The Avengers want to know what went wrong with the FF4 in the Building and Starks sends his Beloved Pepper to the Baxter Building where she hears more then she wanted.

by colleem
Storyline Toys of the Purple Man
Characters Fantastic Four Pepper Potts Purple Man
Category Mind Control
Previous Chapter Reed hypnotized Mystique/Nina and phones Nina to let her watch. He then see how she fuck Purple men and comanding him do fuck Nina while watching

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It was unbelievable. Reed Richards was raping this young woman like he never did anything else. Violet sat on his floor, still groggy from the hot fuck with Jasmine and watched in the small display of Jasmine´s handy how Reed went almost berserker like and fucked this woman. She was hot after all and her tits were an good c cup he guessed. But this wasn´t important for him. If he wanted tits he had Jasmine. It was much hotter to look at this event. It would have been even better if he had an bigger screen. He couldn´t see the real action after all. But his dick was empty now. When an Superhuman Woman like the former Jewel was fucking him he hadn´t a chance after all. But he caressed Jasmine´s body with one hand and watched further as Reed was fucking her now with his dick and pumping his index finger into an second dick. so he fucked her both holes. 
"Sorry Jasmine. You would have liked this show. Mhm but you gave your Master an damn good fuck!" he whispered and went to his office. He had work to do!

Susan and Jonny had finally found something. An brand new Dodge Viper Racing Edition. Jonny was in love as soon as he had heard the motor running and had been on his knees. He had begged Susan literally that she would buy this car and Sue grinned.

"Mhm.. tztz bad little brother. An pussy licking Casanova like you and in this position in front of me? How dare!" she mocked him and Jonny grinned weakly but stared for an short moment on her pussy. 

"Come on Sis! Buy me this car and I will wash your cloth one week!" he begged and Sue finally made the deal. Soon they were flying to New York and Jonny ignored as ever any Tempo limit that was in their way. But Susan was to happy to give him the necessary Words. She was feeling good. She was Good looking. She was rich. She had Reed who loved her even if he had problems showing it. She had Superpowers and had her kiddy brother at her side. And she had a new person to dream of. Namor was out of order now. She had masturbated a few time thinking how it would be if he would fuck her but after that meeting with Dr. Violet there was only ONE men in her mind for such things. 

Just as they entered the Baxter Building her Phone rang. She went to it and heard an very exhausted Violet on the other side. He must have made some exercise to get so short breathed but she liked it. Through his manipulations she didn´t even remember that they had talked a few times this day and so she was happy to hear his voice for the first time.

"Hello Dr. Violet. How are you?" she asked and he hissed breathless but somehow aroused.

"Be so kind and put me on speakers yeah but only if you are with your brother alone okay?" 

"Sure thing Dr. Okay. You're on Speaker. Jonny say hello to your sisters most trusted Doctor." She grinned and it went silence as Jonny parked the Car and laughed at the phone.

"Hey doc! How is..." He was cut short by the mysterious men on the other side.

"Jonny put out your cock and jerk it until it is hard okay? And you Susan... show him your titties and your pussy so he can masturbate on them." Jonny sat there and felt the strange urge to get his cock out. He was so horny suddenly. He fight the urge to do it as his sister looked at him softly.

"Jonny. I want to show you something!" with that her clothes became transparent and he could see everything. with one hand he unzipped his pants and grapped his dick. He had to jerk now he couldn´t stop it. After all he could see Susan´s Pussy only inches away. 
"So now we can talk. Susan don´t mind that Jonny jerking. Just be a good Sister and give him an good show. We need to talk about your husband now."
Susan nodded and grapped her tits through her Cloth. She pressed her left breast in her hand letting Jonny see it. It was so normal that they did that and she had other things to do now.
"What is it Dr. Violet? What do you want from me?" She asked and nodded to Jonny who put down his pants fast.

"He is in his lab and raping an woman. I want him to do this! You won´t get upset or anything if you see him. He will ignore you after all because he only can think of fucking this woman. I want you and Jonny to ignore it to. You will see it.. you will notice that he fucks there but it won´t be anything alarming. I want you to stay by him until he wakes up again. When he is awake again you will call me immediately okay? And if you want you can think of your brothers cock there while waiting. When I end this call you both will awaken again and don´t remember my call. You will get out of the car and do what I told you. Jonny... YOU will come to me as fast as you can. You need help with your incest dreams. I am the only one that can cure you from these dreams. But be careful. My Secretary is just the Woman that could arouse you right now." Violet then let the call end and Sue and Jonny´s Mind went active again. Without thinking they got out of the car and Jonny smiled. 
"Sis. I have something to do right now. Do you mind if I leave now?"
Susan went to him and hugged him where he stood. "No Brother. Go now but be so kind and put this nice looking penis back in its prison or are you waiting that I will do it? aren´t you to old that I must dress you?"

He got red. He didn´t even noticed that his Pants was open. And much worse. He was fully erect. How had this happened. Quickly he put his hard dick into his pants and run away from this place. He transformed into pure flames and flew away leaving an giggling Susan.

She went upstairs and looked for Ben but found only an Letter that he was with his girlfriend out. Nice. So she went to the lab where she saw reed lying on the Floor over an naked good looking woman. Both of them seemed knocked out but it was clear that Reed had fucked her. Her body was over and over covered with his semen and both of them were still locked tight with Arms and Legs. She gave him an quick kiss on his cheek and smiled. He was such an lovely men. She would wait for him until he would wake up again.  Maybe she could call Dr. Violet then and make a new Date for an Meeting.

As Reed woke up the first thing he heard was someone using an telephone. He was still a bit cloudy in his head and saw Nina lying under him with his dick in her Ass. He moaned as he stood up and drawn it out of her. She was still dreaming but the motion led her moan softly. Then he saw Susan stand on his side and pressing an Number on her phone.
His Mind raced. What had he done? Susan had caught him inflagranti and now everything was out. But why did she Smile so friendly. Before he could think further they both heard Violets Voice.

"You two! You have to stand still because this is an very important Information for you!" Both Susan and Reed smiled and obeyed. After all it was necessary that they listened carefully now.

"Reed. You want to help me. You want to invent something that could boost Mental Powers. You want to boost the same kind of Powers like the Purple Men has. It won´t be useful for me, after all I don´t have any such powers. But it will be a gift for all I did for you. I will help you safe your marriage with Susan. I will take care of all of Susan´s Problems. I was the one who is responsible for meeting Jasmine. I will maybe even help you fucking her. If you will help me I could help you getting time alone with her! You know that I am Right." he said and Reed answered mechanically.

Yes. You are always right! I know that for sure!" Then Violet went further and addressed Susan.

"Susan. You will lust after me every night. Every time you fuck or get fucked you dream of me. You won´t notice that your Husband will fuck you like he would fuck someone else. He can´t fuck you after all. Nobody can get you off except me or maybe your hot looking brother. But it is such an slutty thought to fuck your own brother just to get an climax. You know that I am right don´t you Susan?"
Susan smiled at her husband and nodded.

"Yes Dr. Violet. All you tell me is right. Every time and everyplace your words are right."

Violet nodded in his office. Good. He felt weak for an moment. It had cost him much Power to play this game but he wanted to play it longer and longer. It was like he was addicted to play with this Super Goody Doers. It was the ultimate Sexdrug. He needed more of it.

"Very good. Now you two... when I will end this call you will look at each other and it will be everything like ever. Reed you will dismiss your new Fucktoy and Susan you will ignore it. Nobody shall known what happens with you. You must play an very happy partnership and you will fool everyone else. okay?"
Both of them answered him with an yes Doctor and he could hear the KI informing them both that Pepper Pots was at the Door wanting to get in. Violet didn´t know this woman but it seemed somehow important.

"Reed? Who is this Pepper pots?" he asked and got all the information he wanted.

"Mhm. How do she looks?" he then asked as an plan hit his Mind.

"She has red hair an good figure. I think she has some B cup maybe and an little perky ass. Her Face is quite nice." Reed told him and he smiled. Very good. He would take care of her later. Now he needed some Rest. He ended the call and informed Jasmine that she could seduce Jonny if she want but if she was fucked up she could just send him away again. He only had to lure him away from the others.

Then he went to sleep dreaming of his plans for Susan, Reed, Jonny and now too.... the Avengers!


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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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