Violet calls Susan while she undress and she willingly help him to convince her brother too

by colleem
Storyline Toys of the Purple Man
Characters Invisible Woman Purple Man Human Torch
Category Male Dom Incest Mind Control
Previous Chapter Dr. Doom gets the information that his plan had been an failure but got informed that Mystique got away. He needs information.

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Susan went from one Shop to another buying everywhere something new. There she took some Blazers, there so bought some ne Pants in the next one it was some new short skirts. Jonny looked like an mule. Carrying now 5 Bags he followed her all over and smiled. He loved how happy she was. It had been an hard time in the last year and she and Reed had more than one fight in their marriage to fight. But now it looked like it would go up again. Even Reed seemed happier since they returned from this Doctor. They had tried to cover the fact that they had went to an Marriage Counselor but Janet had told him everything. 
It didn´t cared him anyway. He loved his sister more than his life and was happy when she was happy. He knew that he was sometimes making her life not easy but she hadn´t ever let him down.

Susan went with an big grin on her face in the next shop. Her little brother moaned only as he saw that it was an lingerie shop. But it wasn´t the kind of erotic moan. More the " Oh no. I have to carry more Bags now" moan. She gave him her warmest smile and went away. She put some of the things into her little bag and looked for an Box to try them on. Soon she found one and as she opened her blouse her handy rang. Annoyed she put it to her ear and answered it. 
"Yes? Susan Richards here? Who is there?" she asked and to her delight it was the Sound of Dr. Violet. She could feel his voice go right to her pussy and made it tingle. He had such an strong erotic voice.
"Oh Hello Ms. Richards." he answered and she hurried to interfere him. She couldn´t stand the possibility that he saw her just as any other client.
"Please Dr. Violet. Call me Susan... or Sue!" she asked and thought of various other names he could call her.
"Okay Sue... Where are you know?" He asked her and she laughs a bit. This was her chance to tease the good doctor a little bit. She took all of her Courage together and answered.

"Oh I am Shopping right now. At the moment I am standing in an Box and just wanted to try some of my new lingerie's on. But you called before I could do that." Hell it felt so good to tell him that. Maybe he would dream now of this information how she would stand there naked. 

"Oh this sounds real hot Sue. I like my Woman in hot lingerie too. It made them look even hotter when they wear something real nasty. Did you put some real nasty things too? I hope you don´t mind that I ask you this? But as your Doctor I am just worrying if your Husband don´t even Notice your hot and sexy body."
Susan bit at her lips. He had said that she had an hot and sexy body. Hell she wished he could be here now and he would have shown her everything of her body.
"Oh now Dr. No Problem. I don´t Mind that you ask. And yes... I think I have some REAL nasty things in here. But my Husband isn´t with me. He is working in his Lab by now. My brother is with me and waiting outside."

"Oh you mean that hot young Man named Jonny?" Sue nodded. Yes her brother was an hot young man. "Would you mind to take of your Cloth and put on some of the new things for me Sue? I thing that it is an good idea of yourself to get naked. After all it is so arousing that you could get naked while listening to me right?"
Susan got an nasty thought. She opened her pants and pulled it down. She would try her lingerie while talking to her Doctor. The mere thought of it was so hot. Like she would betray her husband without betraying him for real.
"Mhm I could be of for an moment Dr. I just undress now because I don´t want to let my brother wait to long." she lied to him while opening her boots and got out of them.

"No Problem Sue. Surely it is an hot scene in there now. I bet every men would get an real nice hard on by it. Even your own brother would get an hard dick if he could see you now. What an nasty thought you have there." Violet smiled in his office. This was real arousing. He had planned to take them both as quick as possible. But now he was enjoying the slow process he made with them. 
"Okay Doctor. Almost ready. Just to need to let my Bra fall and then get dressed again. Give me one more Minute please yes?" her breath was getting faster. Her reflection in the mirror as she opened her bra was so hot. Her pussy was wet already and she could feel her juices running down her tights. If a men could see her now he would be hard in seconds. She wondered if Jonny would to getting hard? After all he was only a men. Okay. They were brother and sister... but... he was a men and had an hot body. Surely he would get hard if he could see her now. She massaged her right breast softly and moaned into the Phone. Oh my god. She had to be careful. She didn´t want that the Dr. heard her moaning and maybe guess how horny she was. Slowly she put her new black string on and loved the feeling that it made on her skin.

"Mhm Susan. You know that I am always right. Tell me that I am always right!" His voice sounded so strong.. so demanding. So Mighty. He wanted her to say it. Her pussy tingled and she spoke into the phone.

"You are always right Dr. Violet." 
"With everything I say?" he asked her promptly and her mind raced. Could he be with EVERYTHING right? was it possible? After all he was always right. So everything he said had to be right didn´t it?
"Yes Doctor Violet. Everything you say is absolutely right!" she said and cupped her breast. It felt so good to tell him what he wanted. It was so sexy.

"Then listen to me Susan. You wished I could talk to your brother so I could help him to. You wished he could understand that I am right with everything I say just like you understand it. But I cannot help him if he is to concentrated. But you WILL distract him while I talk to him. YOU will use your body to distract him! You will do what I tell you to do right?"
For some reason Susan's body stood up and straight as she answered.
"Yes Doctor. I will use my body to distract my brother so you can convince him that you´re always right. I will do it because you tell me to do it!" Her nipples got hard and her pussy was on fire now. Hell. Her brother would be so happy. Dr. Violet surely could help him to find some nice woman. But she had to distract him. Looking in the Mirror an wicked idea formed in her head. If he could let his eyes of her if she would show him THIS body? No absolutely not!

"Doctor. Do you want to speak to my brother now?" she asked and as Violet said yes she opened the box and gave her brother her handy.
"Jonny. Be so kind and hold it yes? And say hello to Dr. Violet could you?" she was aware how she looked and pushed her amble breast in front of him. She didn´t want to seduce him only to distract him. The Sight he had now would be enough. She masked her attention by walking to some other parts and looking at them.

Jonny´s eyes widened as he saw what he saw. His sister in an hot black string and an Push Up Bra that boosted her tits to an wonderful level. Distracted by her unused display of so much flesh he took the Phone to his head and babbled an Hello.

"Hi there Jonny. I am Dr. Violet. I am the Doctor that helps your Sister and his Husband. They trust me. They know I want to help them. I won´t do anything that will bring them harm. You trust these information right?" Zachary asked carefully. He hadn´t try his power on such an distance before only using an Phone. But he made an Jump of Victory as Jonny answered him weakly.

"Hello Doctor Violet.... Sure... I trust them!" Even as Jonny answered his eyes wandered over Sue´s Body. So this was the famous Dr. Violet. He would do all he could to help his friends. After all this was his job.

"Yes Jonny. You trust me. You trust all I say to you. You know that everything I tell you is right and absolute. Nothing I tell you will bring harm to you or your friends. When you see that I am right it even make you happy and let you feel good!"
Jonny felt so good. He liked this men already. He sounded so trustfully. He could understand how he was so an good Doctor. He smiled as his sister looked at him showing her side view and grinning.

Susan looked at his brother. He sat there so happily and smiling so soft. Surely he was understanding now that Dr. Violet was always right. Like herself. And it was such an hot feeling seeing him with his eyes on her nearly naked body. She bend down so he could get an good view on her round perky ass. After all she had to distract him for Dr. Violet. And hell! SHE would do exactly that!

"Yes Jonny. Stand up now and move closer to your hot sister. Hold the Phone so that she can hear me and wait until she will give it to you again. Be a nice brother. Do it now." Violet smiled. On his Monitor he saw how Jasmine was teasing Reed via Phone too. She played with her hot tits and Violet grinned. It was so DAMN HOT and all was working so wonderful!

Jonny stood up and walked to Susan. Her hot ass was right before him as he hold the Phone to her Ear.
"He want to tell you something Susan." he only said and then waited.

"Susan can you hear me my dear?" he asked and as he heard her soft moan he continued.

"Your brother is such an hot stud. It is so hot to tease him with your sexy body. It turns you on to make him hard. The fact that he is your brother even turns you on more. Tell me what do you think of your brother you little bitch?" he moaned. Already his own cock was hard and was jerking slowly.
Susan looked over her shoulder to her hot brother. He looked like he was in trance. He was so hot in this state. Her eyes wandered down only to see that his pants hat an clear bulge. That his own sister could make him horny made Susan moan softly and pressing her ass against his pants. It felt so hot to tease him. He had always been with some very beautiful woman but SHE was his sister. And this dick got hard because of her!

"I think that Jonny is real hot. He would be an great fuck Dr. Violet." she moaned and then Violet nodded. "Give me your brother now."
She nodded to jonnie who put the phone back to his ears saying
"Yes Doctor."
"Jonny. Maybe you should look at your sister better. She is your sister yes... but she is so hot isn´t she? she is the hottest slut you ever saw in your life. Every night you dreamed of her body. Every woman you have fucked in your life you fucked only dreaming of her. If you could you would push your hard dick in her holes like there is no tomorrow. Tell us what do you think of her?"

Jonny moaned loudly as he was fully aware of what happened. His hot fuckdream of an sister stood there only in this hot lingerie and pressing this perfect ass against his raging hard on. His dreams came true. He had lusted after her since he was an teenager. Every night he had jerked himself into sleep just dreaming of her. 
"My sister is the hottest woman in the world. She is perfect. An Dream of Sex an Sin. " he told out loud and pressed his hard dick against her ass. He wanted to feel this ass as long as he could. Soon enough his sexy Sister would be dressed again and would go to this damn Reed. He was full of envy that reed could fuck THIS woman every night!
Susan smiled as she heard her brother saying that she was Perfect. She felt his Dick pressing against her ass and she wondered if he could feel how wet she was.

Then Jonny put on the Speakers of the phone so that both of them could hear him.

"So my good friends. Be so good and grab your sisters pussy Jonny. If she is wet fingerfuck her for a while. And Susan. It is absolute normal that your brother fingerfucks you now. none of you will remember this part anyway. but I want to hear how you moan when he fucks you okay? Could you do me this favor?" he asked hopefully.

Susan couldn´t help herself. How could she say no to such an normal request. Her hand pulled her String down and she spread her legs wide apart. Her Pussy was so wet it shimmered in the light. 
"Oh Doctor Violet. Sure I let him fingerfuck me for an while. What an silly question of yours. My pussy is already naked in front of him and now arghhhh he... ahh puts one.. amh mhmmmm finger into my.. .cunt... yes.. ahh he.. ahh pulls it out.. ohh bad brother! you shall FINGERFUCK me not suck on your finger! ARHGHHH much better.. he had.. ahh yes.. now two fingers in... me.. Dr. Vioooolet... yes.. now.. he starts moving it in me.. back ohh mhm and forth.. oh his fingers are so warm... yes... ohh damn yes.. now he plays with my clit with the other hand. this ahh  feels so hot... mhm yes brother...do you hear me good dr.`? Can you hear how hot his fingers let me moan? does it turns you ARGHHHHH OH HELLL YESSS ARHHH there THERE JONNY RIGHT THERE OHH YESSSSSSSSSSSS arghhhh Don´t Stop there brother.. deeper.. yes.. harder.. oh I will come... ahh Jonny.. you will fingerfuck me till I came... ahh DOCTOR... He is SO DEEP in my Cunt... I can´t Hold it much longer... AH AHHHHH YESSSSSSSSS OH PLEASE GOD YESSSSSSSSSSSS"

Violet sat on his desk with the Speakers on. This was just to erotic. He hadn´t even planed to get them into an incest fuck but now he was so turned on. Jasmine stood at the door with her top ripped in pieces. She had done good work with Reed and it was clear that the screaming from Susan was turning her on too.

"Mr. Fantastic will fuck some Woman in his Lap dreaming of me. Master. He will soon be my Fucktoy and will do all I will tell him. Master. Please... let me Suck your Cock while you listen to this little incestbitch.


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