The next morning Sue and MJ's good sides reimerge but they are helpless to disobey Kingpin or his men

by exidor455
Storyline Susan Storm's Secret Life
Characters Invisible Woman Mary Jane Watson Kingpin
Previous Chapter He would discover what had changed them both into whores, and use it for his own ends

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Next morning, Sue awoke in a strange bed. She was in a luxurious bedroom that she didn’t recognize. She clutched the black silk sheets around her and wept as the memories of her depraved night at the Inferno Club suddenly flooded her mind.

She and MJ had danced and stripped to howls of appreciation,signed all the paperwork Fisk had ready for them afterwards, then began an epic fuck-fest with a parade of eager Johns. Finally, they’d made their debuts as porn stars as Fisk had one of his goons film them being gang-banged. Sue had reveled in every vile moment of it at the time, but now she was overcome with guilt and horror. And yet, the guilt itself seemed to kindle a spark of delicious pleasure somewhere deep within.

Suddenly, The Kingpin’s face appeared on a massive screen on the wall. “My dear Susan, welcome to Fisk Tower! I hope you find your new quarters to your liking? Make yourself at home. While you do, you might be interested in seeing this.” Fisk’s face was gone, replaced by the video of herself and MJ being ravaged.

There she was, naked and straddling one muscled thug while another knelt behind her, their cocks pumping in and out of her slippery ass and pussy. It was clear that she was loving every second of it, thrusting back against them with animal passion. A huge black thug stepped into view and held his huge cock under her nose. Sue watched herself smile up at him and then eagerly swallow the whole length of the huge veined dick till her nose was pressed against his belly. Two more thugs stepped forward from either side and she gripped their cocks in each fist and pumped them vigorously.

Susan buried her head in her hands, but nevertheless, the images of carnal debauchery caused an undeniable flutter of dark excitement in her belly. Slowly she parted her fingers so she could watch more of the filth.The Seed of Sin was germinating nicely, twisting her soul into deliciously perverse new forms. What she saw on screen was horrible, but God, it was so hot.

Even as she reeled with disgust, she savored the way her lovely toned body looked as it had all of its holes plugged with hard cock. She could remember all too clearly the forbidden ecstasy she felt last night, and the thunderous orgasms she’d enjoyed as cock after cock fucked her into oblivion.

Suddenly, Fisk’s face cut back into the action on screen,and she was actually disappointed that her vile porn performance had been interrupted! “This video is already very popular on several internet pay-sites,and soon it will be clear to the world that Susan Storm, respected heroine,wife and mother, is no more. Thanks to my legal team, you will be unable to see your family or friends. There is no turning back now, so you might as well embrace your new life.”

The porn returned to the screen. Now she was down on her knees with a circle of thugs around her, all jacking their cocks furiously as she waited with her mouth open wide and her tongue extended. Almost simultaneously, the cocks erupted and sprayed her with hot pumping jizz. The ex-heroine writhed sensuously as she smeared the goo all over her face and tits, and went from cock to cock, sucking down the last of their delicious cum.

The thought of this video going public filled Sue with horror and shame, but that only made the Seed of Sin take deeper root. The thought of thousands of people, her own family and friends among them being able to see her descent into depravity gave her a thrill of wicked pleasure. Suddenly she had a mental image of her own brother, Johnny Storm, watching her video and painfully jerking his own stiff cock, unbearably turned on by the sight of his beautiful sister’s transformation into a porn whore. Now her self loathing reached a whole new level and she gasped as her nipples hardened with lust at the thought. Oh God, what was she becoming??

Fisk’s voice spoke again from the screen. “If it helps you to acclimatize, have a look at your new wardrobe. I think you’ll find everything to your taste.” There was a hiss from across the room and an entire wall slid back to reveal a huge walk-in closet filled with fetish and S&M wear. She walked to the closet and felt a shiver of excitement as she looked over the wonderful collection of latex, PVC, leather, studs, whips, chains and handcuffs. Smiling, she reached up and took a latex catsuit down from a hanger and began to slide it on. The video proved she was a dirty slut, so it made sense to dress like one.

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