Shield want to investigate why more and more couples are happy again and sends Black Widow

by colleem
Storyline Toys of the Purple Man
Characters Purple Man Black Widow Maria Hill
Category Mind Control M/F Male Dom Masturbation
Previous Chapter Susan thinks about how her life will go on while Pepper went nuts in Reed´s Lab. But she runs away only to get filmed by Dr. Doom

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Natasha looked into her Mirror. She was looking good as ever and her Dress looked very good on her body. But it wasn´t that she liked her new dress. It was more that she didn´t wanted to do this. As a member of the Avengers AND Shield it was hard for her to choice which one she had to follow sometimes. Tony and the Avengers had been a very fair and trustfully group but she had felt always that Shield was understanding her. Now she had to go undercover in New York´s high Society. She didn´t felt good on this. After all she had been fighting in Alaska for 4 Days and the only thing that Fury had told her.
"Good Work Agent Romanov. Get dressed and then move out!"
It had been an order and she had learned to obey orders. So she was here because some of the Top People of New York had been a little bit TOO Happy in the last time. It was stupid for her! Why had she to investigate because couples had been happy? Okay. That Pym and Janet had become a couple again had be strange and the new look of Janet was even stranger. But she had always been a hotshot in her own little world and Natasha was sure that she had it only because she was envy on Woman like Natasha herself. After all Janet hadn´t been very impressive at all and men looked more on the Black Widow than on this little fairies.
She had gotten a meeting with Dr. Violet. The Shield Base CPU had only few information's about this Doctor. But it weren´t as he hadn´t existed. It was only that he hadn´t done anything to get SHIELD or other Organizations to look at him. He had made his Doctor in Harvard and had paid his Bills always as he did with his taxes. The best way to find someone was the taxes she smiled.
As she entered his office she had already scanned every bit of information she could found. His secretary was a woman about something between 24 and 29 she guessed. Her high and body mass index would be quite normal but she had fake breasts for sure. Her Breast Size was about 36DD and still it somehow looked nice on her. She was surely the kind of secretary that was her job only of her look. In the front room it was quite nice. There was a little couch for waiting patients. There were some of pictures of this Dr. Violet and one Picture of Dr. Sigmund Freud. Nothing that was strange or alarming. The Secretary had been kind to her and still Natasha was sure that this woman was nervous but it wasn´t the kind of fearful nervousness. It looked more that she was waiting for someone or something. By her looks and her dreamingly eyes it was clear for Natasha that she was waiting for someONE!
Nothing that alarmed her. In the Office of Dr. Violet she looked around for only 3 seconds. But it was enough for the trained Spy. It was the stereotypical office of a therapist. Nothing that would make her think that this men was involved in some kind of strange event. But she was almost paranoid and in all of her years that hadn´t been a bad thing. She would be careful like ever. Dr. Violet himself was a men round about 40 or 50 Years. He had a body that showed he was fit and in the files it was mentioned that he was playing tennis and was a good swimmer. His face was common in all means and he looked at her a bit stressed. She could see clearly that this men hadn´t much sleep in this night. His eyes were tired and still he was able to focus on her like the professional he was.
"Good Morning Dr. Violet. My Name is Natasha Kolinsky. One of my best friends in the Tennis Club told me how wonderful you helped Vanessa Miller in her marriage! I had fought long before I was sure to come to this place and to see you. I hope you won´t tell someone?" she played her role perfect as ever. It had been a very good build up Cover identity. This Vanessa Miller was the Wife of one of the top 20 People of New York and was well known in this town. It was impossible to track her down or to tell that Natasha wasn´t her friend.
Dr. Violet smiled only at her and nodded. It was so stupid of this stupid Woman. He had looked through her disguise in the moment she had entered the room. This was the Black Widow. The top Spy of the Shadow Group known as Shield. It was known that Shield was a secret Group of one or more than one countries. They were the real force behind the Avengers. It was told that SHIELD was covering the Avengers and that Black Widow and Hawkeye were former Members of SHIELD. But what does it meant that this woman was here. He knew that Black Widow was famous for her strict mind and her ability to block her mind of nearly everything. She was very hot looking too. Sure she had used this body more than one time to get what she wanted. It would not be easy for him to break her but like his victims he was trapped in a spiral of lust and addiction. His Brainwave had changed already to a Level where it was too late for him. In his mind he saw her already sucking his dick and how she would call him Master. To break this Woman would be very important for him. But he didn´t want to watch the SHIELD Members. He had to be sure that he was alone with the Black Widow. So formed his mental power in his brain and like an invisible wave he shoot it at the Woman in front of him. But she wasn´t his target. He was aiming on any kind of signal that left her body. And then he could feel it. It was weak but there. It was a little device. Maybe a camera or a microphone. He send his powers on the signal like he had send it trough the phone. He had made great steps in this new way to use his powers thanks to Susan and Jonny.
Maria Hill was sitting in her Office and watched at the Monitor in front of her. She had been the backup Operator for Agent Romanov in this case. She had watched everything she had saw on the monitor and was running diagnostic Scans while she was looking in all her databases to get new information. This men hadn´t been suspicious but SHIELD was trusting no one. She looked at the screen again as she heard a little voice in her head. Before she knew it she was stopping to scan the files.
In her head she heard a little voice.
"Listen to me who ever you are. Where ever you are listen to me! Listen to my voice. It is important to listen to my voice. I know you can hear my voice. It is good to hear my voice. Don´t act suspicion. Act like usual while you listen to my voice! You will take out your phone if you have one. You will dial my Number and call me at once!" the voice in her head was louder and more important now. She reached into her pocket and took out a Handy and automatically she dialed a number.
In Violets Office the Phone rang. He smiled at Natasha and looked at her while he waved his hands.
"I am sorry Ms. Kolinsky. It won´t take long." he said as he took the phone.
In Maria Hills mind she heard what she had to say. It was so easy to listen to this voice.
"I am Maria Hill. I am the Second in command in SHIELD. I await your orders sir!"
Purple Men smiled widely! SECOND IN COMMAND in SHIELD! And a woman too! This was just too good to be true! He asked unsuspicious because he didn´t want the get Black Widow alarmed.
"That is very good. I know you will do your Job good. I am sure you will like what you will see and I am sure it is also very nice to listen. After all it is just the thing why you took this part of the Job right? Enjoy it and when it is over... call me again!" in his mind he send new commands to her. It was easier now as he could focus on her voice. He had a direct line into her brain now.
"Yes. I will enjoy what I see and will like what I will hear. Then I will call you back Sir. Are there any other Orders?" she asked but he told her that this would be all and so she ended the call. After all she had to do her job! She was Black Widows back up in case this Dr. Violet was some kind of evil mastermind or a servant of a Villain. But he didn´t look like one. A little part of her mind wished this nice looking men wasn´t a evil guy. Because she loved what she saw and she liked his voice too. He had a nice charming voice. Very good choice for a therapist.
Now Purple Men could concentrate on Black Widow. He took a deep breath and concentrated his whole power into one direct blast. He was sure that this was the only way to beat her supreme will.
He stared at her and his eyes went purple for a second. It was too much concentration to hold the illusion up that he was a real and normal looking human.
Black Widow was in half of an heartbeat on her feet and in almost superhuman speed she had drawn a taser out of nowhere. But she couldn´t get her arm up to aim at him. She felt something penetrate her mind and was sweating as she tried to block this strong mind. But it was a impressive power. It shattered her Block but it was a close one. So she stood there and was immobilized.
Maria Hill got her Face closer to the Monitor. Had this men purple Eyes? How cool! He saw the Camera shaking and then she saw that Black Widows heartbeat went up to almost dangerous levels. Somehow it looked very good to see this trained woman in such a situation. She had always thought that Natasha was to trained to let her heartbeat rise like that. She wondered what would happen next.
"Natasha Romanov! it is a pleasure to meet you in person. And it is time for you to let your mask fall finally! you have done very well as my double agent! You are so happy that you can now be again my devote Slave and will obey me like you ever did. You don´t even want to think about betraying me or act against my will or goals. You have went undercover to infiltrate SHIELD and your Fake ID was BLACK WIDOW! but now you will be my agent again and will do all I tell you! You are my Double agent and your nick name is.... Dark Dream! You understand this?"
Natasha looked at him and her body relaxed as she felt her mind get clearer and clearer. She had done this for too long. She had almost lost herself in her role as Black Widow. She was so glad that her Master had called her back. She was Black Dream and she had to tell him about everything she had got in her time as a Spy.
Maria Hill was on shock as she saw and heard all of it. But not because this was one of the biggest security leak in her organization. It was only that it was so nice to see that even Black Widows Mind could be manipulated. She felt much better now knowing that even her Mental Walls could be overtaken by another mind. She smiled and laid her hands on the Desk. How this would end? She would Inform Fury later. She wanted to see what was happening now. After all it was only a thing of minutes to take this Men down if she wanted. But right now it was nice to look how she would react.
"Master Violet. I have to report you about Shield. I must say it was one of the hardest thing in my life. This mission felt like it was forever!" she said in relieve and smiled at him
"I know.. but I have something else to do first." He said and stood up. Then he opened his zipper and pulled his Dick out. It was hard and long and Natasha felt her mouth water up. She licked her red full lips. It had been soooooo long that she had seen her Masters best piece! Even Maria was licking her lips. Hell this men was full of surprises. First he had been a Master telepath and was able to got Black Witch under her Spell. Then he had such a nice looking Dick in his pants. She asked herself what he had in his mind now. But as she watched at the hard dick she smiled. It was clear what this villain would do now. It was finally time to intercept there. She couldn´t let it happen that Black Widow would be raped there. But then again Dr. Violet had such a nice looking dick. It would surely be a nice fuck for Natasha. She would wait only a bit more to see if Natasha would love it and then decide.
"What can I do for you Master?" Natasha gazed at his dick and he smiled.
"Oh. What about if you get out of this dress and be so kind to let Maria watch how you fuck me with that great pair of tits?" Natasha was smiling. Her Master was so clever. She hadn´t to inform him about the secret Operation and the Spy Cam in her dress. He just knew it already. She let her dress fall down her body and underneath she had a black Bra and a black panties. Then she took out the hidden Cam and laid it on the desk before she went down on her knees. She looked at the camera and smiled at it.
"Please be our guest Maria. I hope you will like what you see!" she said as she took his dick in her hands. Gently she laid it on her big breasts and forced it between her. It felt so good to be his Fuck Slave again. She could remember it like it was yesterday that he had fucked her into submission. From this day she was his most trusted Slave, Spy and more potent lover! She pressed her tits together so the pressure on his dick raised as she moved herself up and down.
Maria was smiling and nodded.
"Very good Dr. Violet. Nobody ever was able to track me down until now. I am very impressed! You are good! Very good!" it was a little bit scary that he know her name and that she was watching the whole scene but it didn´t bother him. It didn´t seem that he feared her sending back up troops to save Natasha. But as it seemed Natasha was hope that she wasn´t saved too! She had put her big nice looking tits around his hard dick so only the top was looking out of her cleavage. She let his dick fuck her tits and looked at him like he was a living god. Hell. it looked almost hot to look these two people. She spread her legs lightly to get some release but it wasn´t helping much.
"mhm.. I missed it to fuck you hot milk melons Natasha! " he moaned and Natasha felt proud. She took his shaft in her hand as it popped out of her tits. She slowly pulled her bra down so her left tit was free now and hit her own nipple with his dick as if he was whipping her.
"I hoped that you would say that Master. It was so hard for me to stay focused on the job without your daily fucking! I hope you won't send me away again! Please master! I will show you what you would miss!" with that she lowered her head and let her tongue slid over his long shaft until she had reached his top. There she opened her mouth only a bit so he felt the resistance as she put his dick into her. Her teeth run over his hot swollen dick and her lips pressed against his flesh while her tongue licked around his member. This woman was very skilled in sucking a men into submission. She ran her hands over his balls and pressed them hard while she had almost his entire dick in her mouth without gagging. He moaned loudly and felt his desire rising. This woman was hotter than hot. And then she used all her skills to suck him off! He looked down to her only to see her big jiggling tits bounce out of her bra while her head pulled up and down on his dick. He saw her salvia on his dick and she grinned at him kissing his dick lightly and then forcefully sucking him. It was too much for the oversexed Purple Men. Natasha felt his dick starting to pump and pulled it out of her mouth. She hold it in her hands and aimed at her face.
"Please Master. Hit my face with all of your delicious cum! Let Maria see how you cum on my face. Please Master. Cum for your trusted Servant! Cum now and let your cum flow!" she whispered arousing as her hands played with his balls until Violet came with a loud moan.

Maria was getting hot. It was one thing to look a porn. But this wasn´t any porn. This was her comrade being raped by a mind controller. And now he was spraying her face with this hot looking cum! She could see how it hit her nose, her eyes her hot lips and her cheeks. How it was thick and full as it dropped down onto her raising tits. She felt her mouth got dry as she wanted this too! She wanted to be sprayed with semen too! Even while being alone in her room she looked around as her hand invaded her pants. Her fingers went under her panties and there she massaged her cunt with slow but rhythmical motions. She felt a light wetness already and her fingers were sliding over her swollen lips. A soft moan was forming on her lips as she saw how the new called Black Dream used his dick to disperse all of his cum in her face. While she did this she jerked his dick so it got hard in seconds.
"mhm Yes! This was one of the best Blowjobs of my life Dark Dream! But it is time that you get fucked!" he forcefully pulled her up and she grinned only and gave him a hot deep kiss.
"Yes Master. Reward me for all this hard work! Reward your little Slave!" She turned away from him and took the little Camera in her fingers to hold it before her face.
"LOOK Carefully Maria! SO do I look when my Master fucks MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" the last word was a scream of pure lust. Her Eyes widen and her mouth formed a ecstatic O. All of her face was showing increasable lust as Maria could hear a loud noise that was maybe his dick hammering into her body! In seconds the so controlled Woman on the Screen was a parody of herself. She was moaning and screaming in steady movements. She couldn´t even focus her eyes on the camera so great was her lust. The little camera was falling to the ground and from there Maria could see his giant dick was hammering into her little tight cunt. Her slip was still on her body but he had just pushed his hard dick against her cunt until the fabric got out of the way leaving her pussy free to enter. this was no sex like Maria had ever saw. It was more like two animals in heat. It was the hottest thing she had ever saw in all her life! She gazed at the Screen and was fingering her own pussy faster now. How could she get horny by looking at this! How could it turn her on to watch her friend getting raped! But it was such a hot sight as she looked how he forced his dick into her anus. Natasha was screaming in a high pitched voice now and it was one of the most erotic sound she ever heard. She looked at the screen while the changed position and she was riding his hard dick and arching her body with each thrust of his hard dick in her. Her amble breast was bouncing up and down and he was sucking on her tits hard and almost brutal. She screamed not only in lust but also in pain but it seemed only to make her hornier! After they had fucked the brains out of each other Natasha fell over his limb body.
Maria was a little bit angry now. It had been so close before her own climax and now they had stopped fucking! But it was over after all! now she would call Fury and get Natasha out of there! They would bring her mind back to normal again! She took out her Phone and dialed the Number. To her shock she saw how Dr. Violet reached weakly on his phone and grinned into the camera.
"CUM!" he only said and Maria felt her body taken over by her climax. It was forming in her pussy and send waves though all of her Body. She moaned loud into the phone and her other hand grapped the Table in front of her with all of her strength.
"and now... CUM again!" he commanded her and Maria felt the next Orgasms building in her. It was impossible! it couldn´t happen! No it was impossible. But it was true! She came again! this time she had to scream her lust out. It was just to immense to stay quite. She felt every wave in her body and it was wonderful as she heard him again.
"CUM AGAIN MARIA!" she wanted to beg for mercy to beg like she never begged in her life but all she could scream was a loud YES. She was feeling her mind got filled with pure lust as the third Climax formed in her and overrun her. She felt out of the chair and was laying on the floor shaking in lust. But she couldn´t get the phone of her ears.
"Tell me you slut! Do you want to come again? Tell me the truce!" he hissed and Maria took all of her willpower together.
"No you damn asshole! fuck yourself! we will take you in for what you did!" she wanted to scream but then she heard her own voice.
"Yes. Please! I want to cum again! and again! please! let me feel it again!" she begged at this damn Super villain! SHE! Maria Hill! That wasn´t right! But then she heard his command and was moaning in release.
"You can´t stop Cumming until you will fell unconscious! After that you won't tell anybody of this event! Lie to everyone that is necessary!"
She smiled widely as she felt her body arching again in another wave of pure bliss. Soon she would fall into a deep sleep while her body would obey this men. She had lost the ability to count her climaxes but it was not important anymore. She was feeling her mind drift away and the last thought she had was pure Lust and Need for more.
quot;Yes. I will enjoy what I see and will like what I will hear. Then I will call you back Sir. Are there any other Orders?brbrquot; he hissed and Maria took all of her willpower together.

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