Reed hypnotized Mystique/Nina and phones Nina to let her watch. He then see how she fuck Purple men and comanding him do fuck Nina while watching

by colleem
Storyline Toys of the Purple Man
Characters Mister Fantastic Mystique Purple Man Jasmine
Category Growth Mind Control
Previous Chapter Violet calls Susan while she undress and she willingly help him to convince her brother too

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Violet smiled as he heard Susan moan with lust. If someone had told her one week before that she would let her own Brother fuck her with his fingers she would be more then upset by the mere thought. But now... she was close before a climax with her brother getting her off. He looked at the former Jewel known as Jessica Jones and waved her by his side. 

"You have done very well my wonderful friend. You know it is only for her best that we chance them right?" he asked her to test if his Powers were fading after such an long time. After all he didn´t know how much his Powers had changed. And she was his first test object and somehow his greatest work till now. But soon Susan Richards would be his masterpiece. 
"Sure Master. We have the make their lives better. I will do all I can to help you with all my might, my powers and my body as well. And besides. I can´t wait to fuck this men. It will be very arousing to have him in my pussy. But I don´t know why he had not fucked me by now. Didn´t you want them under as soon as possible Master?" she asked and then bend down. "Let me finish this master please. You have promised me that with your help I would have more luck with men."

She opened her mouth and started to suck on his raging dick. The Sounds out of the Phone were so hot that she couldn´t help but Moan herself. It was so sexy how he could help all people. Some time ago she had tried to help mankind with her superhuman strength but she was lonely and so she went to Dr. Violet who had just opened his Office in town. Soon she felt that it wasn´t her duty to get dressed as an super heroine and fight crime. It was much better to help this kind men to help other. He had done so much good for some of her friends. Soon she told Pym of his talent and after only one meeting with Violet he was a changed men. He was so friendly and shortly after Pym and his ex-wife Janet came together. 
Jasmine was so happy as she remembered this day. Violet had talked almost 4 hours with the couple and then he had called her in. First she was in an absolute shock as she saw how Violet fucked Janet on his desk. But he told her that this was the best way to help them. He told her that Pym needed help to and if she would help Pym she would help herself. It was so logical. She had went for Violet to get help with her relationships. And now she could fuck Pym in front of her hero. It was such an hot orgy. After she had fucked Pym Violet let her know how hot he found her and that he would love it if she could work for him as her secretary and most of the time as her Sex Slave.

Her dreams had come true. With the help of Pym she had transformed her Body into an living dream and her big tits were an present from Dr. Violet. While she sucked on his hard dick and while her hands massaged his balls she remembered that soon Reed and Susan would feel much better too.

"Mhm Yes my loving little whore. Suck my hot dick while I let Susan do all that nasty stuff.. mhm yes... and soon you will get Reed and if you ahh be an good girl I let you fuck him in front of his wife. You know that Reed is YOURS alone ahh mhm... You ahh are the Woman he needs." he moaned as he came and sprayed her face and her tits.
"Oh I know he will fuck me Master. After I rode him he won´t even touch Susan ever again without my permission. But... why didn´t he fuck me right then?" she asked happily and licked all of his sperm away.
"He and Susan loves each other from there bottom of heart. It is true love. A very strong feeling. But don´t worry. As soon as he will fuck other woman he will be corrupted and soon he cannot withstand you. And after he sucked on your tits... he will be your slave."
She smiled and got up. He was not only the sexiest men alive... no. he was the noblest and finest men she knew. He did all this without one request for payment. He did all of this just to help others. She would be forever his devote Slave and Friend. She would never betray such an men.

Susan´s head was foggy and her body was so weak. She must have eaten something wrong. She tried to clear her mind and shook her head a few times. Slowly everything came back. She had tried these hot lingerie's and wanted her brother to tell her how they look. With his experience with woman he was the perfect guy to judge something like that. And beside it was so cool to turn him on. He tried always to hide the fact that he lusted after her. And still she knew that most of his girlfriends he choice was only because they resemble him on her. She looked at him like he sat on the chair and liked his finger. He must have dig it into his coke and was licking it clean now with delight. She fit her String so it covered her wet pussy again without questioning why it had been exposed or why she had been so wet. It didn´t cared her in the moment. 
"So Jonny. What do you thing? We could look for an new car for you now?" she smiled and then said. "After all you had been such an good boy carrying my bags all the day."
Jonny grinned and nodded.
"Finally! But first of all.. took some cloth one before we go out. It is one thing that I can see you like that but the People of New York shouldn´t get this view." She smiled and then got dressed with an tight red pants and an short top which had an average cleavage. But it still looked very hot on her and more than one men looked after her on the streets. This made Jonny somehow horny and pride. After all was he, beside of Reed, the only men who had the right to see more than that. But this night would be an long one. Hell she had looked so hot in there and he would fuck some of these stupid little whores this night.

Mystique, now under the disguise as Nina, went into the Lab and was more than impressed. Magneto had been an genius but this here looked like it was from some damn Star Trek movie. Everything flashed with little lights or showed some very complex formulas. She wasn´t stupid, she was very intelligent even... but she didn´t even understand the starting of these things. Reed Richards was surely one of the greatest Genius of this world she had to admit. 

She looked around but couldn´t see him until it was too late. Even for her skilled reflexes there hadn´t been time to do something. An strange blue light had surrounded her and she felt somehow strange but couldn´t lay an finger on it. She saw Reed coming to her and in his hand he had an pistol like Thing. 
"Okay... Nina.. You won´t remember that I shoot at you with this thing. You came here because you want me to fuck you again. You are here because you want my dick on your tits again.  You know that I am an Superhero and that you would destroy my life if you would tell someone about our litter sessions. And you cannot do that. Because if you would do... I couldn´t fuck you anymore. And you want to be my little secret Phone whore which I can call every day to fuck you right?"

Mystique/Nina was in a state of shock. Her training with Magneto had given her an basic training against mind control. But she could feel how each word of Reed invaded her mind and become real to her. She could feel how she lost it and how she realized the truce. 
She had came here not to get information about his strange behavior. No. She just hadn´t been so horny in all her life. While he had fucked her tits and after that came in her mouth she had felt wonderful and like an real woman. She had come here to get this feeling again. Even if she had to fool him. How easy it would be to chance her body now to be his absolute dream woman but then he would know that she was Mystique. And then he would arrest her even if he would fuck her one time. But she wanted not only ONE fuck! she wanted to be his. If he would be horny then she would be in place to get him off. So she had to play her role as Nina. After all she couldn´t risk it that his Career as Hero and noble Fighter for Mankind would be over.

"Mh. Dr. Reed. I came here.. to thank you for saving me in this crisis. But I don´t know how I can thank you.. Maybe.... you... have an Idea?" she asked sexually and played with the buttons of her cloth. "Maybe if you ah.. mhm want to have some .... mhm lets say.. fun....?"

Reed laid some strange looking Weapon on an desk and turned to her. His hands were opening his Pants already and as his zipper went down his hard cock came out of it.
"Mhm I´m sure we find something that will show me how thankfully you are." with that he used his powers to get his Dick bigger and bigger. Like an snake it fell to the floor and moved towards Nina which starred at this with shock and lust in her eyes. His dick was not thicker than normal but it got longer and longer with each second. It reached her and winded up her feet under her skirt. Realizing what happened she spread her legs to let this "snake" enter her wet cunt. She screamed and had to bent over an desk to prevent falling to the ground. It was impossible long and hard in her. Never in her life she had been with such an horse like dick. It was like heaven. She started to move her body against the thrusts of him and looked at him with growing need.

"AH yes.. Mr. Fantastic.. I will do everything.. for you... but.. please... don´t stop this. oh please.. it is wonderful... please... please.. make it bigger in me! PLEASE!!" she screamed as Reed fucked her harder and harder. Soon not this little bitch Nina would scream like that but his beloved Jasmine would feel his hard cock in her. The thought of Jasmine mad him mad with lust. He stretched out his hand to rip Ninas Suit into pieces. It looked so hot now. He was standing 4 meters away from her and she laid on the desk now. Her Feet were spread as far as she could and her hands played with her tits. All over her body there were still little pieces of her suit and this sight made him even hornier. This must be the feeling if an villain raped a woman. He loved it. with one hand he hit her tits and she screamed from lust and pain but looked at him only to beg for more. His other hand went to the PC and quickly he hacked into Jasmines Handy. It was easy for him to activate it and he put the Picture on every Monitor on the Room. He wanted to see her while he fucked this damn bitch. 

All he could see on the Monitor was an picture of an Pussy and an giant dick which rammed into it. It looked so hot as the dick opened her swollen lips and was soaked with her juices. He could hear his beloved Jasmine scream in pure ecstasy and heard single words like

Harder... Master.... wonderful tight pussy... suck my nipples master.... 

He moaned loudly and pulled Nina in front of him. He would fuck her from behind like the cheap dog she was. She responded by just pressing his ass onto his ramming dick and screamed. It didn´t cared her that Reed was watching an Porn while fucking her. He FUCKED her finally. And it was better than she had dreamed of. The Movie changed angles and on the Monitors they both saw an sweating Jasmine. Her face was an mask of pure lust. Her eyes only half opened and it looked like she was close before get unconscious. It was the hottest thing Reed ever saw.

"Ahh... god....... GOODDD Reed.. I ahh SEEEE OH PLEASE MASTER FUCK ME FASTER PLEASE!!!! you.. ahh did what I told... ahh you.... you will... ahhhhhh oohhh I can´t hold it master  YESSS.... will AHHH OHH REEDDD I WILL FUCK YOU SO HARDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD " she screamed while an climax rocked her body and Reed could see how intensive it was. Her eyes rolled up and down. She drooled like an Brain death Zombie and she couldn´t even scream now. The she took all of her willpower and looked into the cam and hissed

"FUCK HER REED! FUCK HER UNTIL BOTH OF YOU COLAPSE!" then she went down by herself and he could see that it had been Violet fucking his dream woman that bad.

"You heard her Reed. Obey her right now. You know I am right! you have to do it. Nothing else matters!"

Reed looked at Nina and hit her Ass hard and let her scream.

"YOU DAMN BITCH! IT IS YOUR FAULT THAT I COULDN`T FUCK HER! NOW SHE HAD TO WAIT TO LONG AND GOT LAID BY HER BOSS!! YOU WILL PAY FOR IT!!" with that he rammed his dick in her ass again and again. It didn´t cared him if someone could see him like that! Jasmine had wished ... no... commanded to fuck her.. and he would obey her over all.


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