He would discover what had changed them both into whores, and use it for his own ends

by CorruptionCentral
Storyline Susan Storm's Secret Life
Previous Chapter Kingpin

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Wilson Fisk was no one's fool. There was far more going on here than met the eye. Neither of these women would go so far as have sex with low life's to set up some kind of sting operation. Mephisto sent another thought to the criminal mastermind... Whatever the influence they are under, now was his time to cement his hold over them.  Kingpin couldn't have a greed more but instead he whispered so only Susan could hear "I don't appreciate being played the fool or, even less so, being manipulated.  Show yourself and deal with me face to face!"

As Susan, Carl, and MJ froze in place, Fisk heard a sound like a crypt door dragging dry leafs as it opened followed by loud clapping.  The Hell Lord crowed "My, my Wilson Fisk... Your perceptions are as impressive as your reputation. Few mortals could detect my presence. In fact, most would be so enamored with the beautiful tart devotedly worshipping your cock that they would have been completely open to my influence."

Kingpin looked Mephisto in the eye and growled "Enough complements.  Obviously the bitches are in your thrall.  Any control I have of them is simply coincidental and at your discretion, yet you choose to deliver information to me that I could, and most likely will, use to make them my slaves for life.  You want me to destroy them which will bring the wrath of the whole hero community down on me."

The Demon Lord took a look of mock disappointment as he shook his head "Tsk, tsk, tsk oh 'mighty Kingpin'.  I thought I was dealing with a great and powerful leader of the criminal element... And not just here in this festering hole you call New York, but a worldwide player if you will.  How disappointing to see you cower with your tail between your legs at the merest thought of gaudily clothed fools and their ire.  Perhaps I misjudged you."

Kingpin laughed in the Lord of Lies face, much to the demon's surprise, and replied "You are far to use to dealing with fools, Mephisto. Only a fool enters in business without a full understanding of the situation.  There is something you want that I can provide.  There is something I get for providing it and much I risk as well.  Let us discuss how my involvement aids your plans.  We can then discuss what I can expect from your toys and for how long. As long as our interests do not conflict, I see no reason, heroes included, that we can not both benefit from this situation.  But let this be clear, I am asking no favors or boons from you.  This is simply an advantageous sharing of resources.  Agreed?" 

Mephisto smiled evilly at the crime lord.  He had hoped to steal this mortal's soul as well, but alas, his ability to deal with the Master of Lies without ceding his own soul was proof that he was up to the task before him.  Still, there will be later chances and the Hell Lord could wait.


Kingpin smiled down on the corrupted heroine vigorously working his massive cock in her delightfully talented whorish throat.  Until they slept the bitches were completely ruled by their dark side.  When they awake they would be back to their old morals and ideals.  The Seed of Sin will torture them with guilt over their acts; at least until they lose themselves in enjoyment of an evil act which will cause the dark side to regain control. Now both were afflicted with the Curse of Agreement as well making it impossible to disobey the Kingpin or his employees.  Even when they are 'good', they will find the evil they do incredibly enjoyable. All the while, the Seed of Sin feeds on their sins and guilt until it consumes them completely and they become living Succubi. If he can turn them within two fortnights, not only will Sue and MJ serve him for a full year, Kingpin will get additional heroes and heroines to train.

As Kingpin began spewing his hot sticky seed, Sue sucked the first shot down before pulling his dick out of her mouth and decorating her mouth and face with string after string of jizz.  Sue laughed deeply as she enjoyed the feel of her master's cum all over her beautiful face.  The Kingpin patted her head like a faithful dog as he addressed his employees "Carl, these two are now ready to 'go ho' as you put it. When they aren't dancing on stage I want our kinkiest customers paying top dollar to make use of their delightful services.  We have what... Six hours before closing?  Wonderful!  After you finish with your clients, I want you girls back here.  My lawyers will have your divorce papers as well as restraining orders against every hero and hero team in the country ready by then. Oh, and Susan... You will use your real name from now on.  I want Susan Storm and Mary Jane Watson on the billboards here.  I want everyone knowing what magnificent sluts you are and also who they are paying to fuck. If you're truly nasty girls tonight I might even have my best men gang bang you on video to start your porn careers.  How does that sound?" Fisk smiled evilly as the women enthusiastically cheered delight at the new turn of events, but before they could speak Fisk continued "From now on, you are my girls.  You live in Fisk Tower now.  That is home and you will cut ties with your old life.  Welcome to the life of the world's most uncommon whores!"

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