Purple Men and Jasmine are to addicted to their own Sex Manipulation and the need to play more with the FF 4 but this time it ends in an orgy

by colleem
Storyline Toys of the Purple Man
Characters Jasmine Mister Fantastic Invisible Woman Human Torch Purple Man
Category Male Dom Mind Control M/F
Previous Chapter He fires but he can´t do it and wants to safe his soul. While he is away shortly Moondragon talks to Pepper and she looks for revenge after had to leave the Avengers. A new Player enters the Game!

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As Purple Men came to his senses he was horny again. He would have been worried if he wasn´t so terrible horny. Jasmine had again fucked him senseless and he had been sleeping half the day if he believed the watch. He got up and put his pants on again. He went outside to his secretary and looked at her. Her face was filled with lust and need as she watched him. In the blink of the eyes she was standing in front of him her body shaking as if she was freezing.

"Master. I need him! I want him to be here. I waited so long but now I want to finish it! I can´t bear it any longer! YOU have to bring him here!" she begged him and he felt it too. He was horny and he had to fix this state of his mind. 
"I fear I know what is going on! We made Susan and Reed horny and played with their needs but we didn´t think of the fact that it was arousing us too! We need release or we will lose everything we had archived! But... if we take them now we will lose it too!" He was in a situation that was not the best for him but even with her mind clouded in lust Jasmine was able to help her Master to achieve his goals.
"Master.... I could make Reed so horny that he could hypnotized Susan and then we fuck like bunnies. And after it... we hypnotized him too and they both won´t remember it? So we could fuck them and still watch them carving with desire we gave them." she smiled happily because she had the perfect way for both sides. After all she didn´t know that she was serving Purple Men. His Mind raced. He felt that his Powers hadn´t regained fully but it would be more than enough to make the proper manipulations.
"As ever your absolute right Jasmine. What would I do without your help? As an reward you may get a good fuck with your new plaything before sunset! I promise you that he will fill your tight pussy today!" he said and her face beamed with lust.

"Shall I call him? I will make him so hot he won´t stand a chance!" she run to the phone but he stopped her. 
"Let me do this! You have things to do! Remember? You wanted to go home and put on some special cloth for today? Be a nice slut and obey me!" he told her and Jasmine let the Phone sank down and looked at him puzzled. What did she do here? She had to go home as fast as she could. She looked at her body and her face showed her discomfort.
"Dr. Violet. I am so sorry. But I have to take one hour free. I fear I don´t have the right clothes on for today." He smiled at her and gave her a deep French kiss which she immediately reacted and responded.

"Sure Honey. Go home. But be aware that today we meet the Richards again. I will inform them at once and they will be here very soon."
"The Richards will be here today? Reed too?" she gave her tit a quick squirm and looked at him. "Do you think it would be possible that I could talk with him private?" she quickly asked and he smiled. "Sure. After all I will put my cock in his wife today. It would be very kind from you if you could keep him out of the room while I fuck her could you do that for me?" She grinned widely and nodded.
"You know that I will do it Master. I will do everything for you and your noble quest. It makes me so proud to help you helping this poor couple. They will be so happy after your treatment. But sorry. I have to hurry now!" with that she run away to get her special clothes.

After she had left Purple Men alias Zachary Violet put on the Phone and looked into his Number list. There it was. Susan Richards Number. He dialed it and waited for her response.

"Susan Richards here?" he heard her voice and smiled wickedly.
"Here is your Master. For now you will leave everything you do now and will come to my office after you got home and put on real hot dress. You want to be as hot as you can be for me. And you will send me the Number of Jonny and Reed at once. You can now act as I told you to act. Move out!" he commanded and end the call. Only seconds later he got an SMS with 2 Phone numbers and dialed the first one.

"Jonny Storm the hottest fire on earth?" he heard Jonny screaming into the phone. He heard loud music and the sound of an strong motor in the background.

"Here is Dr. Violet. Jonny. I need to talk to you but don´t want to bring you in danger. Be a good boy and park the Car so I can tell you something!" Jonny quickly parked his Car right on the Highway. It wasn´t allowed but Dr Violet wanted to tell him something and it wouldn´t be long he was sure.

"Okay Doc. What´s up dude? Did your sweet babe inform you about my need for a meeting?" He asked and grinned.

"Oh yes. She did. She did and it is your lucky day. You can come to my place in one hour. It is the best if you will come to me today. I know that there is nothing else so important then our Meeting today. You WILL come to my place. Do you understand?" Jonny grinned. What else he had to do today anyway? He was on his Way to this cool Playboy party but now it wasn´t so funny after all. He had to choice between a party with 20 of the hottest possible woman of the world and a therapist office with a men. There wasn´t even one second need for him to decide and told the Doc that he would be there in one hour. 

Violet smiled and it felt so good to manipulate them. Then he dialed the Number of Reed Richards and put him on the Videophone. Mr. Fantastic was his Prime Enemy in this game. Only his genius mind could be strong enough to withstand his powers. After all he was well aware that Dr. Doom was immune to his powers. Maybe this Reed could be achieve some kind of immunity also. Thanks to Susan´s Number he got directly into the Secret Lab Phone only the FF 4 knew. Without any delay the Display went on but it took some time until Dr. Violet understood what he saw.

Meanwhile in the Lab.

Reed  had pushed the activation button of the device and Pepper Pots was engulfed in a red light. She looked at him and then she thrown her head in the neck and moaned loudly. Her B-Cup Breasts were starting to grow. The Device had been programmed very well. She again gazed at Reed and then she had to take hold of Something. She stumbled in front of him and laid her Hands on his shoulders to prevent her from falling. Her Face was a mix of Pain and Lust as Reed could watch her chest grow. Her tight Blouse was soon way to small for her growing tits and one button after another was ripped out of it. Underneath he saw a wonderful black satin Bra but it wasn´t able to hold her amble breast now. Her melons were soon pushing out of the bra and her nipples were hard and erect. He could see her swell over to C-Cup like his own wife but her hands tightened her Grab of his shoulders as she climaxed. Her tits now swelled to the next size and soon all Reed could see was her giant perfect Tits. They were awesome. Almost as big and round like Jasmine´s breast. They were full and ignored the gravity as the stood in perfect shape in front of his eyes. The fact that her Blouse was been ripped in pieces and her bra was still under her giant tits gave it an even hotter meaning.
"You... have done it.. Mr. Fantastic! My Breasts are perfect now!" Pepper shouted out as she reached at her new breasts. Now that she had what she wanted her Mind cleared a bit. She would now be able to achieve Moondragon´s Tests. She was in heaven as her hands run over her new and impressive titflesh. She was now even bigger than Black Widow and MUCH bigger then Susan Richards. It felt so wonderful to have such amble Breasts. Tony would love them. She smiled at Reed Richards and noticed he too was more than surprised or even fixated on her naked breasts. just in this second she realized that she was standing topless in front of another men. Even while Moondragon hat put new Ideas in her head it didn´t meant that the former Pepper Pots wasn´t there anymore. She raised her arms to hide her breasts but it wasn´t working very well. They were to big now and with a bright red head she screamed at him.

"Dr. RICHARDS! Beware yourself! You are an MARRIED MEN! Give me something to cover myself!" Just in this moment Violet had entered the Scene and was a little bit puzzled. He looked how Reed put out his Coat and gave it to the Redhead with the nice looking tits. Was that the mysterious Pepper Pots? Hadn´t Reed told him that she had B-Cups? How was this possible? Had he lied to him? Impossible. Or maybe he had lied to him because he was slipping out of Violets hold. He couldn´t allow that! 
"Dr. Richards? Won´t you introduce me to your guest?" he asked polite and holding his power back for a moment. He didn´t know who this person was or which powers she had.
Pepper screamed up and run behind a Console to hid herself still half naked. Reed turned his head to see Dr. Violet on one Screen. Had he given this men his direct Number? He couldn´t remember it. But he had been asked something and sighed.
"First of all Dr. Violet. It isn´t very nice to call directly into this office. This number is only for members of the Fantastic Four, the Justice League OR the Avengers. And you don´t belong to each of them." He smiled and then nodded again. "This is Pepper Pots. She is the girlfriend of Tony Stark and leader of Stark Enterprise. Surely you have seen her on Television some times."
Violet smiled. Reed was making Jokes. And even Good ones. Violet as a member of the JLA or the Avengers. Funny thought.

"Ah I understand. I am so sorry that I interrupted so harsh and I know that you will accept my excuses Dr. Richards. And to you dear Ms. Pots. Let me introduce myself. I am Dr. Zachery Violet. Expert on marriage Problems or behavior therapy. It is a pleasure to meet you Ms. Pots." he felt his brain working as his Powers formed into his mouth and filling every world with his own paranormal abilities. "I wish that you too will forgive me and you have no need to hide from me. It would be very kind from you to show yourself again. And you want to be kind don´t you?"
Pepper was just trying to hide her ne breasts under the Coat and hadn´t listen much to Reed and this stranger. But then she felt that it was very rude that she was hiding here. It wasn´t his fault after all. It wasn´t the way Pepper Pots was dealing with other Peoples. So she stood up and came into the way of the camera. The coat could only hide a bit of her giant tits and her hands were crossed before her chest to hide and hold the rest in place.
"I am sorry Dr. ...Violet? I have heard so much good about you. My Name is Pepper Pots and I was just a bit surprised as you talked so suddenly. I hope you take my excuses?" she asked friendly and watched at this men now. He wasn´t very good looking and round about 50 years old. He had been the typical average person.

"Oh my dear. Sure I take it. I am happy that Mr. Fantastic has some other friends than his Computers. And even such good looking woman like yourself. I hope Susan doesn´t mind that her husband is alone with such an hot looking woman. So Reed this is what you do when your alone. You look at big titted woman mh? nice one. I like that and both of you like it too!" he said and felt his cock raising again. It was just like a drug for him. Every time he used his power it was as he had taken an aphrodisiac. 
"Oh I don´t do it all the time but your right as ever Doctor Violet. I like it very much I must say." Reed smiled and had to laugh at how easily this Violet could read him. Pepper had felt strange for a moment. It doesn´t seem to be right that this men had called her hot and big titted. But after he finished it was something else. She liked the fact that Reed had watched her new breasts. After all it was his right to be proud of them after making them possible. Her hands went down just a bit so that her cleavage got a bit bigger. Maybe Reed would like it too.

"You have got me Dr. Violet. But as Mr. Fantastic said. It is nothing I do normally. It was just an experiment we made." she said friendly and Violet looked at her again.

"Oh no Problem and no need to explain it to me Ms. Pots. Just tell me about this experiment and let me say. Your tits are very hot. It is a shame that none of us men can see your hot nipples right now. It is a REAL shame isn´t it?" he asked and looked at Pepper. Her body had relaxed a bit and then she put the coat and opened it wide so they could see her tits in full glory. Pepper loved how both of the men looked at her now. It had been such a waste that she had hide them. 
"Oh It is simple Dr. Violet. I was envy on other woman's and wished I could have bigger breasts. So Mr. Fantastic helped me with that and now I have right the right size. As you can see it looks much better now." she was very proud as Violet nodded.

"I understand that very good. But it isn´t only one thing to get bigger breasts. Won´t you have to explain that to your boy friend and all of the other people you know? How will they react if they find out that Mr. Fantastic had done this to you? It would be a very damaging situation for him."
Peppers mouth fell open. Damn. She hadn´t thought this till the end. Naturally it would get many questions about the why, the how .. and the whom.  To her luck Dr. Violet had a good idea.

"Maybe you should tell your friends via Phone that you will go to a plastic surgery Doctor and will hide yourself for a few days. So nobody will know that it was Mr. Fantastic. And it will be our little secret that we share."
Pepper was so lucky. This plan was perfect. Nobody would know of this little Secret. She just had to hide for a few days and tell Tony that she was off for a few days.
"Thank you Dr. Violet. Your saving my day!" She smiled. "If I ever can do something for you let me know!"
"Oh I know something already. Visit me with Tony in let's say.. mhm 2 weeks? I would like to see how he had reacted to your new look." this sounded wonderful to her. With a quick thank you she left the room and was making preparations for hiding 8 days. Reed looked after her and heard Violet say something but didn´t understand it. It wasn´t very important after all. He put on his normal Cloth and got to the Fantastic Car. He wanted to go to Dr. Violet and to his secret love Jasmine.

In front of the Office Reed found an waiting Susan and smiled a bit surprised at her.
"Hey Honey. What do you do here? Do you want to see the Doctor too?" He asked and Susan smiled and gave him a quick kiss.

"Sure Honey. I can´t wait to get in. But right now our little Jonny is in there and have a talk with him. Oh When we talk about the devil. The doors open. Let´s get in." she took his hand and moved quickly in. She didn´t even look at Jasmine because she couldn´t wait to see Dr. Violet again. Reed was forced to follow her but he absorbed every information on Jasmine he could get. She had her hair nice laying on her shoulders and wore a black satin blouse. Above that it was a black Blazer that was only closed with 2 Buttons and forced his eyes directly at her heavy tits. His Dick got hard just seeing her smile at him and she looked at him as they entered the Room of the doctor. Reed had sworn that she was liking her lips.

In the Office there was Jonny sitting on one chair and grinned at them both. 

"First one. Your getting old my friends!" he joked at them and Violet turned in his Chair to look at them all. Susan got wet and felt her pussy tingle as she watched at this hot looking men. He wore his normal Businesslike suit and looked so hot in it. After they had taken a seat he begun to talk.

"So my dear friends. I just wanted to see you all here because I have a surprise for you. As you know I am always right. And because of that.... you will be now my devote slaves. Let´s hear me what you are?" he asked and his cock nearly exploded in his pants as all three said in union.
"We are your devote Slaves Master Violet!"

"Yes you are. And as my Slaves I will give you Orders now. You WILL follow each order absolutely and without questioning. You will obey my every command!"
Again all three said
"We will obey your Orders without questioning Master Violet."
"this is so damn hot. Reed Richards. I command you to be like your former self when I count from 1 to 3. But when you see Jasmine you are unable to control your Lust. It will be impossible for you to withstand her do you understand Slave?"
This time only Reed answered.
"Yes Master Violet. I will be like ever but cannot withstand your Secretary Jasmine and will do all she orders."
"Susan. You're so terrible Horny that it almost hurts. You would be do EVERYTHING to get fucked either by me or any male or female I command you to fuck! Do you understand this?"
Susan looked at him and even as her mind was far away her eyes beamed at him with unbearable lust.
"Yes Master Violet. I will fuck every male and Female you tell me. I will do everything to get fucked Master Violet."
"So Jonny. You're the last one. You will act also like nothing happened but... your lust for Susan is greater than ever. The possibility to fuck her is too much for you."
"Yes Master Violet. I want to Fuck my own Sister Susan." he said and looked at him.
"So my slaves. It is time that I fuck you and it is time that you get fucked don´t you agree?" he asked and smiled.
"Yes master Violet. It is time that we get Fucked!"they told in union again and After Violet had count from 1 to 3 they awakened.

"So my dear. I wanted to show you all something. Jasmine. Be my guest and come into our room. I want to show them something!" They all looked at the door as Jasmine entered there and looked directly at Reed. 
Reed hadn´t felt something like that ever before. There was this unbelievable hot woman just looking at him. He had never met her before but his dick nearly ripped his pants in two. This woman came directly in front of him and then smiled at him. Susan looked at him puzzled and had noticed his Harding cock as well. Jasmine then bend down and whispered in Reeds ear.
"I want you to get your cock out and jerk. I want that you climax at once and I want that you aim at my big tits shouting my name when you come! My name is Jasmine! Do it now!"

Reed heard the hottest voice ever left a woman's mouth. Without any resist he opened his pants and his rock hard Dick sprung out of his pants. His Wife screamed something at him but it didn´t bother him. He took his cock in two hands and jerked like his life depended on it. Within seconds a hot stream of cum exploded out of him and landed on Jasmines tits where it was soaked at once.

"JASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSMINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" he screamed as he climaxed and he couldn´t stop. Even after every drop of cum he jerked his dick gazing at her! Jonny had looked it with total shock in his eyes. What happened here? Susan was on the brink of crying but then she felt something on her shoulder. It was Violet´s hand resting on her and he smiled. 
"Get my cock out and suck it while we watch your husband!" She stared at him and couldn´t believe what he had said. With shaking hands she opened his Pants and grapped his dick. It was long and hard and she couldn´t get her eyes of it. She had to suck on this hard cock. She opened her mouth and put his dick as deep as she could into her mouth. It felt wonderful to have it there. her Hands jerked his shaft as her tongue licked his hot balls. She didn´t cared for Reed anymore. She had a cock in her mouth and was eager to suck it dry.

"Very good Reed. No be a god husband and get naked for me!" Jasmine commanded him and grinned at Jonny who was now standing in an edge of the room. Reed throw away all of his cloth and was pushed to the ground by Jasmine. He saw that Susan´s head was popping up and down on Violets dick and he could saw that she liked every second of it. Then he saw that Jasmine pulled up her Skirt and hadn´t a Panties underneath. Slowly she lowered on his dick and then let it sunk slowly into her waiting cunt. Her loud moan was ecstatic and pure. Her Body rocked up and down on his swollen member and she took his hand and pressed it on her tits.

"Come on Fantastic!! RIP MY CLOTH AWAY! I know you want to see my tits you weak Fucktoy!!" she screamed at him and Reed did what he been told. He used all of his strength to tear her Cloth into pieces and soon she was without any cover riding him. Her giant tits were jumping up and down and then she forced his Head into her cleavage and screamed. 

Jonny was finally able to react and changed into fire. He commanded Violet to stop but he just took Susan by her hairs and pulled her away from his dick.
"Susan. If you want to suck on my dick you have to show your Brother your wet cunt and allow him do fuck you!"
Susan was mad that she had been pulled away from this hot cock and an angry stern look hit her brother. With one hand she pulled her spandex pants over her ass and then her String away from her Pussy. Then she fell on all four so that she could show Jonny her nice ass and her wet pussy.

"Stop fowling around Jonny! I need that damn cock in me! SO GET HERE AND FUCK ME!!! NOWWWWWWWWWWW!!" she screamed at him and used her powers to rip Johnny's cloth from his body. "MOVE ON!" she screamed angry as Jonny hesitated to move but then he went to her and laid his hands on her ass. She encouraged him and said.

"Yes Little Brother. Stick this hot looking piece of meat in every hole you want! but fuck me! come on! stick it into my cunt! FUCK my ass! I know you want to fuck me !!! YESSS ARGHHHH that iTTTT YES FUCK MY ASS... HARDER YOU SON OF A BITCH! FUCK THE ASS OF YOUR SISTER HARDER! SMACK MY ASS YOU ASSHOLE!" she screamed and turned again to violet and took his cock.
"One Cock isn´t enough for me! You too will fuck me! but first I want to taste your cum! " the her head went on his cock and she was moaning loud and hot on his cock as her brother fucked her harder and harder. In the office it was now a pure orgy. Reed had pushed Jasmine to the Table and fucked her from behind while she had to hold tight on the table. Her screams were full of joy as she enjoyed every thrust of Mr. Fantastic. She screamed at him that he should fuck her harder and harder and he was willingly to do it.

Susan had also changed position and was now sucking Johnny's Cock like a fury and felt Violet in her ass.
"Yes Doctor! FUCK MY ass!! mhmmmm oh yes.. such a good fuck ... ahh come one! harder Doctor! Fuck my brains out! COME on!! Fuck me.. and you.. ahh Jonny.. come on... Lay next to Reed!"

Jonny was obeying prompt and laid himself on the Table. He saw the face of Jasmine next to his and Reed behind her fucking her hard. Then he saw that Susan jumped on the Table and turned her back to him. 
"Stick that hot fuckrod into my Ass Jonny. Fuck your little whore of a sister in her ass." she commanded and went down on him. His fingers put his dick and forced it into her tight ass and she moaned in delight as her anus was stretched by this hard invader. Then she looked at Violet and put her legs apart massaging her pussy.

"mhm yes Jonny... now.. ahh it is.. time.. for a.. double fuck... come on doctor... VIOLLLLET:... I need your dick in my pussy. Fill me with your seed! COME ON PLEASE!! FUCK MEEE NOW."
Violet was as horny as he could be. On the table he saw his Secretary getting assfucked by Reed Richards and this damn slut was even kissing Jonny while she was fucked. Her hand searched Susan's tit and grapped hard. Susan was moaning like she would die and then looked at him with passion and lust in her eyes. Her Screaming went to a normal pitched voice as she looked deeply in his eyes and moaned.

"Please Doctor Violet. You are the only men that can fuck me.. Please.. I love you! PLEASE!" she begged and then he went to her. With shaking hands she grapped his dick and put it on her wet pussy. Her eyes searched his ones and she begged again softly from the bottom of her heard.

"Fuck me my lover. I can´t wait any longer. I love you so much." the he busted into her pussy and fucked her as hard as he could.

He screamed in ecstasy as he climaxed the last time and felt his mind fading away.
"Come t...o.. me.. slaves.... Susan.. Jasmine... hol...d.. me!" the last thing he felt after an endless fucking was the two wonderful bodies and their sweat on his chest.
"Yes Master Violet. We are your Slaves. We will obey every command!" they told him weakly and Reed and Jonny sat down in a edge of the room waiting for her Masters reawaking.

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