moonstone caught first one fist and then the other easily, and then her head darted forward to mash lips against Hill's.

"Submit," she commanded as Hill twisted her face free. Hill answered by attempting a headbutt, but Soren used her command of gravity to pull at Hill's hair and as she cried in pain her tongue pushed into Maria Hill's mouth.

"Coming, mistress," cried Moonstone before Hill could bite down in response and in a flash the villainess was gone. Summoned away by an unheard signal from the collar?

Stunned, Maria Hill could only stand and sway for a few moments. Then she ran for the command deck.


The Helicarrier's bridge was a mess, sheefs of reports and coffee cups thrown about the floor by the earlier pitching of the ships. A brunette agent with a pixie cut turned to Hill from the console she was studying. The agent wore only an unzipped black jacket emblazoned with a clenched fist in the Venus symbol. The pubic hair above her wet cunt was trimmed in the same style as that on her head. Evidently she'd been busy when the alarm sounded.

"Engine #4 suffered minor damage but repair crews are already in place. The end of the attack coincided with an explosion outside Four Freedoms Plaza. A drone is on its way."

Hill nodded. Her crew of female supremacists were formerly of SHIELD and while they had renounced their old loyalties they had kept their professionalism in a crisis.

Another agent at a communications terminal clicked her stiletto-heeled boots in salute and continued the report.

"We intercepted part of a signal being transmitted to Soren. We haven't cracked the code, but it also originated from the direction of Four Freedoms Plaza."

"That bitch, Sue Storm!" Hill raged, "She's fucked her do-gooder husband into building slave collars. She's behind this."

The main viewscreen flickered into life. For a few vital moments the smoke of burning cars hid what was happening from the drone's cameras, before the operator managed to find a clear spot. It was the aftermath of a superpowered battle.

Beneath the drone lens a few dead Hellfire soldiers slumped near the entrance to the Fantastic Four's base. Of more interest to Maria Hill were the other bodies sprawled around the plaza. She recognised Moonstone and took evil pleasure in seeing the villainess sprawled limp over the smashed hood of a car. But she also recognised the Human Torch, Thing and a trio of young mutants.

"Enhance quadrant three."

The image on the viewscreen zoomed in on the unconscious or dead form of Jonny Storm. He wore the same silver collar as Moonstone.

"The mutants attacked Sue, distracting her and her slaves. That explains our reprieve."

It was the simplest explanation though Maria Hill was aware that not all the evidence fit her theory. More important was taking advantage of her enemy's distraction.

"Widow, take a team. Seize those collars at any cost. If we can reverse engineer them, or simply crack the code... We still have the Raft and its prisoners and at worst we can fight Sue for control of her fucktoys.

"Second priority, if they're alive take as many as those superpowered cunts prisoner as you can."

Black Widow didn't move, instead she slunk forward.

"They don't all have to survive, do they?"

The gorgeous redhead in her figure-hugging revealing black latex catsuit whispered her question into Hill's ear. Hill shivered at Romanov's warm breath and the press of lithe body against her own. Ever since the scarlet light had transformed them both, liberating them from their ridiculous old morality, Natasha had been more than eager to apply her Red Room training in seduction and manipulation.

"More heads for the collection?" Black Widow had already beheaded Clint Barton and a half-dozen of Fury's loyal men. Their heads were her trophies. Black Widow's hands stroked teasingly over the front of Hill's black leather trousers. "Only one. The rest as prisoners. And I want Moonstone alive."

"Yes, general."

Black Widow snapped a salute and left, signalling a number of female agents to accompany her.

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