An alert from the FF 4 safes the two... or didn´t it?

by colleem
Storyline Toys of the Purple Man
Characters Fantastic Four Invisible Woman Mystique Purple Man Mister Fantastic
Category M/F Masturbation Female Dom
Previous Chapter Susan, you will listen to me as I spend the entire day telling you what all of your problems are.

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Susan looked at Dr. Violet with more and more Lust in her eyes. With her Husband out of the room she seemed to be more willingly to flirt with this man. After all it had been Reed that stormed out just to see this big titted Slut out there. Dr. Violet stood before her and watched at her heavy breasts with very impressed eyes. Susan could have sworn that he was undressing her and she felt her pussy get wet by the thought. Maybe just maybe she could teach Reed an lesson and kiss this hot Doctor. Maybe he would be more aware of her needs then if he saw her kissing such an hot stud. 

Outside of the Room Reed kneeled in front of Jasmine starring at her big hot and heavy tits. Susan was forgotten and the only thing in his mind were these tits. But just as he opened his mouth to suck on her hard nipples an loud alarm rang from his Shorts. This Sound was so intense and so familiar that it even was strong enough to get him out of his trance. Damn. Some very important Thing was happening that the other FF4 would send an Level 5 Call.

It wasn´t that Reed thought of what he was doing. It was more an automatic reaction, that he stood up and answered the call. New York was under attack of an Supervillian. His brilliant Mind took over again and he knew that only he and the FF4 could save the City. He had to go. But if he would turn and look at these impressive Tits he wouldn´t be strong enough to go. So he said with sadness in his Voice. 

"I have to go! I am so sorry but this is very important!" 
Jasmine said softly : " No problem Mr. Fantastic. But if you ever want to see me again... tell me. But don´t wait too long or I could titfuck another hot dick."

Reed was at the brink of turning again and do all she wanted but he was saved.

Susan had got the same Call and like her husband it was not enough time to chance her so much that she would not do everything to help other. Dr. Violet knew that he had been able to hold her here but it would have attract to much attention from other Groups if Reed and Susan wouldn´t take their place in helping the city. But he wouldn´t let her go so easily. 
"I understand that you must go Susan. Don´t Mind. We both know that you are still an Super heroine and you must Help them. But I you want I could tell you on your Phone for the next meeting mh? Maybe we should think of an separated Meeting. Just you and me. I will take care of your looser of husband another time. What do you think of it? Only you and me? Alone... in this room? In an cheap Porno it would be an very hot thought that you and I would be there! don´t you agree with me?"

It was logical that she agreed with him. He was always right. It would be an Porn movie worth millions. Without any thought she gave him all of her Numbers. Even the secret Numbers she was holding back for her most trusted friends. She gave him even the frequency of her private Com so he could theoretically call her in the middle of an mission. But he was an noble man. He wouldn´t do that after all.

She stormed out of the room a little impressed to see her husband and Jasmine fully dressed. A bit mocking she told him how much she was impressed but Reed wasn´t listening much. He was fully concentrating on the art of the Danger. The two stormed out of the Building just to get picked up by Jonny and Ben. It was an attack of an trio of Super villains. There was an wild destroying Juggernaut on rampage, the shapeshifting Mystique and an army of high-tech Robots all known as an Weapon System of Doctor Doom. Reed had discovered there plans long before they had arrived at the combat zone. Doom wanted to distracted the FF4 with his army of Robots so that the two Mutants could have steal an very important energy Module of Black Matter. But as so soft the Mutant Juggernaut was more strong than clever and had started an fight in the building. So Reed and his team went straight to the Science Building and informed the Avengers to stop the Robots. As ever Stark had been very... mhm gallant and told him that he would do the job for him. 

As soon as the Fantastic Car had landed on the roof of the building juggernaut stormed out of the wall and rammed it. Susan, Jonny and Reed were hit very hard and flew out of the car and each of them was falling into the deep. Only the Thing managed to withstand the impact and was in an Close Combat with the Mutant. Jonny transformed himself into flames and flew up again to help his friend screaming that only HE had the right to punch the Thing.

Susan saw that Reed had already managed to stop his fall and entered the building though an window. She herself used her powers to create and flowing field under her and started to lift into the right high and enter the Labor. She informed the others just to hear that Ben and Jonny were able to put Juggernaut out, but it would take an while. Reed informed her that he would need  some time to get up.

Just as she wanted to answer she heard an click in her Com that informed her that an new member joined and she heard the voice of Dr. Violet.
"Susan. Are you in an safe spot?" he asked carefully. A little bit upset, that he called in a middle of a fight she told him. "Yes Dr. Violet. I am. But it is now not an ..."

"Susan.. I just wanted to tell you that I am naked" Dr. Violet cut her silence. Almost in the same moment Susan was taken down by an powerful orgasms. She moaned by the Power of this emotion and got to her knees. The image of an naked Dr. Violet entered her Mind and she moaned loudly in the com. 
"Yes Susan. It is okay.... You can let yourself go. I know you love the thought that I am naked.. And just to inform you.. My Dick is rock hard and 10 Inches long. It is SO hard and SO full of my hot semen. Can you image how it would feel if I pushed my hard dick into your thigh pussy? Susan? Tell your Doctor how much you want me to fuck you?" he asked.
Susan couldn´t handle it anymore. It didn´t cared her anymore where she was or who could see her. She grapped her Tits and pressed them in her hand. The other hand went on her Pussy and stroking it hardly. She wished she would be naked now to push her fingers into her wet pussy but she couldn´t take her fingers away to pull her cloth down.
"Doc....tORRRR arhhhhhh I ... want.... to... fuckk... youuuu please... FUCK ME WITH YOUR HARD DICK!" she screamed loudly and came again.

"Yes Susan. I will Fuck you. I will take you hard and will fill all of your holes with my dick. But you must do something for me! I need you to get invisible so no one can see how you pull out you tits and fuck your pussy. Are you invisible now?" he asked her not wanting to get to much attention to her. 

"Yes Doctor.. ohh hell I am so horny... I am naked..  my.. ahh tits are out.. yeasssss yessss my nipples are so hard Doctor.. what happens to me... OAHHH mhmm YESSSS FUCK ME COME HERE AND FUCK ME PLEASE!!!" She hissed full of ecstasy but the next things she couldn´t hear. It was an whisper in her ears as Dr. Violet gave her more of information to life with. But all that Susan could think of was how much she wanted to get fucked. Hell. She would kill for an night with Doctor Violet. Maybe she should call him after this mission. Maybe she should go to him after she had enough of her hot fingers in her pussy. She totally forget that it was him who called her. She only know that with one moment she was to hungry to fight anymore. After an Quick masturbation she would fight again. But she couldn´t stop herself. Her body full of her sweat she pushed her fingers deeper into her pussy and countless Orgasms had come over her. Her Mind was full of erotic visions of an new Uniform.. of Ideas how she could see the Doctor without needing an Excuse for it. As long as she and Reed had her Problems she could see him and Susan would make enough Problems in their marriage to see him again and again. And one day.. she was sure... she would ride him and maybe with very much luck... he would fill her with his semen to give her birth to his son. Then... she went unconscious and fell to the floor but the strong control of Purple Men made Sure even with her Mind away she took her Uniform again in place. Nobody would notice that she fucked herself into this State.

Mystique on the other side had other troubles. This idiot Juggernaut had ruined everything. Now these Supers were here and they had nothing. She could only try to escape and changed herself into an good looking redhead. She looked like some total normally Person but her Ego hat made her looking much better than the normal Person. She looked still hot because she wanted to feel sexy in all of her forms. Then she saw how this damn Mr. Fantastic came out of the Evaluator and looked around. She knew that an direct attack on him would be an tough fight. Even with her superior Martial Arts she wouldn´t do much Damage on an Man like Reed. With his Powers he could take much of her Power out of her attacks and so she looked around for an way to get away. 

Reed looked around and saw only one person in this stage of the Building. It was an maybe 24 years old Woman in an strict Business uniform with took her sexy curves very well on the display. But it could also be Mystique so he put out his special Device so he could scan her if he would get close to her. As he moved towards her he saw that the woman was looking around like she was in trouble. This movement of her let her impressive tits jingle back and forth. They weren´t so big like Jasmines but they were surely hot. He hadn´t the time to jerk his horniness out so her got hard again. The sight of this woman let her tits pressed out made him hot. He thought of Jasmine how she commanded him to get naked. How hot her voice had been.. He remembered the Moment when she pulled her Bra down and how it had forced him on his knees. His Dick growing much faster now and his eyes where following the hot tits now clearly.

Mystique got alarmed as Reed pulled out an strange looking Tablet. Maybe this man could have found an way to look to her disguise. But as he moved closer she saw an strange look on his face. It seemed like he was deep in thoughts and he didn´t look at her did he? No. He was looking at her. But not on her face.. No he was staring at her Breasts. Then she saw how his Pants grow bigger and bigger. 

"He gets hard?! I made him horny? How? Isn´t he married with this blond bitch Susan? Mhm ... Maybe this is a way to get out of here?" went through her mind as she ran to him and fell to her knees in front of him. She looked up at him and her face was just one meter from his Dick as she told as seducing as she could.

"Please help me Mr. Fantastic! I am sooooo afraid!" With that she pushed her Tits out as much as she could and let them grow a little bit. Just enough that one of the buttons flew away and let Reed get an look on an bright red Bra underneath.

"Oh... sure... I will help you Madam... Can you tell me what happened here?" he asked her as he looked down at this woman. Hell! This was an hot insight. Her tits looked so much bigger now. He saw how one button flew away and let him look deep into her cleavage. He liked what he saw.
"Oh sure I can tell you Mr. Fantastic." Mystique said and let her right hand run up and down on his leg. With the other hand she followed the Cleavage of her Blazer. "I was just adjusting my cloth as they attacked Mr. Fantastic.. It went sooooo fast.. i couldn´t even adjust my bra again.... " she let her hand wander higher to his lap and she could feel his hard dick." My My Mr. Fantastic.... Is this your cock here? it must be huge! Tell me.. can you let it grow even more?" She asked him impressed as she closed her hand around his dick. She was very impressed by his cock. It was hard as an rock and she saw lust in his eyes.

"Ms.... I am ... married!" he stammered but couldn´t help but moan loud. Hell What was going on this day. He hadn´t been this horny in weeks. Not since he had watched this fake porn with Moondragon. 
Mystique grinned and take his cock harder and squeezed it a little.

"Yes your married... but right now... your horny like hell right?" she asked and smiled as Reed moaned loud and his Head went up and down. "Yes. Your hard and horny.. mhm I bet you want to see my hot tits. mh? Am I right? Do you want to see my hot tits? " 
"yes... I ahh want to see your hot tits Madam... ohh how.. is your...name... after all.. ohh don´t stop...." he moaned as he put out his com. He couldn´t handle it if would be distracted again. He was so unbelievable horny and right now there was this hot looking woman in front of him and jerking him of.
"My name is Nina Mr. Fantastic. But you can call me everything you want." with that she pulled down her blazer and let her tits plop out of it. She got up a little and moved his dick between her cleavage. "mhm Yes Mr. Fantastic. Your hot dick feels so good between my melons. Mhm Come on. take him out and fuck my hot tits... I want to feel your superhero fuck rod now." He lowered his pants as fast as he could and laid his hands on her heavy tits. He opened her cleavage and pressed his dick into it. Then he pressed them together and started to fuck her tits.
"OH YEAHHH THATS IT MR. FANTASTIC! COME ON FUCK MY TITS. FUCK THEM HARDER COME ON! FUCK THEM HARDER YEAH!! FASTER FASTER! FUCK MY TITS AND GIVE ME YOUR HOT SEMEN !!" she moaned at him. She would take him out after he came and then she would escape. But hell.. He had an hot dick there. Who would have thought that the great Reed Richards would have been so an bad boy fucking an Victim in the middle of an crisis.
Reed was so over aroused that his orgasm took him out and he felt how his kneels went weak. But Mystique know he wasn´t out of order so she put her lips on his dick and sucked on his hard Dick fast and wild. She was an woman which knew how to suck a man hot and make him come hard. But this was too easy. He came only moments later again and she loved the feeling of this hard dick in her. Maybe she would come again and look if she could seduce him again. But now... she had to get out. She didn´t  want an Mad Amazon like Susan on her tail so she pulled Reeds Pants up again.

Nobody would know that these to heroes were take out by her Lust. 


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