At the next morning Reed discover that he is been manipulating. While he do something about it Susan and Jonny meets in the Kitchen

by colleem
Storyline Toys of the Purple Man
Characters Human Torch Invisible Woman Mister Fantastic
Category Incest M/F
Previous Chapter Purple Men and Jasmine are to addicted to their own Sex Manipulation and the need to play more with the FF 4 but this time it ends in an orgy

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Something was not right thought Reed as he awoke in his bed. It was a feeling like he had when a round with his wife all night long. But he couldn´t remember having sex with Susan this night. He laid in his bed with his naked woman and she too looked tired. But in her face he could see that she had been satisfied.

He stood up and went to the Office. Something was not right here. He had always Problems with big titted woman all his life. But in the last Days it had become extreme. First of all there had been Jasmine. The perfect dream of his life had started it. Since he had met her he was much more aware of how weak he was. For a short time he had thought about taking drugs to suppress his lust but then he didn´t want this. From one moment to another he had channeled this Idea without even knowing why. So he went to the lab and made an EEG of his Brain. Like he had thought his Brainwaves were not in line with how they had should been. The Parts of his Brain, were his lust came from was in a constant state of hyperactivity. And he could see a strange brainwave that overlaid his own. It was clearly a telepathic Wave that maybe was affecting him. 

"This is it! Someone playing with my brain!" he screamed angry but somehow aroused too. He had to think quick. "Okay. Someone fuels my lust so I will get weak. So this villain uses the poor Secretary from Dr. Violet as an Focus for me. I have to tell Dr. Violet soon about this! He could be in danger. After all he is a normal Human with no Superhuman power. Maybe I should check him too just to be sure he is acting on his own or under the spell of someone. Herbie! List up all known Psychics that are able to use such powers and are free at the moment and not imprisoned or dead."
It took only seconds for Herbie to list all known Superheroes and Villains on one screen. First of all there were Dr. Charles Xavier known as one of the most potent Telepath of this world. But he couldn´t be the one. Then there was Moondragon. It would be a strange for her but it was possible. She had done such things before. As he remembered it had been Thor who fall under her thrall and became her lover. Maybe Moondragon wanted him now. By the thought of this good looking Woman he was strangely proud but concerned as well.
"Herbie! Did Moondragon answered to my request?" He asked and the KI told him that Moondragon had talked to Pepper Pots for exact 3 Minutes and 32 Seconds while he was away. Herbie hadn´t recorded what she had told Pepper Pots but in Reed´s Mind it was a important Part of the Puzzle. It would explain why she would have wanted such big tits suddenly. He had told her that C-Cup breasts would be enough but it was well known that Moondragon lusted for men and woman. It would be normal that Moondragon would want a big breasted woman in her bed.

But how he had to fight her. Her technology were from a far more advanced Civilization and her mental powers were one of the strongest in the world. But even she wasn´t unbeatable. It was known that she needed focus for her powers. So if he could get her by surprise than he had a chance. But what would he do with her then.

Unnoticed by Reed or even Violet his Mind Control had a terrible side effect on his victims While it wasn´t so often that he had used his Powers on Jasmine he had played with Susan, Reed and now Jonny too much more. Her Mind was focusing on Sex with each of his subliminal. They got fixated on Sex and their inhibitions were getting lower and lower each time. Their moral code was getting weaker and weaker and the orgy last night had made it even worse. 

Reed had already raped a woman against her will and had done it twice almost. But now it was harder for him to stay focused and honorable. This woman was playing with his mind! HIS mind! Only she didn´t know what that was meaning to him! It was possible that he could lose Susan through this manipulations and so he looked angry at the monitor. That there were other People on the list was not so important for him. His mind had focused on Moondragon now. She was able to do it. Her ethics would allow it and she was one of the hottest bitches in universe! It all made sense to him. He would fight her and he would win! And then he would show her how it was feeling when someone plays with another mind. He would rape her and then send her back with the memory that the great Reed Richards had beaten her and had used her! she would never do such a thing again! HE would protect his marriage and his friends of this damn bitch!

Susan awoke in her bed and felt wonderful and strong. It had been a night with the hottest possible dreams for her. Not only that Zachery Violet had fucked her... mhm 10 times.. or more.. no she had dreamed also of her brother. It was such a hot dream and she got up and dressed herself only lightly. She went to the shower and after that she got into the kitchen. She too was losing her moral code slowly but didn´t know about it. So she was feeling well and felt much more ... womanly than ever before. Jonny soon joined her in the kitchen and told her that Reed had locked himself again in the Lab and was working somehow obsessed on some new device. It didn´t bother her like it would do normally. She looked at her brother. He had only dressed in a jogging pants and his chest was free to watch. And Susan liked what she saw. Her brother had a very good trained body. His muscles were very well proportionate and she asked herself how big his cock would be. In all of her years of teasing him she hadn´t looked at his dick for one time. But after her hot dreams she wanted to know it. Concentrating shortly his pants became transparent without noticing by him. She could see his nice looking member but it wasn´t erected now. But it was nice and thick and would be getting bigger and bigger if she would suck on his top and jerk his shaft with her hands.

Her pussy got wet at these thoughts and her nipples stood up against her bra. Why did that Jerk Reed had to lock himself in the Lab again! She was horny. She needed a dick in her holes. And sadly only Reed had the right to fuck her even if wasn´t able to satisfy her. But... if he wouldn´t know it.. he couldn´t be upset about it right?
She looked at Jonny and began to dream of seducing him right here and now. Surely he would protest against it, after all it was incest and so, but she was sure that she could get him into fucking her. But was it right?
While she dreamed of this Jonny looked at her. He had jerked all night long and finally felt to sleep. He had hot dreams about her and now she was daydreaming in front of him. He looked down her body and could see the black bra through her white tank top. He could even see her hard nipples pressing out of them. Further down he saw her legs crossed but he knew that she hadn´t had a panties on. Or better said. He hoped so.

While he looked at her he was getting hot. He felt his dick raising in his pants and the urge to fuck her. It hadn´t been this bad ever. But he could feel his powers to resist her fading. He wanted finally stick his dick into her ass! Her eyes were so wonderful unfocused as she looked at him it almost seemed she was looking through him. Her red lips were open for a bit and he couldn´t handle it. Slowly he came to her and hold right in front of her. He stood right in the perfect high for a good old fashioned Blow Job. All he had to do was to get his hard on out of his pants and ram it into her mouth. Then he only had to hold her by her hairs and then he could fuck her mouth with all of his might. She would not be able to stop him from spraying her face and her tits with his juice. 

Susan was dreamingly aware that her brother was standing in front of her now. It would be so easy to suck his cock now. She had noticed that it got hard for her and she only had to reach one arm out to pull his pants down.

She turned on her Chair so she was facing him and spread her legs apart on the chair. She wanted to give him a proper few of her body. She could almost grab the erotic electricity between them.

She was turning herself in front of him and spread her hot legs for him. It was so hot. She was starring at his pants before she looked up at his face. He let his hand fall down at his side and grabbed his pants. Slowly he pulled it down and he could feel his raging dick sprung out of it fully erected. It almost hit his sister at her face so hard and long was it. Should she scream at him! should she disband him! it didn´t cared him! She HAD to see his hard dick! she had the right to know how he felt. 
Susan´s eyes went down on his body. He had lowered his pants so his impressive cock was free now. It was a true monster of a cock. It was hard and solid! not like this rubberlike stupid Dildo of Reed. This was real human flesh! It looked so great. So inviting. A little voice in her head told her that this was wrong. That this men was her brother whom she should protect. But another much louder voice screamed at her that she should get this dick into her ass! And this voice was so much more trustworthy.

Susan stood up and gave her brother a quick kiss on his cheek and then turned around. Jonny thought that she wasn´t mad at him but would go now as she bent over the Table. She pulled down her Pants and let her chest lay down on the table. Then she spread her legs again and her pussy was now only protected by a black slip of her. He know what he had to do now. She was waiting for him.

He came closer to her and Susan felt his warm hands on her ass. His body temperature was much higher than by normal Peoples but it felt truly hot now. His hands searched for her slip and with a short amount of strength he ripped it away. Now he could see her wet cunt. He could see her tight asshole. He would be able to stick his dick in every hole he wanted. She wouldn´t stop him. She couldn´t stop him anymore. It was too late for her. A single tear run down her cheek as he entered her pussy slowly.

"I am so sorry Reed!" she whispered truly and then she felt his dick sliding deeper and deeper into her. He grapped her ass to thrust deeper into her but he too wanted to take the feeling as long as possible. It was the first time that this dick was entering her pussy and Susan just knew that it wouldn´t be the last time. From now one she was one of the thousand whores her brother fucked. But she would be always be more than just that. She would be THE whore. The only one he ever wanted. Her moans were soft and she looked over her shoulder to see his face.

It felt so damn right. He could feel his dick slide into her surprisingly wet cunt. She had been horny. It felt so hot to feel her tight pussy engulf his dick. He heard as she begged for pardon to Reed and for a short moment, just a second, he felt guilty. He was not only fucking his Sister here. No. He was fucking the wife of one of his best friends. But then she moaned softly. This sound blew away all of the thoughts and he thrust deeper into her wet hole. He wanted to feel her so deep he could and she should feel him as deep as he could. He grabbed her fine ass to get a good hold of her. It was almost romantic. He would gave her the fuck of her life. He wanted to show her how good he was as a lover. He wanted to want it again. He would fuck her so that she would be wanting him again and again. His thrusts good faster and faster his dick hammering into her pussy. His sister moaned by each thrust and finally she screamed his name the first time. He raised his hand and slapped her ass as she did this and then he climaxed for the first time.

Susan had never been so horny in her life except as she saw Violet the first time. Her own brother was fucking her harder and harder but she couldn´t get enough of it. She screamed and then she felt her climax rising. In her thoughts she begged that he would fuck her to the end. That he was able to get her over the edge of orgasms. That he wouldn´t come before her to leave her unsatisfied like Reed always did. But then she felt it like a wave running over her Mind. Her body control faded and her Movement became spastic. She had to ram her fingers into the table leaving long scars on it.
"JONNNNNNNNNNNYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY" she screamed as her mind was over flown by a huge climax. She felt her pussy milking every drop out of his hard ramming dick. She felt him punch her ass and the sudden Pain rocked her to the next climax. She saw blinking stars before her eyes and then she finally felt it. His hot semen was entering her pussy. He was filling her with his semen. It was unbelievable hot. The thought that her own brother could maybe pregnant her was too much for her. A s third Climax was building up in her and she was rewarded for all of her time with that fool Reed.

Weakly she turned around to face him. She was exhausted like he was himself. He had felt her body go nuts on his dick and how her pussy had wanted every drop of him. Never in his life before he had such an immense climax. He was used to fuck a wife hours but this one Climax had pushed him over his limits. She was holding him with her hands and then she fell weakly to her knees. She liked his rapid shrinking cock clean and looked up at him.
"I love you Jonny." was all that she said and the way she said it got him to climax again. HE screamed as his last possible juice hit her face and was dropping into her cleavage but Susan only smiled and liked it away.
"I would love to take a bath now." She said and hold her hand in front of him. She wanted him by her while she would bath. He took her hands and both of them went into the bathroom.


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