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by noname002j
Storyline Amazing Woman: The Legend Begins
Characters Amazing Woman Wonderboy
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After being captured Brett was taken to a secure Penthouse that often used by the Countess for her special guests.

Brett opened his eyes and found himself now bound hand and foot with ropes and chains, and lying upon the floor of a dark room. The first thing he noticed immediately was his all clothes except for his underwear briefs had been removed.

His body was still hurting from the fight that he had been in and the beating they gave him afterwards. He cursed himself for being so stupid. He wanted to help Martha, not do something that would put her greater risk.

He thought it would be so easily, and yet he walked straight into the hands of the nine bodyguards. It was like Countess was expecting some unwanted company. The guards then took turns beating him with baseball bats as they demanded answers to their questions, it was a miracle nothing was broken. Still he had told them nothing before the big one clocked him over the head.

Brett shook his head trying to shake out the cobwebs. Something was wrong, he felt so lightheaded like slightly drunk. Had he been drugged? He lashed about in a wild bid for freedom, succeeding in nothing.

“Resistance… will do you no good,” said a seductive woman’s voice as the lights of the room brightened.

After Brett’s eyes had adjusted and he noticed that beautiful woman sitting on the bed a few feet away. He recognized Countess Rei from the photos in the SWORD files he had studied. The photos that were taken a few years ago didn’t seem to do her justice as appeared far more beautiful in person.

Rei was dressed in a sexy low-cut back revealing dress and her hair was wet like she had just taken a shower or a bath. Brett could smell the aroma of her favorite perfume all over the room.

“Playing the role of good cop,” asked Brett as two of the goons entered the room and forced him to kneel before the Countess. “It will do you no good. I will tell you nothing!”

Rei smiled and seductively crossed her long legs and told a white lie, “But you already have. In fact you’ve told us everything! Do you not remember?”

“I told you nothing,” said Brett.

“You told us plenty,” lied Rei who then used information gathered by Jason’s spies, “You even told us about Amazing Woman or should I say Martha… Martha Knight…”

Brett’s eyes widened and his heart filled dread. Oh God, my actions have truly betrayed Martha, he thought

Rei smiled as she studied Brett’s reaction. He said nothing but the look on his eyes told her everything. Then one of the guards behind Brett pulled out a syringe and injected him in the back of the neck.

Brett struggled against the ropes, feeling more dizzy and lightheaded.

Rei snapped her fingers and the guards untied Brett and pushed him to the floor. Rei stood and slowly walked towards him. Her heels tapping on the floor.

“Thanks to you we know everything about Martha,” said Rei circling him like a vulture. “I know all about Amazing Woman and SWORD. Soon she will be in chains…. ”

“Nooo!!!” screamed Brett as he jumped to his and lunged towards the Countess. “I won’t let you hurt Martha!”

The Countess smiled and easily dodged his clumsy attack. She avoided his swinging arms and punches and then returned a few martial arts jabs that brought Brett back down to the floor.

Rei slipped off her heels and leaped and kicked Brett in the chest sending him to the floor. She then turned to the guards  , “You may leave us… he is no match for me… no man is.”

The guards nodded and left the room.

Brett was now on his hands and knees struggling to pull himself off the floor. His body was in such pain, perhaps the worst he had ever experienced.

Rei leaned down and touch his bare shoulder, her other hand targeted another spot in the young man’s back.

“Does that feel better,” the Asian woman whispered in his ear.

Brett gasped with pleasure, he had never experienced anything like it before in his life.

Rei pulled on Brett’s arm and helped him up. As he rose, her hands rushed various spots on his chest and torso.

“W-What are..” Brett tried to ask, feeling his body becoming more and more aroused.

“I’ll ask the questions,” Rei whispered into his ear. “You are very handsome Brett. It is Brett, isn’t it? Brett Jenkins?”

Brett’s mind was struggling to resist but he nodded his head yes. Rei smiled.

“Did Amazing Woman teach you those moves,” she asked.

“Some.. She and SWORD has been… uggghh…” Brett started to say, but he stopped as he realized what he almost revealed. The drugs were working its magic on him, loosening his tongue as Rei’s hands kept distracting him and keeping off balance.

However Countess Rei didn’t need him to finish his sentence to correctly guess what he was about to say.

“Amazing Woman is training you to be a hero like her,” said Rei. “That’s the reason why she was interested with you, isn’t it?”

Brett said nothing. Again he didn’t need to, his eyes told the whole story.

“A pity, she wouldn’t want you just as a lover,” said Rei as she caressed his face. “Were you her lover?”

“We wanted…tried..” babbled Brett with trickles of sweat running down his face. His heart pounding.

“Are superheroes are married to their jobs,” asked Rei smiling, her bare hands caressing and stroking his chest. “I would have let Metro City burn to the ground to be with a man like you… I bet it makes you both so hot… working so close… always being denied…”

Brett just breathed heavily as he stared into the eyes Rei.

“I know just what you need,” whispered Rei softly licking her lips. “Something to release your frustration, your pent-up lust on...”   

Before Brett could say anything, the door opened and the beautiful blonde haired maid Suzette walked in. The mind of the stunning French maid was blank, her will subdued just as Jasmine’s will was earlier.

“Here’s my beauiful blonde diva Suzette,” said Rei. “She’s my daughter’s best friend, but little does my darling SuSu realize that she’s been under my control for years.. as will you be soon.. Suzette is just as skilled in the art of sensual sexual manipulation as I. Now that you’ve been primed, I’ll leave you two alone… Trust me you will enjoy… then you will obey..”


The following morning…

Timothy Langstrom was taking a shower, a cold shower. His mind was still on last night, finding out his father was Max Wonder and then discovering he had the abilities of super ninja. Was that something that was transferred to him from the Box of Wonders before it was destroyed and if so why didn’t all of his father’s powers.  

“You have to learn how to walk before you can fly,” his father’s voice echoed in his head, which was something his father often said to him growing up before he died.

Timothy had redressed in his everyday clothes, putting the Wonderboy costume stuffed away in his backpack for now. He would wear it for SuSu at the party tonight, but he knew he’d needed to improve the design or least make the shorts not so tight if he’d ever planned go out on “patrol” again.

“I’m going to have to tell SuSu about this,” he thought after closing up the secret entrance to the “Wonder Den” in the living room. “But how do I tell SuSu any of this… if I don’t she’ll figure it out… she always does…. Well I better not tell her about that dancer…”


Later in the parking lot outside of Metro City High School…

Timothy told SuSu almost everything. She listened to every word patiently and when Timothy was finished she promptly gave him a response.


“OW!” cried Timothy rubbing his check. “But, it’s all true! I’m serious, that all really happened!”

Tears were forming in SuSu’s eyes, “That’s not all that happened!!”

“This was posted on U-Tube-It this morning, not only is it all over the internet but also the news,” SuSu shouted as she fished out her smart phone and showed Timothy something that got posted on the internet on U-Tube-It. The video showed Timothy dressed as Wonderboy fighting the angry ex-boyfriend and saving the erotic dancer… then the video showed had no sound but it did just how grateful the dancer was towards Wonderboy after he had saved her.

The video of Wonderboy’s heroics was taken away at a distance, possibly across the street because the faces even zoomed in was very blurry. However SuSu knew that there was only one teen in the world who owned a Wonderboy costume… because she made it herself for him.  

“I… I know she was throwing herself at you, but you could have been honest with me,” said SuSu weeping, “You don’t think I would have forgiven you?! Yet when you decided to tell me your big secret, you managed to leave that part out! Which means your willing to keep secrets from me… which means I can’t trust you at all!”

SuSu pulled out the ticket to the party that she planned to give Timothy today and then tore it in two before his eyes. “I’ll keep your little secret, but I don’t ever want to see you again… Wonderboy.”

Timothy lowered his head in shame as SuSu ran off towards the school still crying. He thought about chasing after her, but he knew he totally blew with her. SuSu was angry and she had every right to never forgive him.

“Wonderboy, what a joke,” thought Timothy kicking stone that rested on the ground before walking away.


Hours later…

Shortly after returning to at her mansion, Countess Rei was ready to begin the next phase of her master plan. Soon the halls of her mansion would be filled with many costumed guests who were invited to celebrate her birthday including the President of the country.

She walked down the corridors of the halls and watched as her plan began to unfold. Already the secret service agents had arrived and busy setting up their security for the President’s arrival later, setting up their check points. Detective Doris Major had also just arrived and was working with the agents.

Rei smiled she walked by her daughter’s room. She paused as she heard crying

After knocking on the door, Rei peeked inside to see her daughter sobbing as she lay curled up in a ball on her bed.  

“SuSu, what’s wrong,” Rei asked.

“It’s nothing Mommy,” sobbed SuSu.

“It doesn’t sound like nothing,” said Rei as she walked inside the room and carefully sat down next to her teenage daughter. “Is this something to do with the Langstrom boy?”

SuSu nodded as she up, “We broke up.”

Rei noticed a box of tissues laying next to the bed and pulled one out to wipe away her daughter’s tears.  

“Maybe this is good thing, you know how I feel about boys like him,” said Rei. “We are like royality and deserve the best.. the very best. He was beneath you.”

“You don’t know anything about love,” said SuSu pulling away from her mother. “If you did, you know how much it hurts when you lose the one you want to be with.”

SuSu’s words hit Rei’s heart like a dagger.

“I do know dear,” said Rei. “There was a young man whom I loved most deeply and most passionately years before I met and married father… We were like oil and water, we were often enemies and circumstances caused us to clash quite often. His name was Max Wonder!”

With that SuSu’s jaw promptly dropped.

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