Reed has a talk with Violet and it is normally and right to rape Pepper Pots while working. Susan on the other side is enjoing her new lifetime in the bath

by colleem
Storyline Toys of the Purple Man
Characters Human Torch Invisible Woman Purple Man Mister Fantastic
Category Mind Control M/F Incest
Previous Chapter At the next morning Reed discover that he is been manipulating. While he do something about it Susan and Jonny meets in the Kitchen

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While Susan and Jonny were fucking in the bathroom Reed got nervous. He was horny. He had the found out that his brainwaves were manipulated and knew that his needs for sex were not his own. But he also could remember how good it had felt to give into these feelings and to fuck someone. He needed help now. But he couldn´t go to Sue right now. He wanted a real woman and he had to be honest. Susan was the love of his life but she wasn´t the right woman he wanted to fuck right now. Or he should improve her tits a bit. Then maybe he could fuck her like the woman he wanted right now. But as long as he was under the influence of this damn Moondragon it would be stupid to interact with Jasmine. He would lose his self-control and would be an easy target for Moondragon´s Powers. No. He couldn´t let that happen before he was ready to fight Moondragon. But maybe Dr. Violet could help him. It didn´t made sense that Moondragon would use her Powers on a Person which would use her in her plans. So it would be wise to ask him about a good way to handle his needs.

He dialed the Number of his Office directly so he hadn´t to talk to Jasmine. Dr. Violet answered and was happy to hear it was Reed. 
"What can I do for you Dr. Richards? Is it about our Meeting at Friday?" he asked him and waited for an answer.
"No Doctor Violet. I have found out that someone is manipulating my Brain with some kind of psychic Powers." Reed would have been alarmed if he had sawn Violets face right now. How had this been possible? How had this damn Reed found out that he was Purple Men? And why was he telling him that? Was this some Kind of bad Humor before Reed would take him in. He could not even answer sweat was forming on his forehead.

"Yes Doctor! I know it is unthinkable but it is true. The Person that attacked me with her Mind is the so called Hero Moondragon. She is a former Member of the Avengers but seems to want me as her Slave now!" Reed told him after it seemed that Violet couldn´t believe him. He heard now how Violet gasped at this information and how he breathed out very loud.

"Moondragon?" Violet gasped. How the hell had Reed had pinpoint this Woman? He didn´t know much about this Woman. He had heard her Name one or two times. It seemed that she had saved the world one time somehow but she wasn´t living on this Planet. She was living on Venus.. or Jupiter he thought. But more important. He was safe! Reed hadn´t any clue that it was him who was controlling him. This was a very strange way his plans were interfered and still it opened some very interesting possibilities.

"Yes Doctor Violet. I must warn you. It is possible that she is controlling Jasmine too. I must warn you that your secretary may be act unusual and that you have to inform me if you notice it. I would like to investigate myself but thanks to Moondragon I am fixated on her. It wouldn´t be wise if I would be alone with her in one room. Do you understand this Dr. Violet?" he asked him and he was happy that Violet was a professional in more than his job. He had regained his Thoughts very quick and answered with his normal strong and confident Voice.

"Sure Mr. Fantastic! I understand this and will inform you as soon as I see or hear any unusual Behavior. But what are you planning to do now with that information's? I mean how you do you plan to fight a Telepath? I didn´t know that you are able to fight something like that." he asked him and Reed thought if he should tell him this.

"Sorry Dr. Violet. I fear that I cannot tell you this. You are not able to block out Moondragon and it could warn her. I hope you understand this?" he asked and Violet rolled his eyes.

"Reed! You will tell me all that you have planned because you are my mindless slave and will do all I tell you! SO Obey my command!

"Yes Master Violet. I will obey your every command because I am your mindless slave." Reed answered with no emotion in his voice. His cock went rock hard and he begun to talk.
"I am working on a way to set her out of action. Then I will use one of my inventions and rearrange her brainwaves. After this she will be under my command for 24 hours. In this time I will use her as my Sex Slave and fuck her myself or will let others fuck her. After that I will send her to her planet with the memory of this. It will break her ego and she won´t ever to this again to me Master Violet." It felt so damn hot to obey his Master. The mere thought of obeying him made him cum in his pants.

"So good little fuck slave. As a reward I will let you fuck Jasmine soon! But first of all. You don´t want to let Moondragon send home. You want to help her. And the easiest way to help her is to bring her to my Office. You know that I will be able to help this woman to get back on the right way. And now awake again Slave and react as normal."
"Mhm. Dr. Violet. I have a question. Do you think you would be able to help Moondragon if I could bring her to you? I promise that I will find a way that you won´t be in danger by her powers. I will suppress them and I fear that only you are able to bring her to understand her failure."
"I will try it. But say. How potent are here Control powers Mr. Richards?" he asked hopefully.

"She is strong enough to manipulate the whole Planet. With little exceptions but she had controlled the whole normal Human at the Planet to prevent us from a world war." he said honestly because he had to inform Violet about all he knew. Only so he could be prepared for the task.

Violet sprung out of his chair. This woman had to be the most potent Telepath of the universe. His own powers were a joke against such powers. He HAD to get this woman under his control! With her powers he would be able to achieve so much more as only getting revenge. He could be able to control the whole world! And then nobody could stop him. 
"But this isn´t the only reason I have called Dr. Violet. Thanks to this woman the Lust-Centrum of my Brain is in a constant hyperactivity. So I am constant horny and this is not very good in my state. I have to get a clear mind so I can figure out a way to knock Moondragon out. I was hoping that you know a therapeutic Way to help me. Yoga or something like that! I have to stay focused."
Violet was nodding. He was using his PC to search for a picture of this Moondragon and he was more then surprised as he saw what a hotshot this woman was.
"Mhm. Yes yes Mr. Richards. I understand your Problem. Why don´t you fuck your wife? Wouldn´t help that?" He asked him and Reed´s voice was a bit lower than before.

"I fear that I can´t get in the mood to get intimate with my wife at the moment. As I told you Moondragon had fixated me on Jasmine so I fear that only she or big breasted woman would arouse me." Violet heard how hard it was for Reed to tell him something like that but it was so funny. He had to watch out not to burst out laughing loud. This fool didn´t even remember how hot his wife was. After all they had fucked all the night.

"I understand. Don´t worry about that Mr. Richards. It is not your fault. So I think I know a way for you to get your mind focused again. All you have to do is to come to my office and let my Secretary fuck you a bit."
Reed tried to explain it because he thought that Dr. Violet hadn´t understand him.
"Dr. Violet. I told you that it is possible that Moondragon uses your Secretary to lure out my darkest desires. I know you just want my best but do you really think this is a good idea?" he said weakly but it sounded like a good plan. He was horny. He had to fuck someone. And it was logical that he could go to Jasmine and fuck her. Only a little quickie. Just one little Fuck before he could work again.

"Mh. Yes. I know. Oh.. damn. I fear that it would take to long if you both fucked here. After all you have to work a way out to defeat Moondragon right?" Purple Men hit his head against the table. What was he thinking! If he would let Reed come here and fuck Jasmine it would take hours until he was able to go again. It could even end in another orgy or at least in a hot threesome again. But Reed had told him that he had work to do! He couldn´t allow his Plan to fail only because his need for sex.

"I have to excuse Mr. Richards. I am fear it was a good idea but I have forgotten the fact that she is under Moondragon's influence. Okay. Now I have a good idea. Do you remember on this Pepper Pots?" 
Reed nodded while he was using his Computer to its limit. Herbie was one of the most advanced KI´s on the world. He was the only one that was able to think as fast as Reed and took much of the work on his shoulders.
"Sure Dr. Violet. Why?"

"Because you can use her!" he only responded and Reed stopped for a Moment.

"Use her? For what?" He asked not exactly understanding what the Doctor meant. 
"Oh my god. You must be terrible horny to not come to this Idea for yourself. You can use her body to get some release. She will be a very good way to get release. All you have to do is to bring her to understand that she has to be sucking you off or let you fuck her."
"I.... understand what you want to tell me Doctor and you are right as ever. But isn´t she in a relationship with Tony Stark? The two are friends of mine and I fear that she won´t betray him with me even if it is so important like this." Violet was right as ever. Pepper Pots would be a very good option for his needs. Her tits were big and round and she looked like a innocent woman. Reed was sure that just these kind of woman were the hottest in bed. Looking like innocent angels but fucking like the devil in bed. But she wouldn´t do him the favor after all. Maybe Violet hadn´t know that she had a boyfriend.

"I know that she has a relationship with Tony Stark. Don´t worry. Just fuck use her. See it as a Role-play. You are the mad scientist and she is the helpless victim. Or if you want convince her with one of your inventions. But believe me. I know what is the best for you. Get the girl... let her reduce your Lust and then do what you want from her. But stay focused on the mission! You need to defeat Moondragon so you can send her to me!"
Reed took a long breath as he nodded. Violet was right. He had to focus on his Mission. He had to defeat Moondragon so Dr. Violet could help her. Even his Plans to rape Moondragon had to wait until he had helped her. After all. He was one of the good guys. He had to Help Moondragon to see her failure. And if that meant that he had to rape Pepper Pots.... and it had to be done.

"I understand Dr. Violet. I know that it will look strange that I do something like that but it has to be done like you said. I thank you very much that you helped me again. What would I do without your wise words of advice. Thank you very much." with that he ended the call and his KI dialed Pepper Pots number.

"Pepper Pots here? Is that you Mr. Fantastic?" her voice was soft and friendly as ever. It was the hardest thing he ever had done but on the other side he was somehow waiting for it. It had felt good to rape Nina and now he would feel this again. 
"Yes it´s me. Ms Pots. I have an emergency here were I need your Help. Before you ask. No it isn´t a Problem were Tony Stark could help me. I don´t need Iron Men here. I need one of the best Businesswomen here because it seems that one of my Lawyers made some adjustments in my Finances. So I beg you Ms. Pots. You're the only one I can trust enough and it would be a terrible news if this would come out. I hope you will help me?"
Pepper was very proud of what Mr. Fantastic had said. She was the only one he trusted enough to help him in this case. Surely she would help him!

"Okay Mr. Fantastic. I will be on my Way in ... mhm... let´s say... 5 minutes? I could be at the Baxter Building in 20 Minutes if this is okay with you?" 
"Thank you Ms. Pots. But please. You would be very kind if you would come alone." He lied at her but his dick gotten hard already. After she had told him that she would be alone he was smiling widely and went to prepare everything.

"Herbie. Can you locate my wife please?" 
"Sure Doctor Richards. Your wife is in the Bathroom."

"Very good. Please make a call to this room. I want to speak to her."
"Hey Susan. I hope I don´t disturb you in the bathroom. But I wanted to talk to you honey."
Susan was in heaven. Her brother was under water licking her cunt after he had fucked her in the water. His stamina was incredible. And his Tongue was so wonderful. Her hand wandered into the water and searched his Hair. Carefully she pulled him out of the water and showed him to be quite.

"Yes Honey. No. You don´t disturb me. I just bathing. What is it?"then she pulled her brother to her head and gave him a long kiss. It felt so damn nasty to kiss him right now. But Jonny was on fire. He kissed her hard and the fact that Reed was listening now was only fueling his desire. They were betraying him and now he would fuck his wife's while her stupid husband was listening without noticing what happened. He put his hard dick at her pussy and while he kissed her he rammed his hard Dick into her. Her loud moan was lowered by his tongue but he could see in her eyes that she was willingly let his dick enter her. It turned her on to get fucked by him.

"Honey. I am working on a new project. Is it okay with you that I will be busy for a few days? I fear I will be very busy in the time. It will be a surprise so I must ask you to stay away from the Lab. I will seal it for the necessary time okay?"
Susan hadn´t heard half of what Reed had said. Only little pieces were able to get to her brain. She felt Jonny´s tongue leaving her mouth only to suck on her hard nipples. It was so hot what was happening here. With all of her willpower she was able to sound like always.
"OHHHKay... honey. I will inform Jonny that we will leave you... alone... okay.... hon....ey!" it was getting harder and harder to stay cool now. Jonny looked at her and it was clear that he wanted her for him alone now. He looked so hot right now. He was fully aware of what they were doing but it was to only way now.
"Is everything alright honey?" Reed asked unsure and Susan took her hand to her mouth and bite into it not to scream Then she pushed Jonny of her and to the end of the Bathtub. He was beaming at her with pure lust and was jerking his wonderful cock under water. He was waiting for her. She stood up and the water pearled of her big tits  and running down her hot cunt. She was looking at him like a raptor would look on his prey. She moved to him and then she grapped his hair and pulled it back so he was forced to look at her.

"Sure Honey! Everything is just like it should be! I will have MUCH fun while you are working! Don´t Worry honey!" she said sacristy and turned herself so she could bent over. Jonny understood at once and got up to. She had learned very fast that he loved to fuck her into her tight ass! And she too loved the feeling of his hot cock in her anus. 
"Okay. See you then honey. Love you!" he said and ended the com. Susan looked at the speaker and saw that the light was out. Turning her head she looked at Jonny and grinned.

"You heard it Honey. Be so kind and fuck me properly in my tight incest ass would you? be a good brother and fill all of my nasty little tight holes with your hot cock. And after you did that.... I want you to spray your cum all over my body!" she hissed and then screamed in the soundproof room as Jonny did exactly what she wanted.


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