Dr. Doom gets the information that his plan had been an failure but got informed that Mystique got away. He needs information.

by colleem
Storyline Toys of the Purple Man
Characters Doctor Doom Mister Fantastic Mystique Fantastic Four Invisible Woman
Category Masturbation Corruption Female Dom
Previous Chapter An alert from the FF 4 safes the two... or didn´t it?

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Dr. Doom was angry. He had spend half an Year for this Plan. It was so easy. His Robots should have made trouble in New York to distract these damn FF4 and Mystique and this Idiot Juggernaut could steal the Antimatter. But everything went wrong after Juggernaut started an fight in the Complex. It was now simple for that fool Richards to see through his Plans. He sworn revenge to these damn Mutants. But somehow Mystique had managed to escape and it seems that she had been able to nock Reed out. It was strange. Both Susan and Reed had been defeated but he couldn´t figure out how he did it. 

Didn´t this mysterious Woman with her blue Skin had Secrets from him? Normally she should only be an skilled Shape shifter and an martial Arts expert. But he couldn´t see a way how she could have beat both of the Richards. He would find these Mutant and then he would find out which part was missing. 
He pushed an button and an servant of him entered the room. He was informed about Dooms plans and made the necessary preparations.

In the Meantime Mystique was in her hideout and went up and down. What had happened in this mission. Something wasn´t right. There could be no way that an Man like Reed Richards would have been taken out so easily. After all it was just too easy. Every female Super villain would be able to finish him if she would know what Mystique knew. But maybe it was just an clever master plan of him. She had searched her Body over and over for any tracking device. But there was none. Or maybe he had injected something without her feeling it?

"Damn Mastermind Reed!" she throw an Book into her television. She wasn´t clever enough to match with an man like Reed. If he had an plan she wouldn´t be able to figure it out. But there was an way to test it. It was risky but it was worth the try. But she had do some investigation before she could start with her plan. 

First of all she needed an Body. Reed had surely liked her disguise. So why should she chance an running system. She would use the same Body like in the building. But she needed this time some real cloth. Just as she had changed into the new "Nina" form she got an massage form Magneto. It wasn´t a good one after all. He informed her that Doom had left his home heading to New York. He warned her that he could be on his way to take her out for her failure. 

"Fuck!" she screamed. She didn´t want to fight with an such powerful Villain. Even if he just wanted to do her Job himself she didn´t want to get in the middle of an fight of the FF4 and Dr. Doom. She would have hurry up and so she went to the Baxter Building. 

Ben and Jonny had made enough Jokes after they knew that both of their friends were beaten but wasn´t seriously injured. Susan had told them that she didn´t knew what had take her down. After all she couldn´t tell them what really happened. Reed on the other Side had told them that Mystique had put him out and now he got one Joke after the next one from Jonny. 

But Reed felt that something wasn´t right. He shouldn´t have lost the control. How could he had been jerking in front of this woman. What would happen if she would tell the media? How would Susan react if she knew the truce about him? He had to something. An Idea of an Drug crossed his mind that would make his libido powering down to an Level where no erotic interaction would be possible for him. So he could do his job and if he want to fuck Susan all he would have to do was don´t take the drug. This Idea was perfect. He told the others that he was going into his Lab and Ben laugh at him making more and more jokes until Susan put on an angry face. The two Heroes went to their own places knowing that it was pure Luck that no one had been injured. 

Susan looked after them how they left and went to the kitchen. She was thirsty and needed an Coke. As she was there she saw her Body reflecting in an Mirror and she let her hand wander about her body. She was still hot and good looking. Men would always be aroused by her and it would be an easy thing to seduce almost everyone. But she didn´t want everyone. She loved only Reed and even if he was more than often an Idiot she loved him. It was just that he couldn´t give her what she needed. She needed a real men with an real dick. Not this rubber growing and shapeshifting dick that had fucked her so often. It had gotten boring to get an dick that could fuck her like no human dick. She wanted an normal hard and solid cock. 
As she watched herself in the mirror she noticed something new. Her cloth were expensive and had been state of the art. She watched carefully what she would wear in public. She was an very important part of New York's High Society and so it was only normal for her to dress always perfect. But it wasn´t enough.. Her normal cloth were nice but mhm she could do more. Maybe an deeper cleavage or an push up bra? Just a bit to show off her great Tits better.

She loved the feeling of her body by thinking of her breasts as tits. It sounded so vulgar and cheap. But she couldn´t deny it. She had an pair of absolute hot tits and an ass men would kill for. Her hands caressed her butt and her tits softly. She needed some new cloth. Something tight to show off her body. Something erotic underneath her normal cloth so she could feel sexy even when she was forced to put normal things above. 

She grapped the Gold card from her Husband and smiled. 
"Shopppppppinggggggggggggggg" she screamed amused and went to the door. Jonny had heard her and smiled. He would join his big Sister. After all he could use some new things too. A new Car? Or an cool bike?
"Hey Sis! Wait for Jonny! I want to go shopping to!" he yelled at her and Susan nodded.

"Sure Jonny! But the limit is ONE Car okay?" she smiled and looked at her brother. She understood why he had so much luck with woman's. He looked very good and if she could believe the TV he was an skilled lover. She felt her pussy getting wet as she thought about sex. Hell she needed to fuck. Maybe she should by an Dildo when Jonny was away. 

As the two of them left the building only Jonny noticed the hot black haired woman on her way up. She had an hot looking body and an pair of hot tits that where hidden by her strict Cloth. She looked like the typical Porn Movie Teacher that would fuck every Guy. Jonny grinned. He would try to get her number another time. Now he followed his Sister and it seemed that she was in a very good mood. She even swayed her hot ass more than normal and Jonny caught himself watching at his Sisters hot Ass for a far too long time. 

Nina was smiling. The Human Torch and this blond bitch of Superslut had just left the Building. So there could only be this Stone monster Ben and her target be in there. Even if everything went wrong she should be able to escape these two persons. After she entered the Evaluator she quickly hacked the Buildings Security System. Normally it would be impossible to get directly to the FF 4 Stage. But now the door opened right where she wanted it. The Cybernetic Woman in her front smiled friendly at Mystique.

"Welcome to the Fantastic Four Stage. What can I do to Help you Madam?" the Robot woman asked  and Mystique/Nina smiled friendly.

"I am Nina. I wanted to see Dr. Richards. Could you... tell him I am here to see him?" The Robot nodded and send an massage to the Lab where she sensed Mr. Fantastic. 
Reed looked up and put on the screen. He wasn´t waiting for anyone and was a bit surprised to see Nina standing there.
"Damn! She surely wants to blackmail me!" he thought as his Telephone went active.
"Yes? Reed Richards here?" he asked as he thought about how to deal with the Woman waiting for his answer. But all he could hear was Jasmines hot Voice moaning loudly into her Phone.
"Yes Reed. Fuck my hot tits with that hot dick! Come on.. fuck them harder... yes.. harder you hot stud.. fuck my tits you damn hero! COME ON I want to see your hot jizz run down of my tits!"

Reed was taken complete by surprise and before he could react he got hard and put one hand to his quick swelling dick." Jas... Jasmine? is that you!? How do you got this number?" he asked and she answered him loud moaning.

"Your tiny tit Wife gave them to Dr. Violet after you left the room to see my hot tits... ahhhh mhmm I am so Horny little Reed... Do you want to see me on display? Mh? I have an Videophone.. ohh hell I want you soooo much Reed... I want your giant cock... ohh I would do all you want to get it... " Then he heard her getting away from the phone and saw her on the Display of his Handy. She was sitting in her Chair and played with her big tits." So much better Reed. Mhmm Yeahhh so you can see how I play with my melons. Mhm come on Reed. I know that you want them... put me on your biggest Screen... Yes... mhmmmm that's so good.. Come on Reed. Put me on the Screen so you can see them better."

He moaned loudly and nodded. "Herbie... Seal the Lab... mhm and turn to private Mode.... Let only this call in the Lab and Put it on the Main Screen!" His KI did what he wanted and then he saw Jasmine on an 3 meter wide Screen how she played with her hot tits.
"Mhm yes Reed.. ahh where you doing honey? Come on. Tell me what you were doing before you saw my hot body!" she hissed into the cam clearly pulling her nipples under her dress.
"I wanted to make an Drug to suppress my horniness.... Jasmine... ohh hell you look so hot when you play with your tits." he said and put out his Dick. Again he was rock hard and he was jerking hard now.

"mhmmmm sooo bad... Reed.. this isn´t good.. ahhh If you want to take down your dick..mhm come to me... and you get everything you need.. I wait here for you... I promise you that you won´t regret it... mhmm you can fuck me as long as you want.. nobody will ever know that you put this hot rod there in my holes.... mhmm yes... I swear your tiny flat tussy won´t notice... mhmm"

Reed was coming almost as he heard that. His hand run faster over his dick and his mind raced. He could get there and fuck her... Susan wouldn´t even notice it. She was shopping and he was so horny. "I can´t.. I have an visitor.... an Woman... she won´t go away!" he moaned and strangely Jasmine only smiled.

"Mhm then... do me an Favor... Fuck this woman... Fuck her in her ass! fuck her like you would fuck me! Fuck her like you would FUCK THEM!" with that she ripped her top in pieces and he saw her hot tits in all her glory. This was too much for him. He came like never before. He fell to his knees as his Semen sprayed the Camera and his Mind went away in an World of pure Lust.

"Yes my little Reed.. That´s it.. Come for me! You WILL fuck this Woman! She will have NO Choice but to fuck you right? You won´t care HOW you will FUCK this little Slut. You WILL fuck her and you will think of ME while doing it! Tell me what you will do with this slut!" she moaned while caressing her massive tits.

"I... will fuck Nina.... I will force her to it... I will see only you while fucking her!" Reed screamed in ecstasy as this hot woman told him what to do.
"Yes.. Force her! Force her to fuck her! Play with her... But... the more you fuck her... the more you want ME! You want me more and more... And now... put your hot dick into this slut.... I am waiting for you my little dicktoy!" she teased him and put the Phone out. The Screen went black only with some of his Semen on it.
"I have to fuck this woman! I could use this Hypnogun I invented last week. So I can fuck her and force her to stay quite about the thing in the Building."

Mystique didn´t know anything of this new events and smiled as the Robot woman said that Reed Richards was awaiting her in his Labor. 


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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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