After one hot night it seems like it will be a quite day... but then Reed can´t hold it anymore

by colleem
Storyline Toys of the Purple Man
Characters Fantastic Four Jasmine Pepper Potts
Previous Chapter The Avengers want to know what went wrong with the FF4 in the Building and Starks sends his Beloved Pepper to the Baxter Building where she hears more then she wanted.

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Purple Men felt strange. He was exhausted like never before. Maybe he had found the Limit of his new powers. After all he didn´t even know why his powers had been boosted or which limit it had. He had done maybe too much manipulating in the few days. After all he was still mortal. Maybe he should get Reed working on this Problem too. But now he needed rest. He heard how Jonny marched into the Office but even Jasmine seemed tired of all the teasing, masturbation for Reed and fucking him. She send him away but flirted a little bit with him before sending him home. Soon both of them laid in one bed and were sleeping deeply. 
As he awoke he felt much stronger again.
"So my Powers regenerates not fully in one Night. I have to remember that. Now problem. I think the Richards can handle their lives a few days on their own until I reach full Power again. Mhm Honey. Do my a favor and arrange an Meeting with our little Toys in 5 days could you?" he asked Jasmine and for an short moment she managed to get his cock out of her mouth.
"As you wish my beloved Master. But can I first get my reward?" she looked at him lustily and he pressed her Lips again of his dick.
"No need to hurry honey... Take your time!" he smiled dreamingly.

The evening in the Baxter Building had been quite peacefully. Mystique had left as soon as she had regained conscious and promised Reed that she would be close in reach. She gave him one of her many fake numbers so he could call her as much as he wanted. She would stay in town for a while. She informed Magneto that she had to keep an low profile for some time not to get to much attention. Magneto understood and managed that her new Persona Nina Walters would appear in the most important Computer systems. Then he transferred her 1 million Dollar so she could take her time. His newest plan was in the planning stage so he didn´t needed her much. He wished his oldest and most trusted Friend a nice vacation and cut the com until she would call him back.

Reed and Susan had spend the rest of the night fucking like rabbits after they told Pepper Pots that it was an bad timing. After Pepper saw the hungry look in Susan´s Eyes she had understood what that meant. She had left and made an appointment for the next day with them. While they both fucked each other for more than 9 hours they felt into a coma like sleep. Neither Susan nor Reed had fucked so hard because they had thought of their Partner. Each of them had dreamed of their newly dream woman or the new male Sex god. 

Ben and his girlfriend Alicia Masters hadn´t been in the Baxter Building this night and the only lone one had been Jonny. After he had arrived by Dr. Violets Office he had seen the hot and sexy Secretary. She was just the right one to get his mind of his sister now. But as much as he tried she wasn´t interested in him. She had flirted a little bit.. okay. She had flirted a lot. But she told him that it had been bad timing because she was very tired and just as he saw all his ships sinking she said.

"But if you can wait until I am fit again I will make all your dreams come true little men!" she had looked at him with the promise of hot nights in her eyes. So he had left back home just to hear that Reed and Susan had found back together again. He couldn´t get to sleep all night because he could hear Susan scream like she was dying. He couldn´t remember when she had been so loud in bed. It was too much for him. Jerking he laid in his bed until he finally found some sleep dreaming of his sister. 

The next day was just like every other day. After they had awoken Reed had went to his lap. He had a nice idea for an present. But it wasn´t easy to build and so he had to do lot of calculations. Telepathy and Mind Control weren´t his common Field of Science so he wondered what he could do. 

Then he got the Idea that could help him. 
"Herbie. Activate Satellite 323 and point it to the Titan. Send this Message to these coordinates.

Hello Moondragon. It is me. Reed Richards. I could need your help with a little Problem here. I have to build an device to" he thought for a second and said then. "To take down an mentalist. But to do so I need to get a better understanding of this field of supernatural Power. I hoped you as the most potent and most brilliant Woman in the galaxy could help me there." He knew her ego was just too big to ignore this. With a touch on the display he send the massage and was calculating that it should take 9 min 23 Seconds to arrive the Titan. Then he could get something to eat. After this great night he was out powered like he wasn´t in years. Hell that had been a good night. The thought of Jasmine had given him unbelievable stamina and his wife had been willingly waiting for each new round. So he went to the kitchen and run into Jonny which mood seemed to be not the best. After a little Smalltalk even Reed noticed that Jonny wasn´t in the mood to talk and so he left him alone after he was sure it wasn´t something big. 

As he left Susan entered the room just like Reed looking for some Food. She wore a black tight pants with an nice looking shirt over her torso. Her amble breasts looked like they were free underneath but who could tell for sure. 
"Hey little brother. What´s up? You look like you have lost your car or were beaten in a race." she smiled and gave him a quick kiss on his cheek. He tried to smile and said.

"Argh. Nothing. Just didn´t get much sleep this night." Much to his surprise Sue laughed and sat down in front of him, drinking an Coke.

"Oh Sorry little Brother. I hope you understand now how we feel when you have one of your little girlies here. Reed and I just had some.. mhm needs we had to satisfy" she grinned and Jonny nodded. 
"Yeah. I could hear that all night long Sue. I could hear that very good." Susan smiled and nodded.
"Ah Jonny. Don´t be mad. Surely some of your little Playthings will get you in a better mood real quick. But I just don´t know why you waste your time with such little girls." she mocked him and he looked at her angry.
"Hey. I don´t tell you that Reed isn´t the best men for you or do I?" he didn´t like that she talked so about his girlfriends. Okay she was right on that but hey. What else could he do? The woman he wanted most was his own sister. He couldn´t have her so he needed release.

"Sure you do that Jonny. Almost twenty times a day you do that!" Susan burst out laughing and smiled seductively at him."Poor little Jonny. You should look for a REAL Woman. A Woman that knows how to handle such a men like you. A woman that will get you to the point where you don´t even think of other woman's." She smiled and took a deep breath so that her tits pushed up a little bit. It was just a game for her to turn him on. It was just an ritual she had done since he had entered his teenager time. As soon as she had noticed his lust she loved the feeling to tease him. And it was working like the old times. His eyes went to her titties and her words surely would make him dream.
"Aha? A woman that could train me?! Sis. Stop joking! Such an woman don´t exist on this planet!" he said and tried to look back in her face but her tits were so great. He was sure she hadn´t noticed it and grinned. She hadn´t any idea how HE saw her.

She stood up and went around the table and whispered in his ears slowly and very erotic.

"My little brother.... I ... could train a men like you not only to be a nice good men.. ohh I could train you to be EVERYTHING I want!" she loved how his body reacted. His body arched in the Chair and his eyes shoot wide open. His mouth fell open and in his pants his dick was growing with amazing speed. He didn´t answer her and she left him with a nice tingle in her loins knowing that she was still the hottest woman in Jonny´s world. That was a good feeling after all. But now she had important things to do. As a Fantastic Four Member she had to do work and she went to do some PR work. On her way down she saw Pepper Pots and waved at her. Reed could do the Meeting with her. After all he would understand better what that jerk Tony Stark would want again. She felt sorry for Pepper that she too had to life with such an men and maybe she should tell her about Dr. Violet. It would be good for her. But SHE would warn her about the hot looking Doctor and how arousing it could be close to him. Then she left the office and went to one of her appointments.

Pepper looked into the mirror one last time. She wanted to look good. Not Sexy good. But professional good. Yes. She looked just like the leader of a multimillion Dollar Corporation that she was. After Stark had gave her the leadership of Stark Enterprise she had made great work. She had bring the former Military Corp on the first place for alternative Energy and Green Energy. Due it was most thanks to the ARK Reactor it was her work in public that made this Project so well known. 

But in the moment she had to deal with the lesser bright sides of her Job. She had to talk to one of Tony´s friends which was just like him a totally nerd. But Tony wanted to know if everything was alright and as leader of the Avengers he was too busy to talk to Reed himself. But she knew the truce. His Ego didn´t allowed him to talk to someone how could MAYBE be smarter than him.

"Hello Dr. Richards. Nice to meet you. I hope I don´t interrupt any work of yours again?" She asked polite as she shacked his hand. She liked Reed Richards somehow. The Fantastic Four were like Tony Superheroes. But they seemed much more normal than the Avengers. The Avengers were a mix of very scary and somehow funny members. The Fantastic Four on the other side were somehow human and normal. Jonny the young Hotshot, Ben Grimm as the wise and brave friend. Susan as the good looking and clever Woman in the team and finally the brilliant Dr. Richards. 

"Oh now Ms. Pots. Please. Sit down. Can I bring you something to drink? A Coffee maybe?" he asked and looked at the woman in front of him. He hadn´t dealt with her very often. Mostly just a Shake hand or something like that. This was the first time he really saw her. She had a nice looking body but her breasts were too small for him. She had good looking tits but he loved them bigger. Much bigger. The rest of her body was in a very good shape and he bet that Tony had much fun with her. As he went to the kitchen to bring the Coffee he begun dreaming again. This night had fueled his desire for Jasmine even more. The thought of her caused his body to get aroused again and his mind wandered again. If he had to say something in this world he would have left the place at once and walked right to her. But he had responsibility and he already had done some great mistake yesterday. He had raped that hot looking woman in his Lab and forced her to be at his bidding when he called her. 

"DAMN! Reed! Stop thinking of Sex!" he cursed himself as he tried to clear his mind. But his Hand went to his pocket and fished his Handy out. He had saved the number of the Office and he looked at the 19 Numbers on the display. Each number was screaming at him to push the dial button. Each number promised him that he would at least hear her sexy voice. 
"That´s the Idea! I will just call her and listen for a few seconds without saying something! Then I can concentrate again on Pepper." As soon as he had the idea he pushed the button and the Phone dialed the Number. But no one was in the office. Jasmine was riding her master and her body was moving slowly on his lap. Her pussy was filled with his perfect dick and his hands rested on her giant tits. She saw that the Phone blinked and looked at Violet. But to her surprise he laid in his Chair and was unconscious. She had fucked him into a deep sleep. But she couldn´t get enough of him. Slowly and moving a little bit slower she bent over and pushed one button on the Phone on Violets Desk. She put the Phone to her ears and remembered her that he had commanded her to act as normal as she could if someone should call. But there wasn´t anyone at the other line. She moved her hips slowly up and down on Violets dick and a soft moan escaped her lips. She cursed herself for it but after she  heard a soft moan on the other side she knew who was calling her.

"Reed.... my little Reed... Is that you. Answer me please!" she begged him and her lust increased even more now. It was so hot that this men couldn´t even live one day without hearing her voice. But he didn´t answer her and so she raised her voice. "Answer me Reed NOW!"
Reed had heard her saying hello and asking a few times if there was someone. He just wanted to cut the Phone call as he had imaged that he heard her moan. The mere thought of Jasmine moaning made him himself slip out a soft moan. Then she had called him. Did she know that it was him? Impossible. He didn´t answer her but then her voice had changed. She commanded him to answer in such an dominant manner that he answered her unsure what to say.
"Yes... it is me!" he just said and Jasmine was pushing Violets dick deeper in her Pussy. It was amazing that it was still rock hard even as himself was far away in Dream land.
"Oh Reed. I like your voice so much. It feels so good to hear you. Oh... I Wanted to call you tomorrow.. Dr. Violet wants to see you again at Friday.. YOU mhm will come please? do it for me yeah? I would be solo happy to see you again.... " She rode now faster and faster but suppressed the urge the moan loudly. She wanted to turn Reed into a sex driving beast till Friday but she would do it slowly.
"SURE SURE!!!" Reed screamed almost at once." I will be there! I Promise!"
"You? And what is with your little breasted Wife? Oh I couldn´t life with such little titties. mhm Will you bring her too?" she hissed and Reed got red in his face.
"Sure.... she will be at my side... as ever!" he said sadly knowing that he wouldn´t have more than one or two looks at Jasmine when Susan was with him.
"Oh don´t Worry my wonderful Doctor... mhm. I am sure we will find a way to get private for a few seconds. I need your opinion on something I want to show you. But I don´t think it would be a good idea if your Wife would be in the same room then. She could be ashamed if she would see it to. After all.. she is so small." she said softly and knew that Reed would think of her tits now.
"But say... didn´t you have a meeting with Pepper Pots?" she asked as she remembered that Dr. Violet wanted to help this couple too.

"Yes... she is waiting in my lab now. I don´t have so much time I fear." Reed told her but his mind circled around the thing she wanted to show him. Maybe she wanted to show him her tits.. or a new Bra. The possible were endless.

"You mean the same office were you raped this hot looking Woman?" she asked him directly and it didn´t wonder him how she could know this. 
"Yes.. To my shame exactly that Lab." he said after he looked around so he could be sure nobody would hear him. Then her voice changed dramatically. Her Voice sounded like she had problems to breath. She forced every word out and it sounded very hot. As if she would masturbate and tried to disguise it.
"Oh don´t be ashamed of it. I tell you a secret. The thought that a strong good looking men like you rapes a woman makes my pussy so hot and wet that I could be entered by an hard throbbing cock in one push. I fear that I couldn´t say now to a such a bad men. You have to know. I dream of the white knight on the horse ... but... under his armor... he should be a bad boy and the thought makes me so hot.. mhm but.. you are not such a men mhm... sadly... ahh that you don´t have the guts... ahh to... oh mhmmm do it again with this Pots.... but ahhhh I wouldn´t even believe you... if you said you had done.... it. surely your rape of this bitch yesterday was a lie to. I would only get hot if I could see it on my computer... So if you ahh ever wanted to betray your wife and want to get me sucking your dick... ah all you had to do was to rape a woman film it and send it to my pc. Oh AHH I have to go now... Good luck Reed... I wait for you!!!" then the Phone went dead and Reed was in a pure Shock.

She had told him a way to fuck her! Hell! He couldn´t believe his luck! His reputation as a Hero had made her say all this! It was impossible for her that a men like Reed could ever do such nasty things!
"Oh my good... If I could film my next fuck with Nina I could make Jasmine so hot that she would be easy to fuck. I could fuck her ass while she watches the Movie... She won´t even notice that I will do it until she feels my hard dick in her... Maybe it will make her so hot that she will play with her tits watching how I fuck." He had to call Nina at once and command her here. He would let the Cameras in his Lab take on every moment of the fuck. How he would Hypnotize her... and rip her Clothes of her hot body. How he would command her to suck his dick and call her a whore. Yes! And after that... he would have the perfect weapon to fuck Jasmine!

Just as he wanted to dial Nina´s number Pepper came into the room.
"Mr. Fantastic? Is something? I waited 10 minutes. Everything okay?" she asked as she saw the strange look on the Face of Mr. Fantastic. It seemed like he had been dreaming and totally forgotten her presence. She knew this kind of Face from Tony when he was working on one of his damn Suits.
"Oh... Mr. Pots! I am so sorry. I totally forgot you... Let´s get to the Lab. I have to show you something!" he said with a wicked smile and went to the office fast.

There he took a strange looking weapon from a table and looked at her.

"This is something I want to show you Ms. Pots." With one short command on the keyboard he looked the Lab unnoticed by Pepper. Also he deactivated Herbie and put all Sensors in the Lap on. Each Camera was now turning on him and her. It would be perfect!
"I am Sorry Mr. Richards. I am not interested in Weapons. Like you know Stark Enterprises doesn't build Weapons for some time now. I didn´t even know that you were inventing Weapons?"

Then he aimed at her and fired.

quot; he said and tried to look back in her face but her tits were so great. He was sure she hadnt answer her and so she raised her voice.

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