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Storyline Amazing Woman: The Legend Begins
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Brett was confused. He thought Amazing Woman had his best interests at heart, bt now... she was just so preoccupied with the attacks that night, and with finding out what the crime boss had planned. It was all centered on tomorrow night's party on Countess Dante's mansion. He had been studying old schematics of the place, and the permits and plans Dante had filed for renovations. The place was huge! But he had found out a few things- including a flaw in the security system. t was tight, but with the correct timing, someone could sneak in and out unnoticed. He had suggested to AW that she do just that- or that he could- sneak in, get a better sense of the layout, maybe plant a few surprises if there was an attack. But she had said no- that the secret service was checking the place out that day  that she was only going to be there as back-up to them, in case of an attack- she had gotten her hands , through a little SWORD magic, on an invitation in the name of 'Martha Bishop - the identity she used when at the shelter. She was going to add a simple mask to her Amazing Woman costume, so her face wouldn't be seen UNLESS she decided to take action. 

But he knew she was wrong! They needed an edge- and, he just knew there was more to this Countess than the SWORD files suggested. Her father and her husband both had suspected ties to organized crime, but there was no proof- it was too much ti be a coincidence! But- he was suppose to stay here, "safe." Well, that's not what a hero does!

He opened the door to his room. It was pretty much just a bed, a desk with a computer, some books, and a closet, with a bunch of workout outfits and his old clothes- and the suit from that night. But he had a secret, too. He had taken one of Martha's old military camouflage outfits- it was SWORD-issued, and almost bulletproof, like her Amazing Woman costume. But, with the proper equipment, it could easily be tailored to his size. He had done that, and filched a few more pieces of tech- small things, spares of hers that would go to waste, otherwise. He had created himself a uniform- camouflage  including a beret, with a weapons belt containing gas grenades, a small cutting laser, an amazingrang, and a few other surprises. It also had an interference field, like the Amazingmobile, which would keep his image from being captured on video surveillance. In short, it was a perfect stealth costume. he would go in, check around, perhaps plant a few gas grenades, flash-pops- and then, tomorrow, he'd tell Amazing Woman what he'd done. She'd be so proud!


The Countess moaned in ecstasy- he little Ebony was VERY good at this! She would have to reward her- perhaps let her experience the awesome cock that Bruno possessed? No- she wasn't quite ready for that. i suppose. Although seeing her try to take it- ummm

"AHHH!"she screamed out her orgasm, her strong legs contracting around Jasmine's head. Jasmine felt her head being crushed, but loved it- she loved anything her mistress did to her! The spasm subsided, and Jasmine felt her mistress grab Jasmine's hair, pulling up her face from the delicious, wet pussy.

"You have pleased me, my Ebony, greatly- and for that, I shall do something for you I save only for my favorites."

The Countess indicated that Jasmine should join her on the bed. She eagerly obeyed, her d-cups bouncing as she almost jumped up on the bed. Rei sat up, looking down at the curvaceous 18-years old's body. in just this brief period of training, her muscles were already more defined- her belly, once slightly soft, was hard and showed some definition. Her thighs, too, looked firm and strong. And those marvelous breasts- so round and firm, with large, purplish nipples on her milk chocolate skin. she would be a fine tool in the Countess' empire!

Rei reached up, and undid the ornate pin holding her hair up. It flowed down her luscious body, virtually covering her to her waist She leaned forward, and her hair flowed like silken threads, and brushed against Jasmine's stomach. The girl shuddered- the sensation was indescribable, hundreds of tiny feathers touching, stroking her skin. Rei moved up, her hair caressing and engulfing the large dark breasts, sending sparks through Jasmine's body.  Up to her face, where the scent of rose petals competed with the caresses for the girl's attention. The hair parted, and Jasmine's vision was filled with the gorgeous face of her mistress, coming down towards her. Oh, so gently, Rei kissed her eyes, her cheeks  her nose- and then her plump lips, with merely a hint of tongue- enough to make Jasmine moan in frustration.

The  down again, her arms, breasts, torso- and then Rei lifted, just before getting to Jasmines wet, aching cunt. Jasmine almost grabbed her, then- but her training was too solid to allow that. She felt the hair again, caressing her left thigh, down her leg, to her feet- the tickling sensation was incredible  so much so she almost came from that- and then the other foot, and up  up, up- and -

"YEEESSSSS!" Jasmine screamed as the beautiful sensation touched her clit. She came- wetly, spewing out cum.Rei dove down, and sucked, drinking all she could, sucking like a vampire- causing yet another orgasm for Jasmine. 


Jasmine was dressed in her TV anchor suit. No one would guess, if it weren't for the lustful, contented look on her face, what she had been doing. She had the Countess's gift under her arm. The Countess remained on the bed in the secret penthouse suite, nude and beautiful.

"Now, my ebony, you shall go home. When you leave the building, as usual, there will be a cab waiting for you. While you are being driven, your "Jasmine' personality will take over. You will think there is nothing odd about arriving home late, that you were doing research for your big story tomorrow. You will also not question the costume you will wear- if your boss tries to make you wear something else, you will agree- but then change just before your first broadcast. Tomorrow, you will be Jasmine Knight, as you were before you met me- but you will take note of the face of every woman who comes into the party  especially those in an Amazing Woman costume. If any of them resembles your sister, you will find yourself compelled to say to one of my servants 'that woman looks familiar"- and then you will forget it, and return to your job.  And when you hear me say the words "My ebony" you will feel your true self come out- you will not show this self to anyone, but you will remember your orders, and fulfill my wishes. "

"Now, leave me, my Ebony- and rest well."

Jasmine turned and left. Rei luxuriated on the bed- it wasn't as nice as her own, at home  but it smelled of Jasmine- and of herself. It was wonderful to be-

An alarm rang from her phone- an intruder in her house! She ran over, all thoughts of the night's passions forgotten. 

"yes? Well, who is he? Well, run recognition- oh, so he has some little toy preventing that? Alright- send Bruno after him- and make sure my daughter knows nothing of this, understand? I'll be there shortly." She smiled- an unpleasant, catlike smile. "Bring him to my playroom." 


Wonderboy stood, having gagged and trussed up the big bruiser like a turkey- all those knot-tying lessons in the Scouts (and on Gramps' yacht) had done him some good, after all! The tall dancer- in those heels, she towered over him by 5-6 inches- was smiling at him. She wasn't necessarily beautiful- wide mouth, high cheekbones- she looked a little like Julia Roberts, actually- like she had in that movie where she played a hooker. The wild mane of red hair added to the resemblance  as did those long, long legs!

"Um- you should probably go in and call the police. Tell them what happened- but- uh- you don't have to tell them about me."

"what should I tell them, " Barbie asked, raising an eyebrow, "that I stopped him? Little me?" She slid off her coat, and it dropped to the ground  revealing her body fully. She crossed her legs, and slowly turned. The back of her silver corset was low- incredibly ow- and inch more, and the top of her ass would be revealed. it was also cut high- more than a thong, but a significant part of her firm, muscular butt was revealed. Timothy gulped. 

She finished the turn, and waited for his eyes to meet hers again. 'Do you think they'll believe I could stop a big man like him?'

'Timothy tried to stop it, from he couldn't. "I believe you could stop a mack truck with that body." What was wrong with him? Always saying the stupidest, most ridiculous- But then, she smiled- a real, full, Julia Roberts smile!

"That is cheesy- but really sweet. So, tell me. Wonderboy, what do you like most about my traffic-stopping body?" She posed, turning slightly, so all her curves were brought out. Tim noticed that she was toned, athletic- not voluptuous like most of the girls, including Susu, that he usually felt like this about. "I I guess- I mean- well- your legs are-"

"That's what most guys say. They are ver-rr-rr-y long," she lifted one leg out to him, pointing her toes. It scratched up along his chest, resting on the point of the W, "and also quite flexible." Her leg continued up, until it was pointing straight up, the calf next to her face, her toe still pointed up to the sky. "Want to see how flexible?"

Timmy could only nod- his voice as long gone. She smiled, and her head slowly rolled down, followed by her neck and back- as soon as she was low enough, her knee bent on her outstretched leg, and curled around her neck. She grinned at him. Whaddya think, Wonderboy? Maybe I should become a superhero, too. Rubber Girl? Elastic Woman?" She She untwisted herself, and walked towards him, hips swaying.

"Cat got your tongue. Well, if you remember how to talk, come back and see me- I'm here Mondays." she was right next to him, and started tracing the days into his chest with her long nail, 'Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. I get off at midnight- just like tonight." Her nail traced down his torso, to his shorts, and the bulge protruding from them. She gasped as she ran her finger along it- as did Timothy. It was taking every ounce of willpower not to cum- or to run away.

"Oh, my- this is much more than I expected. Is this why they call you Wonderboy?" She placed his hand on him and squeezed, gently. Timothy couldn't help it. he came, a little- he managed to hold back some, but.

Barbie smiled- and brought her hand up to her mouth, and licked. That almost ended it for Tim. Then, incredibly, Barbie blushed.

'I'm sorry- I shouldn't tease you like that. I just- you saved me, and you are so sweet, and nice, I just- look- you should go. I'll call the police. Thank you- really. And sorry."

She turned and picked up her coat. Tim tried not to, but he couldn't help but stare at that marvelous ass. She turned back. He quickly met her face, bu- her smile let him know she knew exactly what he had been looking at. she smiled- there was just a little sadness in it. "Goodbye, Wonderboy. She started to turn, then rushed over to him, and kissed him hard and deep. He could taste cigarettes and alcohol- but none of that stopped him from enjoying it.

After the kiss, she stepped back. "You are going to make some girl VERY happy. You know- if you don't have someone right now, we could-"

"I- I have a girlfriend, actually- I guess. it's-"she place her finger on his lips.

'Shh. It's okay. Your first time should be special- with someone you love. But- y'know- if it doesn't work out, come and see me- I wouldn't mind turning Wonderboy into Wonderman."

She walked away quickly, back into the club. Wonderboy stood there for a minute.

He heard a moaning from the ground- the big gorilla was coming around. His voice was muffled by the gag, but his anger was obvious. 

Wonderboy kicked him in the head, and ran off, climbing up a fire escape to the roof. It wasn't easy with a hard-on.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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