He fires but he can´t do it and wants to safe his soul. While he is away shortly Moondragon talks to Pepper and she looks for revenge after had to leave the Avengers. A new Player enters the Game!

by colleem
Storyline Toys of the Purple Man
Characters Moondragon Pepper Potts Mister Fantastic
Category Corruption Female Dom Mind Control
Previous Chapter After one hot night it seems like it will be a quite day... but then Reed can´t hold it anymore

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Pepper felt strange. She saw how Reed Richards aimed at her with this Weapon and then she saw a blue light that came out of its Barrel. But she didn´t felt any pain or something like that. Was this just some kind of very strange joke? Reed laid the weapon back on the Table and came to her. He looked at her and it was a very strange face he had. As if he was fighting a terrible fight within his mind. He looked over her body like he was undressing her. But it didn´t bother her very much. She just watched him and waited for something she couldn´t point at.

Reed was fighting himself now. He had done it again. He had hypnotized a Woman just because he wanted to fuck. But this time it wasn´t an damn little whore which wanted to blackmail him. No this time it was a innocent woman and more of it. She was the girlfriend of one of his friends more or less. Tony and Reed hadn´t been the best friends but they fought at the same side after all. But did he fight for the right side now? Wasn´t he just a common villain now? No. He couldn´t do that! Maybe with Nina he could because she was an evil little bitch. But with Pepper he could not do it. But he had to do something now. Anything. After all there was this woman in front of him waiting for his commands. He disabled all the Cameras and nodded, more too him than to her.

"Okay Pepper. I want you to listen to all I say very clearly now. It is very important that you listen to me and you will believe all I say. First of all you won´t remember that I shoot this weapon on you or that I told you all what I say now. You will tell Tony that everything is great here. Susan and myself are getting over our Problems and that is only due Dr. Violet. He is the best Counselor of the World. He can safe or manage every marriage problem. You should try it too. Do you understand that?" he asked and Pepper thought that it was a good idea to test this Dr. Violet. After all he was the best counselor of the world and she should give it a try. Her partnership was very good now but it could even be much better. She nodded and smiled mindless.

"Yes Master. I understand!" she answered and Reed was a little puzzled. 
"Why do you call me Master Pepper?" he asked and she smiled with blank eyes.
"You tell me what to think. You tell me what I shall believe. So I am your Slave and you are my Master."

"Mhm it seems you love to be a slave mh?" he mused but she answered him truce fully

"No. I like it more to be dominant but I am not strong enough to try it. I fear that I will lose Tony if I command him too much and dominate him." Reed felt sorry for her. She was a strong and tough Woman but she hadn´t the necessary confidential to act like she wanted to. But he knew that he could help her too. This was one of the Problems he could understand and fix. After all he knew where the core of her Fear came. Her little breasts. For Reed it was all clear that only Woman with big breasts could be really happy. This was just logical.

"Mhm I understand. Listen to me now. You want bigger breasts. You want at least a good C-Cup. Maybe a D-Cup. But not more because you don´t want to look cheap or want to be only respected as a big tit woman. Bigger breasts mean bigger self-confidence and you want to be tougher. Your time as little Secretary of Stark is over! You are now the Boss of Stark Enterprise and you do a very good job there. You can reward yourself now. You can fulfill your biggest and oldest Dream. The dream of bigger breasts so that you look as sexy as you are clever."

Pepper looked at him and smiled. He was so right. After all she managed to lead a multinational Corporation now and she had managed to raise the Income this Quarter about 12%. She could finally get the Operation. Tony sure would love it too. He had many girlfriends with big tits and she was always envy at them. After she and Tony had been found together she always wondered if he miss some good big breasted woman in his bed. But soon she would be just like he wanted his partner. Clever, beautiful, trustfully and with breasts big enough to give him a proper titfuck. 

"Yes Master. I want to have bigger breasts. I need them as soon as possible." She smiled at him and Reed was proud of him. He had not only been stronger than his dark Urges... no he had helped a friend to get a better Life. This must been the feeling that Dr. Violet had when he helped other. It was such a good feeling.

"Okay Pepper. You can wake up now and don´t remember what we told about. I will count to 3 then you will awake." He counted from 1 to 3 and Pepper took a deep breath as her Eyes filled again with her own thoughts and willpower. 
"So Dr. Richards. May I ask you if everything is okay with the Fantastic Four? Tony had heard that it had been a tough fight in the Star Labs. The Media said, that you and your wife had been beaten very bad?" she asked with her friendliest voice because she really cared for them.

"Ah." He waved his hands."The Journalists overact like ever. We were beaten yes, but we managed to prevent the robbing of the Anti-Matter, so we could call it a Pat. For your concern I can tell you that we are all in a good shape and still on the fight for the right side. We were beaten before but we stand together and so nobody can stop us. Tell Tony that I feel good that he send you for asking but... if he is so concerned.... why didn´t he use the phone? If he want I can explain him how to use the numbers." he smiled his biggest smile and Pepper took the Joke and laughed. 
"He calls me with smoke signs if he had to use this diabolic device. Okay Mr. Richards. I don´t want to steal more of your time so I will leave you now. Have a good day." she turned but then she stood still.
"One more Question. But it is something personal. Can I trust you that you won´t tell Tony?" she asked quietly and with a very concerned look in her face. After Reed had nodded to her she asked him.
"Do you know a way to change.. mhm the physical Appearance of a Person?"
"What do you mean? Like Shapeshifting? Mhm There are some ways but as long as I don´t know what you want to do I cannot help you I fear."
She smiled at him with delight as she heard these words and came back to him.
"I want to... increase my breast size. Could you help me with that? I don´t want to go to plastic because I don´t want scars on my body. But you have the reputation of an Genius. So... maybe you have a better Idea?"
"Mhm this is a very good Idea. How much bigger Ti... breasts do you want to have?" he asked smiling because she was acting so natural that nobody would had thought that it weren´t her own ideas.

Pepper hadn´t missed the fact that the correct Reed Richards almost had said Tits. He was a men with a deep Mind. She asked herself if he was so correct and noble in bed too. Or if he and Susan were real nasty and vulgar in bed. 
"I thought about a nice C-Cup to start with. Nothing TO big. After all I have to lead Stark Enterprise and I don´t want a reputation as Tony´s slut."
Reed nodded and looked down at her.
"Mhm Yes. C-Cup breasts should fit you very good. They would fit you extremely good I think. Okay. Let me think about it for a second. I sure have something to help you in the storage room. Wait here for a second." with that he left and Pepper sat down to wait for him exited for the results. While she waited one of the Monitors got active all by itself and a stunning Woman became visible. She was completely bald and had a green Swimsuit like dress on her with a cleavage so deep it almost showed her Pussy. She wore a long deep green cape and looked at her directly in her eyes. She remembered this Woman. She was a Avenger for a very short time. She was called Moondragon or something like that. But she had left the Avengers because she was too arrogant and her ways to deal with enemies were very.... hard.

"Hello Pepper Pots." her voice was sultry and her eyes seemed to glow a bit in a light green. She had very beautiful eyes. 
"Oh Hello. Your Moondragon aren´t you? I remember you from the Avengers. If you want to talk to Mr. Fantastic he will be here very soon. He is looking for something in his storage room." he answered friendly.

"Oh I know where he is Pepper Pots. I have heard all of your talking. He had send me a message and so I was focusing on his lab. It was very interesting to listen both of you." she smiled almost evil and Pepper got red. She hadn´t wanted that anyone knew about her wish for bigger breasts at least one of the Avengers. She wanted to surprise Tony but now this woman would be surely tell him. She tried to look away but her eyes were caught by Mondragon's own eyes. 
"Oh don´t fear my little hot bird. I won´t tell Tony that you want bigger tits. After all I like woman as much as I like men. And I know at best how much fun as men has with big round hot tits like mine. Look at my tits and tell me that they are the hottest thing you ever saw in your life!" she commanded and Pepper´s eyes wandered down on Mondragon's Body. Over her full red lips to her Tits. The where only covered poorly by her sexy Dress. But they were magnificent. Round and big. She had at least 36D tits which looked absolute hot on her. She licked her lips as she took in each detail of her hot tits. Like they were pushed up by the Bodysuit and how she imaged to see her nipples under the Spandex.

"Your breasts are the most beautiful things I ever saw Moondragon. I wish I could have been gifted with such perfect pair of breasts too." she said and Moondragon liked what she heard. She cupped her big tits and pressed them together so the even looked bigger.
"Look again in my eyes Pepper Pots." It was hard for Pepper to rise her eyes again but she wanted to look in her eyes. It was funny to look at the breasts of a woman. Even if they were so hot like these two melons.
"Yes my little Pepper Pots. Even at this distance you can feel my Power don´t you? You are a weak mortal of the Earth and I am the mighty Moondragon! Can you feel how much stronger my mind is? How much superior my Willpower is?"
Pepper felt a tingle in her neck. All her hairs stood up as if she felt an electric field. This Woman was so strong and mighty. She was now at the other Side of the Solar System and even at this range she could feel how much Power this woman had. She felt weak and poor in front of her and her voice was a whispering.
"Yes Moondragon. I can feel your Strong Mind and your Willpower now. It is so strong." Still looking in her eyes she saw that Mondragon's eyes were now glowing green.

"Stand up and then Kneel in front of my Vision Pepper Pots. I want you on your knees like every woman should do in front of me."
Without thinking Pepper stood up. How stupid of her to sit in front of this mighty Hero. Her Place was on her knees in front of Moondragon. She fell down and looked up to search her eyes again. Moondragon was smiling very amused now.
"So my little Pepper Pots. You want to be mine forever!" she just commanded and Pepper felt a warm feeling running through her body. It would be wonderful to live her whole life at her side.

"I want to be yours Forever Moondragon." she said weakly and looking at the wonderful woman.

"You want to be my hot little Sex Slave and want to lick my hot Pussy whenever I command you to do it Pepper Pots." with that she put her Index Finger on her Uniform and pushed it away. Her Pussy was wet and her Lips were swollen already. Her Cunt was ready to get licked.

Peppers mouth fell open and she gazed in amazement at this wonderful sight. Moondragon´s tits had been perfect... but her Pussy was even much hotter. Just the sight of her cunt was causing her to get hot. Her own hands betrayed her and wandered to her little tits massaging them through the fabric. She wanted to lick these hot cunt so much. She would do everything to get a taste of that pussy. Strangely she hadn´t been interested in woman all her life but now she was on fire. 
"Moondragon.. I want.. to lick that pussy. Please. I will do everything you want from me. but please. Let me lick your godlike cunt. I can´t wait to stick my tongue in it and lick it clean." she moaned and Moondragon smiled widely.
"Yes. You will get a taste of my hot pussy very soon. But first I must be sure how much you want to be my Slave. I have to test you!" she sounded stern and Pepper frowned. She had to pass this test no matter what it costs. If she failed.. she would never be able to be her Sex Slave. This thought was unbearable.
"I will do what you command Moondragon!" she nodded and Moondragon saw the focus in her eyes. Passing the test was the most important thing for this little mortal now.
"My test will be the following actions you have to do! IF you fail only ONE of them you won't get a taste of my! But if you be able to pass all of them you will be rewarded by becoming my sex slave and are allowed to have Sex with me!
The first test is to cheat on your silly Tony Stark. You will seduce some other men and this men can fuck you as he wants!" she commanded and sensed at once that this was a troubling Command for Pepper. This little mortal loved Tony Stark more than her life and it would be a bit tricky to get her to betray him. She was one of the most potent Psychics of the Sun System but even her Powers couldn´t match with something like true love. She was godlike but she wasn´t a god after all. So she smiled and put one finger into her cunt and moaned.

"I know this will be the hardest part for you my little Pepper Pots. But if you can do this... it will be your Finger next time... and it will be your Finger I lick clean then." With that she pulled her finger out of her finger and licked it very seducing clean. 
Peppers mind had been clear for only one second. She couldn´t hurt Tony she had screamed in her head but then she saw how Moondragon had begun to finger fuck herself and had licked her own juices of her finger. She had promised her that she would do this the next time. It was such an hard choice.

"The second Test is to bring the Avengers to invite me to earth. If you can do that you can see me in real in front of you! you can smell me... touch me... and maybe I will give you a little kiss mhm? wouldn´t you want that? That you feel my lips on yours?"

Helplessly Pepper moaned and her mind was full of erotic thoughts. This test would be so easy. Each of the male Avengers would be so willingly to invite a Sexbomb like Moondragon in her hot and sexy dress. Even Thor would be willingly to see her again. After all she had bewitched him before so that he had the honor to be her lover boy. 
"The third test for my little wannabe Sex Slave is to watch me fucking your beloved Tony. I want his hard cock in my Pussy while you watch us. It will make me so hot to fuck him in front of you. Can you image how hot I look when I get fucked by a good hard dick? Can you believe how horny my voice is when I scream in lust with each of his hard thrusts? Oh yes my little Slave. He will love it so much to fuck me that we will be a very hot pair. You... me and him in one bed. You two worship my hot tits while I jerk his dick and fingering your pussy. Do you want me to finger your pussy Pepper Pots?" she asked evil and Pepper nodded drooling

"Yes Moondragon. I can´t wait for your fingers to push into my wet hole. But... Tony don´t trusts you.. he won´t let you... fuck him." she said and feared that Moondragon was not amused about this information and was surprised that Moondragon laughed only.

"Do you think he can resist this?" with these words she pulled her Dress over her massive tits and pushed them up to suck on her hard nipples and then said.
"Make me happy Pepper Pots. After you have finished each test... you be mine forever. Your body will belong to me and your soul will be mine also! And now... come for your goddess!" she commanded and Pepper had the strongest climax of her life. Her body arched in pure Lust as all nerves of her Body were on fire. She could feel her juices run out of her Pussy and her nipples press hard against her bra. She couldn´t stand it very long and fell over and collapse on the floor breathing very fast.
"I will do as you wish mistress!" away were all of her fear or her Will to fight this control. She had her orders and she would managed to fulfill them one way or another.

After a few seconds the Monitor faded away and left Pepper lonely on the ground. Her Goddess had left her but she knew what she had to do now! First of all.. She needed bigger tits! Tits no men could withstand! She wanted such perfect Tits like her Goddess and Reed would make it possible! he would give her 36D tits. Her mistress would be so happy to see that her Sex Slave had nice full tits like herself.

She stood up and put her Dress in shape again. Her Panties were soaked with her juices and it felt wonderful that she had such a great Orgasm for her Mistress. Then the door opened at Reed came into the room again. He held some kind of Device that looked like an Particle Cannon in his hands and looked happily at Pepper.

"I found it. I hope you didn´t get bored in the time?"
"Oh no Mr. Fantastic. I had a wonderful time. You could say I had an inspiration in the time." she said carefully not to give this mega genius to much information. She knew that Moondragon was a very skilled Mind controller and surely she had been brainwashed Pepper. But it didn´t cared her anymore. Even if she had been brainwashed, even if it were not here free wish to be Mondragon's Fuckslave. She wanted it NOW and that was all that matters. The former Pepper Pots lived for her own goals. The new Pepper Pots had new Goals now. 3 Goals to be exact.

"Oh? Really? May I ask what you find in your Vision?" he asked friendly and she asked very confident and with a final voice.

"I want you to push my breasts to 38 D!" 

Reed looked at her in shock because by her body it would look very big if she would have such immense tits but the thought of such heavy melons were still hot. After all. He lusted after a Woman with 38 DD tits and now this young woman wanted such big tits to. 
"I.. fear I cannot do this Ms. Pots. Think of your reputation!" he tried to change her mind but she went straight to him standing in front of the cannon and aimed the barrel on her tits.

"Do it Mr. Fantastic! Give me big hot tits! I want my tits be big and round! I know that you fear that every men would look only at my tits then but it is MY body! Please! I beg you! I want my tits be bigger and rounder. I want to feel it when I push them up and lick my nipples. I want to see how men watch at my tits and dream of me! can´t you understand this? Don´t you think your wife would be ashamed and unhappy with such little breasts like mine now?" she almost cried at him and he was in danger now. His dick took over control again and he imaged how she would look if she had such hot big tits.

Pepper was under the influence of Mondragon's spell but she wasn´t stupid. She saw how he reacted to her begging. His eyes rested on her little small flatted chest and had an dreaming glaze over them. She turned her head lightly and watched down on him. Yes! His dick was getting hard! He too wanted her to have big  hot tits!
"Please Dr. Richards! Make my breasts bigger... yes.. lay your hand on this control panel." she took his hands and forced them onto the Panel. He didn´t resist very much after all.
"Yes this is Good Dr. Richards. Now program the Thing that it make my tits grow." She saw how he entered some numbers and still his eyes were fixed on her chest.
"Yes Dr. Richards. Image how big round 38d melons would look on my. How big my chest would be now. How they grow now... this is good. Yes. Program the Machine to get my boobs to 38D. You will be the first men to see my big tits. You will be forever the first men that seen the new big titted Pepper Pots. I know you want it too. I can see it on your hard dick there. It is hard because you think of me as a big titted version of myself! Let your dick think for you. I want you to let your cock make the machine fire." she teased him and then she saw how he pushed the big red button and felt an short pain in her breasts. Then she could feel how the transformation begun.


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