Meanwhile, what’s happening with MJ?

by CorruptionCentral
Storyline Susan Storm's Secret Life
Previous Chapter The next morning Sue and MJ's good sides reimerge but they are helpless to disobey Kingpin or his men

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MJ moaned in abject euphoria as the most erotic dreams of her life wash through her.  She trembled with pleasure between her silk sheets as visions of an army of men worshiping her body with wave after wave of long hard cocks and warm streams of cum.  They filled every orifice as she ground her hips and worked her mouth to squeeze every pleasure she could out of them.  It was pure sexual bliss as the red haired bombshell basked in the incredible erotic wickedness but then she saw Spiderman hanging from the wall and suddenly her elation turned to guilt and regret.  The hero pulled off his mask so she could see his hurt and anger before her threw a balled up piece of paper at her.  As MJ gazed at the crumpled paper she could read the word divorce on it.  The shocked woman snapped her attention back up but it was already too late... Peter was gone.

MJ woke with a start.  Her heart was pounding a mile a minute as she tried to grasp the reality of her situation.  She had a brief moment of relief when she realize that it was a dream, but that moment was short lived when she realized that she was not in the apartment she shared with her husband.  Oh, it was her room alright; her room in Fisk Tower! All the memories flooded into her now... The tawdry stripping for delighted perverts, the super slutty sex show she put on with Susan Richards on stage, the scores of men she prostituted herself with, and finally the hard core gang bang porno she did with the Invisible Woman.  It was all real, right down to signing papers to divorce her beloved husband. She would say it was like a nightmare, but that wasn't entirely true.  Last night it was a dream come true and she could still feel her dark delight of all of it, including ridding herself of the man that meant everything to her.

As MJ sobbed pathetically in the strange bed, the voice of her new employer rumbled from behind "Good morning my dear. At least I believe there are still a few minutes of morning left.  You slept in quite a while, but you did work so hard last night.  It was well after 4 AM when we returned home.  You do remember what we shared after you cleaned up, don't you?"  Kingpin pointed a remote at the 100" ultra high def TV and instantly the picture of MJ happily getting fucked up the ass by Fisk appeared.  Her face was a mask of true wicked delight as the massive man pounded her all to willing ass without mercy.  Mary Jane screamed the mantra of her dark wicked heart as the criminal porked her silly.  The sound was all the way up, so the woman was nearly deafened by her own voice as she scream "Oh YES... YES... I'm YOUR bitch, baby.  You own me mind, heart, body, and soul!  I'm your filthy whore and I LOVE it! I'm Kingpin's Cock Candy!"

MJ could feel everything that she felt at that moment.  Peter mean nothing to her then compared to her devotion to the man that made her a slutty piece of fuckmeat for mass consumption.  She could feel those same feelings of delight and passion now, but for the life of her she couldn't understand how she could have abandoned her love of Peter so quickly and completely.  She tried to put her hands over her ears to drowned out the sounds of delight and betrayal, but the mighty crime lord simply grabbed her wrists and pulled the beauty close as he growled "Please, my sweet, lets not miss the best part!"

Suddenly her master's voice boomed from the TV "Tell me again, my dear... Who do you love?  Who are you completely devoted to? Who will you always belong to?"

As the TV announced the answer, MJ couldn't help silently mouthing the response "You, Wilson darling! I'm devoted to you... only you.  You're the man that gave me everything.  You're the man that owns me!"  Tears flowed freely down her cheeks now, but deep inside the Seed of Sin drank in the horror, guilt, and despair like a black hole.  MJ was helplessly bound to this man and the only thing greater than her shame and self loathing was the bizarre erotic fire that burned within her. To her great humiliation she had to admit to herself that she had not lied when that film was made.  It was sick and twisted but from the deepest darkest pit of her soul, part of her did love what this man does to her. When he took her into a deep embrace she did not have the strength to resist him or her dark passion.  She couldn't help but kiss back.  What the hell was wrong with her?

When Kingpin pulled back from the embrace, he led the shell shocked woman to her living room.  Much to her shock, there where people already there as well as what appeared to be a massage table and tattoo equipment.  MJ's face grew crimson with embarrassment, but her master slapped her ass and said "Come on, my dear, you were the one who requested this.  Remember?"

Horror filled actress's heart as she remembered he pillow talk last night.  She had said that she ought to have his name tattooed to her ass.  From here she could see the pattern the artist was using. It was a cute female devil posing seductively with the words "Kingpin's Kutie" surrounding it.  It was too much for her as her master continued "Yes, I see that you do remember now.  Go ahead my dear.  Lay down on the table so I can brand my prize filly.  Everyone will know who you belong to now!" 

MJ's mind was a jumbled mess now.  She didn't hesitate to get on the table.  Her resistance was spent.  Her pure part felt she deserved this fate for what she did to Peter when she became a whore for his enemy and signed the papers to separate and divorce him!  Of course her dark side couldn't be more delighted.  There was no going back now.  And the Seed basked all the more in the nourishing glow of guilt and perverse joy as the tattoo artist began his masterpiece.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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