Susan thinks about how her life will go on while Pepper went nuts in Reed´s Lab. But she runs away only to get filmed by Dr. Doom

by colleem
Storyline Toys of the Purple Man
Characters Invisible Woman Human Torch Mister Fantastic Pepper Potts Doctor Doom Moondragon
Category Masturbation
Previous Chapter Reed has a talk with Violet and it is normally and right to rape Pepper Pots while working. Susan on the other side is enjoing her new lifetime in the bath

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Dr. Doom had arrived in New York on one of his secret Ships. He remembered every visit of this town. Every time when he had a plan to defeat the Fantastic Four he had fought them. But always he had been beaten at the end. Even if he had thought that he had won the battle he had finally lost the war. It wasn´t that he had to fight the Fantastic Four. No. He had to fight their allies as well. The Avengers were very dangerous enemies but also he had fought about a shadow group with mysterious powers. These Super humans called them self the X-Men. It was clear that they were Mutants of a very high Level. But he hadn´t been able to track them down to her base until now. He had heard rumors about a very powerful telepath leading this team. In the inner circles he was called Dr. X. What a foolish name for a Hero. X! What kind of Name was that? He know that the X-Men fought their own battle about the Mutant Leader Magneto and it wasn´t common for them to interact with other heroes. But Dr. Doom had learned in one of his battle that these X-Men were fearful enemies. There was this Men that could fire a high energy beam out of his visor like device over his eyes. Then there was a good looking woman which could command the force of the weather at her will. Very impressive. The wild and beastly fighting beast with the build in claws was one of the strangest of them. Doom was sure he had hit this beast with a full hit of his Doom ray but after only a few minutes he had been on the feet again fighting him with an animal wildness. And then there was this very strange telepath and telekinetic woman. He just felt that this woman was to most dangerous of them but couldn´t pinpoint why.
In his hideout he enabled a uplink to his mainframe and downloaded the newest information about everything that had happened in New York. He was informed that there had been 2 Fights were Spiderman have fought a bank robberies. One Fight were the Asgadian God Thor had saved 100 People from a fire in a Base Ball hall. The Fantastic Four had a low profile. Susan Richards had been on a shopping tour and one PR Event. The Thing was maybe on the loose with his girlfriend. About Dr. Richards there weren´t much information. As always he was working in his lab and tried to overpower Dr. Doom´s intellect. But Doom was much smarter than he would ever be.
Then he got some very interesting news. One of his Spy-Satellite had locked on a Space Time Event that was forming in the Outer Space around Earth Orbits. It seemed that there was forming a Wormhole and it took him only minutes to analyze it. It had its origin on the Titan. It could only mean that the titan warrior known as Moondragon was on her way to earth. As he looked at his computers he had managed to calculate the time when the wormhole would be big enough for her to go through. He had 3 Days left until this enemy would be here again. But what wanted this woman on this earth? He had to be careful not to got drawn into a battle that he couldn´t calculate. He would hold a low profile. He send out his Spy-Bots and gave them the order to get information about the Avengers, the Fantastic Four and maybe find out about the X-Men. He heard news that the Justice League had closed his Embassy in New York for a while after there had been battles were members of the League had fight Members of the Avengers. Even after almost every Superhero of the world was respecting Supermen´s League not everyone was happy that they interfered with the local Heroes Areas. The Avengers were no members of the League and Tony Stark was not the only one who thought that it was the right thing. The Avengers weren´t the Kind of Heroes the League wanted into her organization. Supermen had to fight the Hulk more than one time in his life and he didn´t trust him very much. But he had made peace with the Avengers and so he had redrawn his own members mostly out of New York. Just by giving the Avengers and the Fantastic Four more Space he had again won influence over both groups. He could be sure that the Avengers and the Fantastic Four would help him if he ever needed help.

Susan was in heaven. She was pressing on Jonny´s body and her brothers Powers were heating the water to a constant nice level. She looked at the Watch at the wall and grinned widely. It was almost evening. If her mind was working right just now they had fucked roundabout 8 hours again. Her brother was sleeping smiling in his dreams. Susan was smiling and was carefully jerking him. She liked the Idea that he was having erotic dreams and she whispered softly in his ear about what he would do with him when he was awake. He had felt guilty after her primal need had been satisfied. He had felt terrible after she had regained enough of her willpower so she was able to understand what she had done. Not only had she seduce her own brother and then had fucked him like she had never fucked a men before... no she had betrayed her beloved Husband. Why could a men she loved so much could be such a loser in bed. There had been times when she had loved the thought that he could do such incredible things with his dick in her. But it had got boring more and more. It had felt like she would ride a dildo and not a human lover. He always tried to fit his dick in her pussy just to satisfy her but that was exactly what she didn´t want. She wanted a real human hard dick. Something her husband could never give her. He wasn´t able to suppress his powers so it was not possible to give her what she needed. The sex with her brother had been so much more.
He had gave her what she needed. He had taken her with his impressive cock. It had felt so wonderful to feel a penis out of pure flesh and muscles in her. Nothing that changed shape in her or that got bigger or thicker in her hole. Just a human like penis that would fill her out and then would fill her with semen. She had felt so womanly as he had first entered her. How sensitive he had been as he placed his dick on her anus. How soft he had entered her. He had tried everything to make her feel good. He had slowly started to move his dick in her and she had felt every inch of his member in her. With growing need and lust he had moved faster and faster and finally he had taken her hard on the table. Her first climax and the following climaxes had been almost more that she had could handle. Then she hadn´t stopped. She had betrayed Reed but she had been affected by the feeling of her brother. He didn´t just want to have sex with her. He wanted that she would feel good. He wanted to do everything so she could enjoy every second with him. He was truly a wonderful lover. It had been too long since she had such a wonderful lover. It was too late for them. As they had entered the bath it was like she had made him a promise. The promise to fulfill HIS dreams now. She would be everything he wanted all his years while they were in this room. He could do everything he wanted to her. She would give him everything he want. And he had get what he wanted. OH YES! he had got it all.
Now she had to life with it. But would she be able to tell Reed the truce? Or would she be able to withstand her brother from now one? Was it just this one Moment of weakness. Or not? She gently kissed her brothers head and smiled. She would stay by him just a little bit longer. Feeling his body on hers. Feeling his half erected Member in her hands. And knowing that he was dreaming only of her right now.
Everything would look better tomorrow. She was sure of it. And right now Reed wouldn´t be able to notice it after all.

Pepper Pots wanted to enter the Baxter Building and was smiling at the People. Nobody was able to remember her. She had put her long hair under a big hat and her new tits made it almost impossible that someone would be able to say who this hot looking woman was. It felt good to be incognito in such a nice place. She scanned the area and was looking for the males in the room. She felt strange as she saw how many men's looked at her. She was used to be the dim light around all the other woman. It had been years of working for Tony before he had sawn her as a woman. And by her first night she had been very shy because she wasn´t very sure how true his feeling were. But now she had every male looking at her. Some of them were undressing her with their eyes other were a little bit more careful because they had a woman at their sides. But it felt very good to be in the center of the most of the men. She thought about how it would be if she would take her nice titties out and how many of this guys would stand in line to suck them.
She was so grateful that Reed had gave her such wonderful new tits. She had to thank him somehow. Maybe she should show him what she had? He looked like he was liking her newly tits too. After all. She had now much bigger breasts as his wife had. The mere thought of this made her hot. Her mind raced. She wanted to fulfill her mission for Moondragon but she wasn´t able to betray her beloved Tony already. What should she do? She wanted to rest her head on the tits of Moondragon. She wanted to obey her when she would wanted a good tongue fuck. But she couldn´t get herself to the point where she would betray Tony.
As she drove to the Penthouse she was almost crying. Why was life so mean to her? Why couldn´t she be Moondragon´s Slave without betray her beloved. And why wanted Moondragon watch her fuck Tony? it would be so hard for her to see Tony fuck her. But on the other side it was turning her on like only little things before. She would see Tony sucking on her amble tits and how his impressive cock would spray his cum all over her. Maybe Moondragon would allow her to lick his cum of her body. Her Hand punched again the wall of the evaluator and she was horny and mad at the same time.
As she entered the Plaza of the Fantastic Four she didn´t see any of the Heroes. She called for them and a robot like voice told her that Dr. Richards was waiting for her in the Lab. She was thanking the KI that remind her on Tony's House interne KI. It was funny how much these two men had in common. As she entered the Lab she saw Reed bending over his Consoles. His Hand and his fingers were stretched so he could reach all of the Consoles at once. His fingers moved with unbelievable speed over the Data fields and she saw a picture of Moondragon on the Screen. She saw the Picture of this perfect woman on the Screen only dressed in a deep Green curve-accentuating dress. She saw her bald head. She could see her impressive tits very good after all this dress made for only one purpose. To show how hot this woman was. Only one look at the picture was enough to fuel Peppers lust. She felt her nipples got hard and the hot feeling between her legs proving that she was getting wet. She let her eyes wander over the picture of this woman. Reed hadn´t noticed her until now and so she was absorbing every pixel of the picture. She felt how her mind wandered to Moondragon. She was dreaming. She wanted to dream. She wanted to dream of Moondragon while watching at her picture. Her hand wandered to her chest and each hand took one of her tits into her soft hold. Her tits were too big to cover them complete but it was much better now. It was still a little unused to the feeling but she liked it to let her fingers wander about her giant tits. She had now tits big enough to caress one with both of her hands. With shaking hands she pulled her top down and still looking on the picture she grabbed first her left, then her right breast and took it out of her bra. She could feel the soft air in the Lab on her nipples and her index finger whirled around her nipples slowly. She looked shortly at Reed just to be sure she was still able to look somewhere else. But she had a vision were Moondragon was Fucked by this men right now. Then the Vision changed and she saw Reed jerking while looking at the Picture. Her pussy arched for something in her now. Her legs spread a bit only to be spread apart. She was standing behind Reed Richards and had her tits free. Every second he could turn around and see her founding her melons. He would see her hard nipples and would see her lust after Moondragon. Or even Worse! His wife could come into this lab and see her! What would Susan Richards think if she would see her! It was sooooo wrong but her hand went under her skirt to feel her pussy. Her panties were out of the way in a blink of a eye. Her soaked panties! She was wet and ready for her mistress. She could feel her pussy lips engulf her finger as it entered her swollen cunt. Her index finger was slipping in without any resistance. It felt so nasty to enter her own pussy right here and now. But it was sooooo wrong. She was sure that Reed would be upset if he saw her. If she had knew how the tit obsessed Reed had surely reacted she would have stayed but she still thought that he was faithful and a men of honor! So she took all of her willpower together and moved silently backwards. She couldn´t let her caught by him. Not now. Not like this! She had to get out to fingerfuck her to get release! As soon as she was able to get away without getting his attention she turned around and run away. She was running to the Base of the building and was standing on the Heliport Section. It was a little bit cold out here but in her inners body she was in flames. Her tits still free she watched over the skyline of New York. She was on one of the highest Buildings in the town. She looked down on everyone. She had her big hot tits on display for every male and every woman in this town now. It was too much for her. She inserted a finger in her wet cunt and her other hand cupped her tit and massaged it hard and horny.
She didn´t noticed the little flying Mini-helicopter that was flying over her. And even if she had known it... it was too late to hold her. She was fingering herself and was getting hot by the thought that someone could see her. She was showing her pussy now to the whole town and wished almost that she was on TV right now.


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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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